Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Best Actor 1956: Results

5. Yul Brynner in The King and I- Brynner gives a odd performance that is strange in almost every aspect, his acting, his chemistry with Deborah Kerr, his singing, the only thing that is not strange is his dancing I guess.
4. Rock Hudson in Giant- Hudson gives a good performance throughout Giant. His character is a steadfast character, but Hudson is interesting to watch and makes himself interesting despite the simple nature of his  character sometimes.
3. James Dean in Giant- Dean is incredibly good in the first half of his performance making the most out of his character, in a compelling performance that only Dean could give. His second shorter half as the rich oil man, does not quite work for me. He was slimy I suppose but I was not convinced at all by the character later. Hudson and Taylor aged properly but I actually think Dean was incapable of really aging.
2. 1. Laurence Olivier in Richard III, and Kirk Douglas in Lust For Life- Good prediction Dinastzie These top two performers are both absolutely brilliant. They both take incredibly complicated and challenging characters and bring them to life brilliantly. They excel in everything facet of their performance, both use their whole physical presence to fully realize their character. Douglas's Van Gogh, and Olivier's Richard III are both perfect performance the two could not swap roles both are perfect for the roles and in the roles. I think both are equal roles, and performances, neither tops the other in any aspect they both brilliant, how could these two performances lose to Brynner is beyond me. If I was forced to vote for one I would go with Douglas because I have already voted for Olivier twice. But by strange Oscar logic I should get one best actor tie since there was one tie in the field.
Deserving Performances:
John Wayne in The Searchers


Sage Slowdive said...

I don't think I could ever give a tie hahaha --- but it's fascinating that you did. And of course I'm glad Douglas at least tied.

joe burns said...

I could consider giving a tie, but I haven't yet..

But this is great that you did!

Fritz said...

Very interesting and great work!

But I agree with Sage, I don't think I could give a tie...but it's great that you do!

Louis Morgan said...

Thank you Fritz. And the tie will probably most certainly be the only one. I did not even think of having a tie until, after I saw Olivier than re-watched Douglas. Since these two performances were so different, and so successful with very difficult characters.

dinasztie said...

Oh, I was right. Partly. XD Great work and I actually saw bits and pieces of Richard III in the Tower of London, they were showing a part with his nephews. XD

Louis Morgan said...

Thanks Dinasztie.