Monday, 12 April 2010

Best Actor 1989: Kenneth Branagh in Henry V

Kenneth Branagh received his first and second nomination for playing and directing Henry V.

Henry V is a film version of the Shakespeare play, which is directed well by Branagh. He allows the audience to understand the language, and the play very well. The film has a very effective score, and it is peppered with some great actors and their performances.

Branagh's is not the greatest Shakespearean actor ever. He certainly is no Laurence Olivier but he still is good. He speaks the language understandably and knowingly. He never seems to be pantomiming. He gives the proper amount of strength in the role of Henry, and most of the time his performance works well. A few times though he seems slightly too theatrical in his speaking. He still is effective in the role, and this role seems to strike up a question, on the effect of the film on the performance. For example his big speech to his troops there is that score which supports his speech so well, that I do not how much of it was his acting and how much of it was the rousing score. Either way it still is how the performance comes off which is very well most of the time. He has some great scenes though after he fought in a very violent battle, and laments over the death on the field. That scene is great and most of his scenes are good. He has a nice romantic scene with Emma Thompson, and he actually covers quite a bit of ground in this performance. He shows a lot of Henry and only slightly falters for a few moments. For this Branagh gets:


joe burns said...

Haven't seen this, but what did you think of the film as a whole?

Louis Morgan said...

I liked the film as a Shakespearean film on the whole. Has a great score. Branagh directs so it helps the viewer understand the language.