Sunday, 30 January 2011

Best Actor 1979: Results

5. Al Pacino in ...And Justice for All-Al Pacino gives a good performance, and remains a realistic and emotionally powerful presence in a rather stupid film. 
4. Dustin Hoffman in Kramer vs. Kramer- Dustin Hoffman gives an authentic and honest portrayal of a troubled father. 
3. Jack Lemmon in The China Syndrome- Jack Lemmon gives a strong performance and shows his character emotional disintegration as his conscience grows on him.
2. Roy Scheider in All That Jazz- Scheider has the right charm and right type of presence in this film, but I do believe the self-indulgent film holds his performance back
1. Peter Sellers in Being There- Peter Sellers creates an incredibly memorable character through his finely attuned performance as Chance. He keeps his character consistent, and his whole creation of Chance is simply wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Peter Sellers won, I agree with you 100%, one of my favorite performances ever!

Fritz said...

I thought you might go with Hoffman but it seems that Sellers gives a great performance (I haven't seen it yet)

Sage Slowdive said...

I would have picked Hoffman - really one of my favorite winners.

dinasztie said...

I would also pick Hoffman. He's heartwrenching.