Thursday, 10 November 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1988: Dean Stockwell in Married to The Mob

Dean Stockwell received his only Oscar nomination so far for portraying Tony "The Tiger" Russo in Married to The Mob.

Married to The Mob is comedy about a mob wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) who wants out of the life after her hitman husband is killed, but is still followed by the FBI and lusted after by a mob boss.

Dean Stockwell plays the mob boss who is chasing after Pfeiffer's character as well as the person the FBI wants to put away. Stockwell plays his part basically straight as the mob boss. He is basically serious throughout the film, and just goes about through the plot in this way. Although he could have easily overacted a whole lot in his part especially with the name Tony The Tiger, but Stockwell just keeps it toned down in the part.

Although what he does works out just fine there really is nothing too special about his performance either. He just plays the part straight which was the better way to play it, particularly at the end of the film where he could have gone way over the top, but Stockwell stays appropriately realistic without being too realistic to be out of place in the film either. Stockwell keeps Tony just in the right tone throughout.

The only problem is he just mainly required to look like a mob boss walk around talk like a mob boss except at the end of the film where he needs to act rather scared. Stockwell handles all of these very small variations of Tony as well as possible really, but it never amounts to that interesting of a character. Although he is a better aspect if not the best aspect of the film in this film that is not saying that much.


dinasztie said...

Haven't seen him.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this performance and this film.

mrripley said...

I never got this nomination at all and despite seeing the film twice in the past 2 years i still don't!!!

Anonymous said...

I think he was great


Tom said...

One of the rare times a former child star was nominated. This was a good part for him; he played it well.

Louis Morgan said...

He happened to be rather a successful former child star, unlike so many, though.