Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Best Actor 1968: Results

5. Ron Moody in Oliver- Moody gives a very enjoyable performance in Oliver. He really comes off well as Fagin and he handles his songs very well.
4. Cliff Robertson in Charly- I can take or leave Robertson's first half of his performance but his transition phase and final phase of the performance are terrific.
3. Alan Arkin in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter- Arkin gives a heartbreaking portrayal of a man trying to silently make a human connection.
2. Alan Bates in The Fixer- Bates is very effective and gives a truly sympathetic performance. 
1. Peter O'Toole in The Lion in Winter- O'Toole is plainly brilliant as Henry the second.


joe burns said...

I knew it! So what will be next? I'm hoping 2006.

Fritz said...

Great year and Peter is a great choice for number 1!