Sunday, 20 November 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1967: Results

5. Cecil Kellaway in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner-  Kellaway is charming in the role, but it never requires more of him than just a little charm.
4. John Cassavetes in The Dirty Dozen- Cassavetes is appropriately rebellious in his early scenes, but later in the film it becomes quite hard to ever distinguish him from the rest of the dozen.
3. Michael J. Pollard in Bonnie and Clyde- Pollard gives the least memorable performance of the main cast, but this is a strong cast. He plays his past as a rather modest and impressionable boy just as he should, as well as does shine in a  few key moments.
2. George Kennedy in Cool Hand Luke- Although Kennedy does some unneeded overacting from time to time in his performance he still gives a good performance. He is entertaining and especially effective in showing Dragline's complete admiration for the titular Luke, which is an essential part of his film.
1. Gene Hackman in Bonnie and Clyde- Good prediction Dinasztie . Gene Hackman easily gets my vote as he gives such a great performance despite some clear challenges in the part. Although not a single scene focuses solely on his character Hackman fully realizes not only his character but also how he factors in with the rest of the gang. There is not a wasted moment in Hackman's entire performance and when any opportunity presents itself in the film Hackman makes the most of it creating some very effective moments throughout his performance. 


Fritz said...

Yay! Hackman was truly fantastic! I hope you will do 1999 soon!

RatedRStar said...

maybe one from the 40s or 50s next since its been a while, very happy Hackman won =D

dinasztie said...

Hackman is indeed great!

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! He's now in my top 5 of favorite actors, he's just amazing!!!! I was just wondering if you ever saw The French Connection II, I saw it yesterday and he was even better than in the first part!!!!

Louis Morgan said...

I saw the first thirty minutes or so of French Connection 2 like seven years ago from what I remember, and from what I saw he was good.

Anonymous said...

Well, you really need to see the rest, because the best part of his performance is later in the film, I STRONGLY recommend it!