Sunday, 23 April 2017

Alternate Best Supporting Actor 1984: Results

5. Tim Roth in The Hit - Roth gives a properly entertaining performance in creating the superficiality of his young wannabe hitman.

Best Scene: The Hit.
4. John Candy in Splash - Candy steals his film with ease with his funny take as a pseudo lothario that makes his scenes the only scenes worthwhile in the film.

Best Scene: Listening in.
3. Denholm Elliott in A Private Function - Elliott is the funniest part of his film by taking the role overly seriously, playing his hoity toit doctor as a menacing pseudo-gangster.

Best Scene: Threat to the couple.
2. Kenneth McMillan in The Pope of Greenwich Village - McMillan proves himself a great character actor with not only his wildly entertaining portrayal of a intergalactic madman in Dune, but also this down to earth heartfelt honest portrayal of a small time criminal.

Best Scene: Saying goodbye to his wife.
1. Harry Dean Stanton in Repo Man - Good Predictions Michael McCarthy, and Luke. Well for me it came down to two great characters actors giving two remarkable performances within years were they gave kind of the opposite style in the same year. Stanton with his great lead performance in the low key Paris, Texas, and here in his extremely enjoyable absurdist tone as a veteran repo man. Honestly I could switch between the two down the road, but at this moment I'm going for Stanton's hilarious turn.

Best Scene: "You calling me an asshole?"
Updated Overall

Next Year: 2012 Lead


Luke Higham said...

Mads Mikkelsen - The Hunt & A Royal Affair
Matthias Schoenaerts - Rust And Bone
Toby Jones - Berberian Sound Studio
Tom Courtenay - Quartet
Terence Stamp - Song For Marion

Luke Higham said...

I must admit going into this year, I didn't expect Woods to come 3rd.

Alex Marqués said...

I'm so happy that Stanton finally has a win in this blog.

Luke Higham said...

Louis: Ratings and thoughts on the other lead performances from 1984 that you saw (John Hurt in Champions), as well as any other female performances that got above a 4 and Vanessa Redgrave in The Bostonians.

Luke Higham said...

Louis: Rating and thoughts on Powers Boothe in Red Dawn, Robert Englund in A Nightmare On Elm Street and Helen Mirren in Cal.

Charles Heiston said...

About damn time! Stanton has finally won an overall. He'd be my winner too.

Matthias Schoenaerts - Rust and Bone
Tom Courtenay - Quartet
Mads Mikkelsen - The Hunt
Mads Mikkelsen - A Royal Affair
Mikkel Folsgaard - A Royal Affair

Charles Heiston said...

Oh and Terence Stamp in Song For Marion.

Luke Higham said...

Charles: Since Folsgaard's my request and his placement's not clear cut, I'd let Louis decide on the viewing than have him in the lineup.

Luke Higham said...

Charles: And I think it's about time Toby Jones got a review.

Luke Higham said...

Charles: Louis will probably have both Mikkelsen performances in one slot instead of two.

Charles Heiston said...

Luke: I think Folgaard would be co-lead, but more power to Toby Jones(Who will probably be reviewed for Infamous)

Charles Heiston said...

Louis: Your thoughts on Robert Duvall in The Natural?

Deiner said...

Louis: Your thoughts and ratings on Vanessa Redgrave in "The Bostonians".

As for 2012, Kacey Mottet Klein in "Sister" and Matthias Schoenaerts in "Rust and Bone" would be great options. And even if you decide to not review them, can you please watch those films? I'd like to read your thoughts on them.

Can you also check out "Damsels in Distress", "Ginger & Rosa" and "Hello I Must Be Going"? I'd love to read your thoughts on their respective leading ladies.

Luke Higham said...

Deiner: Don't worry about Rust And Bone, Schoenaerts should get in, as well as another acclaimed Cotillard performance for Louis to see.

omar said...

For 2012:
Matthias Schoenaerts - Rust and Bone
Tom Courtenay - Quartet
Mads Mikkelsen - The Hunt
Mads Mikkelsen and Mikkel Folsgaard - A Royal Affair
I'd like to see a review of Jonah Heldenbergh in The Broken Circle Breakdown, I think is 2012 by your rules Louis.

Luke Higham said...

Louis: My request is Toby Jones in Berberian Sound Studio.

RatedRStar said...

No point in suggesting anyone I think Louis pretty much knows all the options since 2012 has been mentioned quite often.

Luke Higham said...

