Thursday, 10 March 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1994: Gary Sinise in Forrest Gump

Gary Sinise received his first Oscar nomination for portraying Lieutenant Dan Taylor in Forrest Gump.

I must say that this time around watching Forrest Gump, I noticed how little Lieutenant Dan is in the film, I guess it is because I was purposely watching the film to examine his performance. He actually does very little as the commander of Forrest Gump as they trek around Vietnam. He really does nothing notable with his performance here, but I guess he is believable enough.

After his injuries from his final battle he loses his legs, and accuses Gump of ruining his perceived destiny of dying in battle. Again Sinise is believable in showing his anger at Gump, and almost his insanity over what Gump has done to him, but I never found anything overly strong about what he did. Later on he again appears as a wheel chair bound alcoholic. 

As the wheel chair bound Lieutenant Dan he seems even more out of his mind, and has a strange hatred, and respect for Gump at the same time. This time around I saw that he really did not go over the top as the more crazed lieutenant Dan, but still I never found anything overly exciting over his performance.  He was again fine as he found himself slowly, although quickly at the same time due to his lack of screen time, but again not anything too memorable. I'll say he did reach his final scene meeting Forrest again at the end, well, and believed that his character would reach this point. Overall though this is just a perfectly fine performance, but nothing all that special.


Fritz said...

I kinda liked him but he wasn't too special.

dshultz said...

Good review, very fair too.

Tom said...

I never liked this film, but I thought he was very good, and believable. I think he'd be my pick if it weren't for Martin Landau.

Sage Slowdive said...

I really liked him too.

Brandon said...

He was the best part of the film for me and was a blast of real emotional honesty in such artificial surroundings.