Sunday, 18 September 2016

Alternate Best Supporting Actor 2011: Results

5. Patton Oswalt in Young Adult - Oswalt improves his film as much as he can through his funny and sometimes moving performance.

Best Scene: Matt talks about his injury. 
4. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Headhunters - Waldau gives an enjoyably smug and properly straight forward portrayal of a true cutthroat in every sense.

Best Scene: Clas at the meeting.
3. Tom Hiddleston in Thor - Hiddleston succeeds in bringing the needed complexity to Loki who he shows to be far more than a simple trickster.

Best Scene: Loki reveals his plan.
2. Sam Worthington in The Debt - Worthington proves himself more than capable in a supporting role creating a heartbreaking depiction of  man broken by tragedy.

Best Scene: David and Rachel at the party.
1. Brian Cox in Coriolanus - Good predictions Robert MacFarlane, Luke, Anonymous, and Calvin. Cox gives a great Shakespearean performance as he manages to modernize the Bard's words in his surprisingly affecting portrayal of a man attempting to save his friend and his country.

Best Scene: Menenius makes his final plea to Caius.
Updated Overall

Next Year: 1960 Lead


Robert MacFarlane said...

My request is 1983 Supporting Actor, Jonathan Pryce in Something Wicked This Way Comes (and also Jason Robards for lead for the same film, if I can)

Robert MacFarlane said...

Actually, you could argue Robards is Supporting in that film too.

Deiner said...

Great job Louis. The only possible contenders I can think of are:
- Jean-Paul Belmondo in Breathless
- Jerry Lewis for either The Bellboy or Cinderfella
- Gabriele Ferzetti in L'Avventura
- Alain Delon in Rocco and His Brothers
- Pierre Brasseur in Eyes Without a Face

Deiner said...

Btw, I noticed you've watched Melancholia. Can you give your thoughts and ratings on Dunst, Gainsbourg and Rampling?

Calvin Law said...

My request is Jesse Eisenberg, The Double - 2013 Lead.

Glad to see Cumberbatch has been bumped up to a 4.5 for TTSS.

Robert MacFarlane said...

I'd rank Cumberbatch and Hurt lower myself, but I'm glad to see Isaac got bumped up. Frankly I wish you'd swap him and Cranston's placement.

Michael McCarthy said...

Rating and thoughts for Kevin Spacey in Margin Call?

My suggestions:

Richard Attenborough in The Angry Silence
Peter Sellers in Never Let Go (REALLY intrigued to see this for myself)
Alec Guinness in Tunes of Glory
Sidney Poitier in All the Young Men

Calvin Law said...

Alain Delon, Purple Noon
Richard Attenborough, The Angry Silence
Alec Guinness, Tunes of Glory
Jean Paul Belmondo, Breathless

94dfk1 said...

Michael McCarthy: 4.5 (He gives a great screen presence in every scene in the office as he shows he's in command, but is also really effective towards the end as we get to know more about his personal life, especially his last scene.)

94dfk1 said...

Louis and anyone: 2010s cast and remake for The Bridge on The River Kwai?

Calvin Law said...

I think Damian Lewis might have it in him to pull off a Nicholson.

Louis Morgan said...


Dunst & Gainsbourg - 5(They are both amazing in their roles. Dunst technically has the showier role and is mesmerizing in her depiction of this ferocity of her despair in the first half. She tears through every scene, in that half, with such incisiveness yet in a very clever somber fashion. She wears the despair of her character as something that almost gives her a power of sorts. This is until the second half, where she still great though effectively conveys basically the end state of her character as she's just waiting to die. Gainsbourg is equally captivating in her more reactionary, and reserved portrayal of the supportive sister. I love the way she's direct, while internalizing her portrayal. She works so well against Dunst, particularly in the second half, by showing someone who has not accepted death in the way her sister half, and is harrowing as she conveys the gradual realization of her fate.)

Rampling - 3.5(I was surprised how little there was of her actually. She's good, as usual, though very much in her wheelhouse as the ice cold mother.)


Sellers is supporting in that film.

Spacey - 4(It's interesting to see Spacey play such a modest character, who is not feigning modesty either. He pulls it off the change well though and really feels like a less "exceptional" sort of guy than we usually know Spacey for playing. It's an effective portrayal of just a guy trying to really make any sense of the situation he is, and is rather moving whenever he reveals the more personal distress his character is going through as well.)


Hey don't step on my toes.


