Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1988: Results

5. Dean Stockwell in Married to The Mob- Stockwell plays his part as he should be but it never amounts to anything that special. I think I was actually more impressed by his single scene performance in Tucker as Howard Hughes.
4. Martin Landau in Tucker: The Man and His Dream- Although he has a rather limited part Landau makes the most out of his performance.
3. River Phoenix in Running on Empty- Phoenix gives an appropriately quiet and effective lead performance.
2. Alec Guinness in Little Dorrit- As usual with Guinness, Guinness naturally gives a layered and effective performance. Guinness easily shows the various facets of his character as well as makes his progression that seems unnatural natural.
1. Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda- Kline gives an extremely enjoyable and entertaining performance. Although broad comedy can easily be done wrong Kline never gets it wrong for a moment in his hilarious performance.
Deserving Performances:
Michael Palin in A Fish Called Wanda
Alan Rickman in Die Hard


Anonymous said...

Great choice Louis. Can you please do 67 next?

RatedRStar said...

I reckon 77 or 71 will be next.

Anonymous said...

Quite glad to see Kline get the win, and love that you mentioned Palin and Rickman in you're honorable mentions.

mrripley said...

I like john omirah miluwi in gorillas in the mist as a supporting mention.

dinasztie said...

I'm quite happy about this. :)

dshultz said...

I'd have given it to Guinness. But Kline was great as well.

Michael Patison said...

Have you seen Bull Durham? I thought Tim Robbins was deserving.

Louis Morgan said...

That's one for that needs a re-watch.