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Alternate Best Supporting Actor 2005: Results

5. Jeffrey Wright in Broken Flowers - Wright gives a relatively brief yet enjoyable turn bringing such endearing enthusiasm to his role as a kooky wannabe detective.

Best Scene:Winston lays out the case. 
4. Min-sik Choi in Sympathy for Lady Vengeance - Choi has a limited role yet still gives a captivating portrayal of diabolical sleaze.

Best Scene: "Nobody's perfect"
3. Cillian Murphy in Red Eye - Murphy gives first a charming than rather chilling villainous turn that creates the needed sense of tension in the thriller, even if the third act of the film lets him down a bit.

Best Scene: Rippner reveals his true intentions. 
2. Ghassan Massoud in Kingdom of Heaven - Massoud gives a striking depiction of Saladin capturing the needed low key charisma and power of the wisdom of the man.

Best Scene: The parlay. 
1. Keanu Reeves in Thumbsucker - Reeves gives a hilarious performance in his portrayal of the destruction of a man's personal philosophy.

Best Scene: The final appointment. 
Updated Overall

Next Year: 1951 Lead (make any supporting suggestions as well)


Luke Higham said...

I have no suggestions.

Louis: Ratings and thoughts on Stephen Dillane in Nine Lives and the cast of Serenity.

Luke Higham said...

Louis: And the rest of the Nine Lives cast.

RatedRStar said...

1951 Lead
Oskar Werner - Decision Before Dawn
Trevor Howard - Outcast Of The Islands
Michael Redgrave - The Browning Version
Richard Basehart - Fourteen Hours
Van Heflin - The Prowler

1951 Supporting
Sidney Poitier - Cry, The Beloved Country
Richard Attenborough - The Magic Box
James Edwards - The Steel Helmet
Nigel Patrick - The Browning Version
Zachary Scott - The Secret Of Convict Lake

Giuseppe Fadda said...

What are your uptated top 10s for the female categories?

Luke Higham said...

Louis: The rest of your 2005 winners.

Anonymous said...

I would have preferred 1950, but oh well.
For 1951, Howard, Werner and Redgrave.

Anonymous said...

Raj Kapoor/Awaara (It was ranked among the top 10 performances of all time by Time Magazine)

Calvin Law said...

Redgrave (my request)
Trevor Howard in Outcast of the Islands (my very strong runner up)

Anonymous said...

Ulf Palme/Miss Julie

Anonymous said...

chichi ryu/ early summer

Calvin Law said...

Also, saw Moonlight. Will reserve thoughts but the whole cast is pretty great overal, far as I'm concerned.

Robert MacFarlane said...

Anyone ever have an unfortunate theater-going experience? Because my initial enjoyment of Moonlight was hampered by a woman who couldn't stop laughing down my row. I'm more enthusiastic about it now that I've had time to meditate on it divorced from that nuisance, but I probably would have been louder in my praise if it didn't happen.

Bryan L. said...

Looks like Silence will make a lot of noise as awards season continues.

I'll see myself out.

Michael McCarthy said...

Coincidentally, I also had a mishap when I saw Moonlight because the fire alarm went off about a half hour into it.

Louis Morgan said...


Dillane - 3.5(For someone to make a social situation by discussing a difficult topic with utter contempt for civil discourse, look no further for Dillane. A brief performance of expert coldness from a master of it.)

Fillion - 3.5(Very likable throughout, handling Whedon's dialogue expertly and really having the comedic timing to sell that sort of wit, without making it feel forced. Past that he really does bring the weight to certain situations when it is needed particularly the ending of the film.)

Ejiofor - 4(Technically on a whole different level from some of the cast, as he shows the film actor well the other stuck in semi-corny tv style acting. Ejiofor though is quite effective in portraying this sort of emotional sociopath, in there is this passion within the detachment that is rather interesting. He makes for a compelling villain, and perhaps suggests what he might be able to do in Dr. Strange's sequels.)

Torres - 2.5(Seems very dependent on having seen the show, which I have not, since she had almost nothing to do, and her big emotional moment fell flat since I didn't have any attachment to the character.)

Tudyk - 3(Felt the same about him except I felt he did deliver in bringing the intensity needed for his final scene, again I think the end result would have probably been more affecting if I had seen the show.)