Films To Watch:
The Hollow Crown (Richard II, Henry IV Parts I & II and Henry V)
The Cabin In The Woods
21 Jump Street (One of the funniest films I've seen this decade)
Wild Bill
The Woman In Black
The Dictator
Anna Karenina
Snow White And The Huntsman
Wreck-It Ralph
The Pirates! Band Of Misfits
Ernest & Celestine
The Amazing Spider-Man
Frances Ha
Pitch Perfect
The Campaign
This Means War (Could be Hardy's worst work for all I know)
On The Road
Magic Mike (I'm kidding, I know you couldn't get through it the first time)
Game Change
Great Expectations

Charles Heiston said...

Luke: I think Jonah Hill is a horrible comedy actor, he's never convincing. I personally found 21 Jump Street to be a bad film.

Luke Higham said...

Charles: Channing Tatum was easily the highlight for me. Hill was fine I guess.

Anyway, It's a rather acclaimed film though, so I would like Louis' opinion on it as well.

Deiner said...

Wait, doesn't "Frances Ha" classifies in 2013?

Luke Higham said...

Louis: And Shadow Dancer.

Luke Higham said...

Deiner: I stand corrected. Letterboxd is not 100% perfect, like IMDB, it classifies a film by the year it was first shown (Festival or Theatrical Release)

Robert MacFarlane said...

I actually liked Hill and Tatum equally in 21 Jump Street. I also love that movie. It's 22 Jump Street where Tatum overshadowed Hill.

Luke Higham said...

I'll admit, Hill was great in the drug scene.

Robert MacFarlane said...

Hill doing Peter Pan is still the best moment of his career.

Anonymous said...

I don't find him a good actor, but his Qualuudes scene in WOWS was a great moment for him.

Calvin Law said...

Matthias Schoenaerts - Rust and Bone
Tom Courtenay - Quartet
Mads Mikkelsen - The Hunt
Mads Mikkelsen - A Royal Affair
The 21 Jump Street boys

Luke Higham said...

Louis: Could you also watch No by Pablo Larrain.

Matt Mustin said...

Only real suggestions I have are Mads Mikkelsen in The Hunt and Toby Jones in Berberian Sound Studio.

Luke Higham said...

Louis: Lastly, Ken Loach's The Angels' Share.

Michael McCarthy said...

If I'm not mistaken, I currently have 4 winning requests stored up now. The two I'm gonna make now are Anthony Perkins in On the Beach for 1959 and Rutger Hauer in The Hitcher for 1986

Calvin Law said...

Also, just forgot: Terrence Stamp, Song for Marion.

94dfk1 said...

Just saw Trainspotting 2, and being a huge fan of the first (it being a Top 10 favorite film of mine), I really enjoyed it. Boyle brings a contemporary directing style to the film while using his traditional flourishes that do remind you that this is the sequel to Trainspotting, and I mean that in a good way. The movie does feel like it's just a series of sketches at times.

Mcgregor- 4 (Felt like he walked right back into Renton as soon as the camera started rolling. Gives a good leading man turn and accurately shows Renton as an unfulfilled adult discontent with life.)

Lee Miller- 3.5 (Strong at the beginning but he does get overshadowed by the rest of the cast as the film moves along. Great chemistry with Mcgregor though.)

Bremner- 4 (Could go up honestly. He was really good, and brought the proper emotional weight when he needed to.)

Carlyle- 4.5 (Still brings out the traits in good ol' Begbie, but gives the hint that being locked up did change him a bit.)

Macdonald- 3 (Good in her one scene)

Calvin Law said...

Damn I just noticed Woods is 3rd and lost his win :(

94dfk1: I'll admit I was more enthused when I first watched it, it's kind of waned for me sense. I did think Bremner and Carlyle were very good though.

Calvin Law said...


Calvin Law said...

Louis: thoughts on John Malkovich in The Killing Fields? I actually think it's one of his best and certainly most naturalistic performances.

Tahmeed Chowdhury said...

Really glad that Stanton has a win :)
Everyone's already suggested practically all the options. I can't wait for Mikkelsen's review =D, rewatching The Hunt tonight.

Anonymous said...

Glad Stanton has a win.
Louis: Your thoughts on Lori Petty as Livewire, Gilbert Gottfried as Mr. Mxyzptlk, Brion James as Parasite and Robert Hays as Luminus.

Louis Morgan said...