Shears: Ryan Reynolds
Nicholson: Damian Lewis
Warden: Guy Pearce
Colonel Saito: Ken Watanabe
Clipton: Cillian Murphy
Joyce: Jack O'Connell

RatedRStar said...

I have looked on various reviews and Best Supporting Actor lists and all of them have Peter Sellers in Supporting.

Karlheinz Böhm - Peeping Tom
Richard Attenborough - The Angry Silence
Alec Guinness - Tunes Of Glory
Montgomery Clift - Wild River
Pierre Brasseur - Eyes Without A Face

RatedRStar said...

Never Let Go (1960)

94dfk1 said...

Thanks for the reply!

Watanabe would be a great Colonel Saito. I was actually thinking of Bradley Cooper for Shears, but I could really see Reynolds pulling it off, especially the scenes later on in the movie where he's just hanging out at the hospital in Ceylon and it's revealed that he's being ordered to go back. Those are the types of scenes Reynolds can be effective in. He also looks the part of a WW2 soldier in a way.

I'd go with JA Bayona as director. He has experience in shooting in a similar terrain with The Impossible, and he also got good performances out of McGregor and Watts in the aforementioned film.

Anonymous said...

My request is James Cagney in Shake Hands with the Devil, 1959 Best Actor.
Louis: Ratings and thoughts on Kel Mitchell, Keenan Thompson and Abe Vigoda in Good Burger.

Anonymous said...

Louis:..oh, and ratings and thoughts on Dan Schneider and Jan Schweiterman as well.

Luke Higham said...

Louis: My request is Ralph Ineson in The Witch.


Luke Higham said...

Louis: Your ranking placements for Dunst and Gainsbourg.

Calvin Law said...

94dfk1: Now that you mention McGregor...he would be a good choice too with Bayona.

Calvin Law said...

Saw War Dogs, very mixed bag and reminded me of The Big Short in a not so good way...Hill is good though.

Anonymous said...

I am not a huge fan of Breathless, but then again I think Jean Luc Goddard is maybe the most Overrated director ever!!!

Calvin Law said...

Anonymous: I was disappointed by it because a friend proclaimed it to be an all-time great, but then again she is the biggest Goddard fan ever. I did find Belmondo good though.

Tahmeed Chowdhury said...

I'm overjoyed as hell that Rami Malek won for Mr Robot. It was disappointing for Kit Harington to lose since I've heard many people say that Ben Mendelsohn had almost nothing to do on the second season of Bloodline.

Alex Marqués said...

I'm very happy for Malek as well. His acceptance speech was great too.

Luke Higham said...

Louis: I really hope you'll cover 2005 first for the 2000s and 1993 for the 1990s.

Michael Patison said...

I can't say I agree with Robert about flipping Cranston and Isaac, but I am in the same boat as far as not getting what Louis sees in his performance. Then again, Tom Hardy is my win for the year, even over Strong.

As for 1960, the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Tunes of Glory, which has already been mentioned several times.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and ratings on Marisa Tomei in The Wrestler

Anonymous said...

For 1960 Lead:
Richard Attenborough in The Angry Silence
Alec Guinness in Tunes of Glory
Karlheinz Böhm in Peeping Tom
Montgomery Clift in Wild River
Pierre Brasseur in Eyes Without A Face

Michael McCarthy said...

Oh gotcha, I just assumed he was lead since he was the only one on the poster that I saw. Well I also think Clift in Wild River would be a good review.

Louis Morgan said...


McGregor would be a great fit for Clipton.


Thompson - 1.5(The man who I believe probably keeps his job at Saturday Night Live, because he just won't leave. Anyway Thompson isn't very good. There is this lack of conviction even in fair like this, as he falls upon the general "I'm smiling, that's funny right" bit too often. I suppose though he's not as aggressively obnoxious like....)

Mitchell - 1.5(His bit gets tiresome the very moment it starts. He's suppose to be endearing I suppose but really he's just kind of intolerable.)

Vigoda - 3(Vigoda is occasionally funny here, and certainly is the highlight of the film giving a bit of life to the cranky old man cliche.)

Schneider - 1.5(Cut this role out of any family film ever conceived, and replace it with any other one, you'd get the same result.)

Schweiterman - 1.5(A real waste. I think if someone totally devoted themselves to the role, played it with all seriousness they could have actually been pretty hilarious. Unfortunately he goofs it up, and falls flat)


#2 and #3 basically interchangeable.


I believe I've covered her before somewhere.

TParker said...

Seth Rogen in Take This Waltz gets my vote.