Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Best Actor 1972: Paul Winfield in Sounder

Paul Winfield received his only Oscar Nomination for playing Nathan Lee Morgan the patriarch of the struggling black family in Sounder.

Sounder tells the story of the family but mostly of the son played by Ken Hooks who should have been nominated instead of Winfield. Winfield has his first scene where he is hunting with his son where he does a fine job showing the man's frustrations and his love for his family. Then he goes to Jail. He has one scene where his son visits him which he again his fine but not anything overly special. After a long while he returns home and has one more scene with his son. This scene he is good but again not anything amazing. Winfield must be one of the shortest nominees and he does a fine job with what he has but not a great job. This performance there is not that much to write about because of its shortness. I was a little surprised how little he was in the film and maybe if he had more time he would have gotten higher than

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