Friday, 10 February 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1970: Results

5. Richard S. Catellano in Lovers and Other Strangers- Castellano is good even though his role is needlessly gimmicky at first, and rarely focused upon as a whole.
4. John Marley in Love Story- Marley has few scenes but he makes the most of everyone. It is a moving and warm performance that fulfills its purpose.
3. Chief Dan George in Little Big Man- Chief Dan George gives an appropriately wise, humorous, and dignified performance as the Chief who is all three of those things. He does not do much more than that though.
2. John Mills in Ryan's Daughter- John Mills creates a unique character that also has an emotional pull without seeming unnatural as he easily could have been.
1. Gene Hackman in I Never Sang For My Father- Good Prediction Dinasztie, and RatedRStar. Gene Hackman gives an incredible performance from beginning to end. He completely realizes the terrible struggle, and relationship his character has with his father. It is truly memorable and wonderful work from a great actor.
Deserving Performances:
Karl Malden in Patton
Alec Guinness in Scrooge
Trevor Howard in Ryan's Daughter


dinasztie said...

So Gene Hackman is a five-time winner with you, right? :) He scored a perfect 5/5. He's become my pick for The French Connection though it used to be Finch for me. He's a great actor, simple as that.

I hope 2011 is next.

Fritz said...

Hackman sweeps! :-)

Seems to be a good year overall.

Anonymous said...

id love to see 2011 next if not then maybe 62?

RatedRStar said...

he did 62 Anonymous xxx =D, 2011 would be a good choice, also High Five dinasztie for our predictions =D xxx

Louis Morgan said...

Dinasztie: Yes Hackman won every time he was nominated, the only actor to do that for me who was nominated more than once.

dinasztie said...

Yeah RatedRStar! :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, another one for Hackman! Malden was brilliant in Patton!