Hurt - 4.5(1984 was the year of Hurt it seems as this is yet another strong leading turn from him though word to the wise it probably hits even harder now given that he plays a man with cancer. Hurt gets to show yet another side of his talent, even against 1984 and The Hit, this time being a more charming portrayal of this outgoing jockey. This is of course with a strong undercurrent of pathos relating to his illness which Hurt portrays in heartwrenching detail in realizing first the somber defeat then gradually revealing the emotional comeback within the physical one. It's terrific work from him and it is nice to see his character end on a high note for once.)

Lynch - 4(Lynch gives an interesting performance that is in a film that is kind of a more straight forward version of The Crying Game, though with Lynch's character being a younger character than Rea's. Lynch though gives a moving depiction of his character's overwhelming guilt though creating more of a passive presence whose actions come from more of lack of reaction than intentional personal action. It's a good performance and manages to make his scenes with Mirren work as they capture sort of the same wavelength of desperation.)

Rabal & Landa - 4/3.5(I have to say out of that Cannes lineup that best actor win should have been Harry Dean Stanton's though I'm sure their way of spreading out the love prevented that. Rabal though is quite good though nonetheless in portraying his mentally disturbed character in a believable way never going over the top though I think the film could have payed his character a bit more attention at times. That is because it is often divided with Landa's good yet very straight forward portrayal of a somewhat stubborn man reacting to the changes around him.)

Piccoli & Arbatt - 3.5(Both are good at enough in terms of being the representations of the quiet master against the young egotistical hotshot. Both are as they should be yet I found both of their performances curiously distant as well. I never became invested in either of them exactly though I do think both did realize their characters as they should be, but perhaps they did so in a too closed off fashion.)

Redgrave - 4(Her performance is fairly interesting in that she kind of plays with the idea of her character whose love for the other female lead may either be for her ideals or for her in a more sexual way. Redgrave does this well suggesting that her character may not be wholly aware of her own place precisely. In that the way she speaks is very proper towards her yet her physical manner towards her suggests a more overt attraction. It's a good performance though the film wavers too often from her and towards Christopher Reeve once again proving himself adrift outside of playing Superman.)

Louis Morgan said...

Boothe - 4(This is a brilliant piece of work for a few scenes as he brings such weight to his words and elevates the material so effectively. Boothe sets himself aside and I think actually keeps the film from being as stupid as the concept might sound. His world weary take stands out well against the more gungho style of the rest of the cast, and does well to suggest that they are very much caught up in the heat of the moment.)

Englund - 4(The best of his performances as Freddie because he isn't overexposed. Englund here also has a much better tone in his performance in that he is mostly horrifying yet just brings slight touches of dark humor within his delivery, something that would get completely overblown in the sequels. Now a lot of what is around him is some strong direction but when the focus is directly on Englund he certainly delivers.)

Mirren - 4(I'd say she's more supporting despite her Bafta nom in lead. Her role's perspective is very limited as we only see her through Lynch's Cal. Mirren though is good in projecting the complex state of her character as she brings this certain allure yet underlines that well with this palatable desperation revealing the honest suffering of her character.)


Duvall - 3(Again the film has too many villains I think for its own good. Does a baseball movie really need five villains, I don't think so. Anyway Duvall is good as the nasty reporter though, and manages to have some fun with it while not going over the top.)


Will do.


Malkovich - 4(Obviously he should have been nominated for this instead, though he's decent in Places. I agree that this is one of his most naturalistic performances having none of his usual Malkovichisms. It's just very strong work in terms of giving his character that cynical edge yet not overplaying it. I love the quiet honest passion he brings in the scenes where he's trying to help Dith Pran, and I love his final goodbye to him.)


Petty - (A little of Petty goes a long way especially in this role where the character is written to be obnoxious on top of that. I think her voicework actually does fit the role, which is turn livewire into quite the aggravating presence. Can't say those are my favorite episodes by any margin but her work technically fits what they were going for and she does bring a bit nuance when she can.)

Gottfried - (No Nuance for him which is just fine since his episodes are pure comedy and he's perfectly cast as Mr. Mxyzptlk. He should be obnoxious though in this cast rather entertainingly so.)

James - (His work is actually quite strong inn that he makes Parasite more than just a one note monster. He's particularly good in the shared consciousness episode as he offers the man within the monsters surprisingly well offering just a bit of humanity even as he is effectively a villain.)

Not sure if I've seen the Luminus episodes or if I have I've forgotten them.