Baldwin - 2.5(Felt he kind of over did the tough guy act a bit, going into the previously mentioned corny territory at times. Not quite a genuine badass.)

Frye - 1(Felt she was full on cornball)

Maher - 2.5(He was alright overall though I thought he was very inconsistent in terms of portraying whether his character was unemotional or not. It seemed a bit off.)

Glau - 3(Felt something was missing in terms of the build up, again I'm going to assume that is in the show. I felt she was effective though in portraying the sort of emotional savagery in her breakdowns.)

Carrillo - 3.5(Now all of these performances are an interesting test in that we basically get a middle scene in a film for each actor, so it is interesting to see what each is able to do within that setup. Carrillo though is effective in portraying pure devastation in a moments notice, while also conveying the general toughness in her from her life in prison.)

Wright & Isaacs - 3(I felt both were fine in terms of portraying the sort of desperation in their interaction but I felt they lacked the chemistry to really make their sequence work properly.)

Louis Morgan said...

Hamilton - 3.5(She good as just the comforting nurse in her other scene, then is rather affecting in portraying just a sheer mess of emotions as she conveys both a sense of nostalgia and terror over her childhood.)

Hunter - 3.5(A good counterpart to Dillane in portraying a genuine sweetness that devolves to terrible anguish in her reactions to her husbands disdain for her husband's more controlled breakdown)

Seyfried - 3(Thought she was fine but didn't make that much of an impact in really giving an understanding of what her character was going through.)

McShane - 3.5(A moving performance as he brings this sadness with warmth of a loving father who is basically hiding his own pain at all times within his outer sunny demeanor.)

Brenneman - 2(Felt this was the weakest segment and I did not find she brought enough to her role to make her character mean much of anything.)

Fitchtner - 1.5(His performance frankly came off as a little ridiculous, as it very much felt like an act)

Spacek - 4(Perfect for this type of film really as Spacek excels so much in make everything she does seem so honest. Her though she's excellent in internalizing her own discontent in her scenes in the earlier scenes. Then she is very moving throughout her own sequence as she slowly reveals the growing guilt in her character, while keeping such a charming exterior.)

Baker - 3.5(Effective in bringing just the randomness of her scenes as she lashes out at the world, while always conveying the underlying depression of it.)

Mantegna - 3.5(Does well just to portray the sweetness and love in the husband without hesitation or reservation. He conveys, in just the single scene, the relationship with baker so well.)

Close - 3(She fine as just kind of the loving mother in the most unassuming segment of the film. She's good in just giving a nice naturalistic performance for the nice and quiet sequence)

Picture: The Propostion
Director: John Hillcoat - The Proposition
Production Design: Kingdom of Heaven
Sound Editing: Kingdom of Heaven
Sound Mixing: Kingdom of Heaven
Score: The Proposition
Editing: Sin City
Visual Effects: King Kong
Costume Design: Kingdom of Heaven
Cinematography: The Proposition
Makeup and Hairstyling: Sin City
Adapted Screenplay: A History of Violence
Original Screenplay: The Proposition
Song: "The Rider Song" - The Proposition



1. Young-ae Lee - Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
2. Felicity Huffman - Transamerica
3. Charlize Theron - North Country
4. Naomi Watts - King Kong
5. Q'orianka Klicher - The New World
6. Joan Allen - The Upside of Anger
7. Embeth Davidtz in Junebug
8. Helena Bonham Carter - Corpse Bride
9. Summer Glau - Serenity
10. Rachel McAdams - Red Eye


1. Emily Watson - The Proposition
2. Amy Adams - Junebug
3. Michelle Monaghan - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
4. Juliette Binoche - Cache
5. Tilda Swinton - The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe
6. Mary Lynn Rajskub - Mysterious Skin
7. Tilda Swinton - Thumbsucker
8. Maria Bello - A History of Violence
9. Sissy Spacek - Nine Lives
10. Laryssa Lauret - Everything is Illuminated


One I recall was watching The Two Towers originally. I was seated behind a Lord of the Rings "expert" who had to inform everyone of such by describing what everything was out loud and in detail throughout the whole film, boasting of their knowledge while doing so.


Glad to hear that.

Grady Tripp said...

Now where did Norton go in this top 5?

Louis Morgan said...


I didn't include him because he wasn't part of the predictions, he's #2 overall though.