Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1959

And the Nominees Were:

Arthur O'Connell in Anatomy of a Murder

George C. Scott in Anatomy of a Murder

Hugh Griffith in Ben-Hur

Ed Wynn in The Diary of Anne Frank

Robert Vaughn in The Young Philadelphians


Fritz said...

I guess you'll go with on of the Anatomy-guys, probably Scott. My personal pick would be Stephen Boyd for Ben-Hur (seriously, what is wrong with the Academy? He was so amazing and then they give the Oscar to Griffith for doing nothing).

moviefilm said...

1) George C. Scott
2) Ed Wynn
3) Arthur O´Connell
4) Robert Vaughn
5) Hugh Griffith

RatedRStar said...

George C.Scott is an easy choice.

1.George C.Scott
2.Ed Wynn
3.Arthur O'Connell
4.Hugh Griffith
5.Robert Vaughn

Anonymous said...

George C. Scott wins easily this year. I haven't seen Vaughn and Wynn, so my personal list is:

1. George C. Scott
2. Hugh Griffith
3. Arthur O'Connell

Anonymous said...

Ed Wynn for the win!

Michael O'Sullivan said...

Another vote for Stephen Boyd in Ben Hur - he is the black heart of the film, and is as good as Heston. He should at least have been nominated - Hugh Griffith is just a comic turn with a few scenes.

joe burns said...

I predict one of the Anatomy guys!

dinasztie said...

My pick is Scott. Easily.


dshultz said...

Mr. George C. Scott if you please, without a doubt one of the best actors of his time!

Anonymous said...

I prefer Hugh Griffith, but George C. Scott is going to win.


Anonymous said...

Definitely one of the two men from Anatomy of a Murder, Griffith did NOT deserved the Oscar at all! Wynn was good but unimpressive and I have no idea about Vaughn's performance.