Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1973: Results

5. Jack Gilford in Save the Tiger- Gilford is never bad being effective more levelheaded to Jack Lemmon, but he is always the sidekick never more.
4. John Houseman in The Paper Chase- Houseman certainly is pompous enough but frankly he could have brought more humor to the part than he does.
3. Randy Quaid in The Last Detail- Quaid does a good job of showing how sad and pathetic his character is but after that he just does not do much but quietly react to Jack Nicholson's more interesting performance.
2. Vincent Gardenia in Bang the Drum Slowly- Gardenia's performance is just as it should be realizing his
character as well as he really could be.
1. Jason Miller in The Exorcist- This is one of the easiest wins I have ever given, but that should not at all say Miller's performance is not great though, as he could have easily won in a stronger year as well. Miller gives an amazing performance that develops a human portrait of a man that is essential to the horror film he is in. Miller meets all the challenges of his role giving a very powerful performance.
Deserving Performances:
Robert Shaw in The Sting
Max Von Sydow in The Exorcist


dinasztie said...

You made the right decision. :D I'm so happy!

dinasztie said...

And I forgot: could you do 1988 soon? Sorry for my constant requests but I'm really interested in your thoughts. :D

Louis Morgan said...

Sure the next time I get around to the 80's which won't be too far off.