Thursday, 17 March 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1952: Results

5. Richard Burton in My Cousin Rachel- Although I thought his performance was effective, but I think part of why this was because of a clear inexperience in his acting that happened to work well for his inexperienced character. That is the only real reason he is at the bottom of my list.
4. Arthur Hunnicutt in The Big Sky- Hunnicutt places fourth mostly because had had the least emotional reaction to his performance out of the nominees. He still was very good, and manged to turn a stock role into a warm and effective performance.
3. Jack Palance in Sudden Fear- An effective performance by Palance which requires him to be both charming, and deceitful. His performance is required for the believability of the film, and since he succeeds he enables the film to actually be realistic for a thriller of course.
2. Anthony Quinn in Viva Zapata!- Quinn brings much needed realism and authenticity to his role, and the film he is in. He gives an effective performance throughout, and although I did not think his conclusive was completely earned in terms of the film's structure I thought his performance in that scene was indeed terrific.
1. Victor McLaglen in The Quiet Man- Topping what is indeed a strong year of supporting actors is Victor McLaglen. I will say this was not easy at all to decide my choice unlike so many a supporting year. I really had a tough choice this year, Palance perhaps had the biggest challenge, Quinn the most realistic perhaps, but McLaglen for me was the most enjoyable. I think he gives an amusing performance. Yes it is over the top in ways, but in a manner completely fitting of his character. A close call, but I will just with the one I enjoy watching the most.
Deserving Performances:
Barry Fitzgerald in The Quiet Man
Stanley Holloway in The Lavender Hill Mob


joe burns said...

Would you says the 50's were a good decade for the Oscars?

Louis Morgan said...

Yes I would.