Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Best Supporting Actor 2015: Results

5. Mark Ruffalo in Spotlight - Ruffalo sticks out like a sore thumb with his excessively mannered turn that seems so false within a film going for a strict realism.
4. Christian Bale in The Big Short - Bale is able to make his character's various mannerisms seem natural the problem is the film never allows him to take it anywhere past that set up.

Best Scene: His introduction.
3. Mark Rylance in Bridge of Spies - Rylance gives a moving, inspiring, amusing and technically even devious yet unassuming performance as he artfully makes his Soviet spy everything the film needs Rudolf Abel to be.

Best Scene: "Standing Man"
2. Sylvester Stallone in Creed - Stallone manages to not only find new ground for his seventh depiction of Rocky Balboa but also is able to pay homage to his previous iterations in his return to the character.

Best Scene: "If I could take everything that's good out there and put it into a bowl"
1. Tom Hardy in The Revenant - Good predictions Michael McCarthy, RatedRStar, Jackiboyz, and GM It needs to be said I hate to have to rank these top three. All three do fantastic work and if any of the three were to win the Oscar I'll be more than happy with it. My personal favorite of three, and I love all three of their work, is Tom Hardy's brilliant turn as John Fitzgerald. Hardy makes for an effective and surprisingly even entertaining villain, while still managing to find depth within the motivations of his character.

Best Scene: "God is a Squirrel"


Luke Higham said...

Louis: Can I Have your top ten for Female Lead and other 4+ performances, as well as any other 4+ performances for Female Supporting, if there is any.

Calvin Law said...

I've been told by a friend who's seen Spotlight that Ruffalo is horrible but doesn't really affect the film overall. Seems a bit strange to me as he appears to have a big role, can anyone elaborate why this might be?

Anonymous said...

Is Blanchett a 4 for Cinderella?

Luke Higham said...

Anonymous: Yes.

Anonymous said...

Damn it.
Louis: What are your thoughts on these Westerns and their respective ratings?
The Gunfighter
The Searchers
My Darling Clementine
The Ox-Bow Incident

RatedRStar said...

Louis did you ever get to see those spreadsheets I mentioned to you twice lol, it isn't a spoiler just looking at them I just wondered if you thought it was ok and if it makes a case for plenty more years of fun on the blog and that there are plenty of contenders and hidden gems to be found.

Calvin: Your friend would be correct, I would say probably because 90 percent of the time it is because he is sharing his scenes with others who overshadow him, like Tucci for example, another is that when watching your not really bovered about what Ruffalo is doing, your eyes are always focused on the others (the victims also) and more specifically the details of the investigation.

RatedRStar said...

I would use Frank Sinatra in From Here To Eternity as an example, he is bad but your never really interested about what he is doing, its always the others and the story.

Robert MacFarlane said...

Calvin: Because literally everyone else in Spotlight makes up for it. It has the biggest ensemble of the year, and by some virtue the best. Performances like Keaton, McAdams, Schreiber, Tucci, Crudup, the victims, they all make up for Ruffalo's fussiness.

Luke Higham said...

Fassbender - 5
Cotillard - 5
Considine - 3.5
Harris - 3.5
Debicki - 3.5
Thewlis - 3.5
Reynor - 3
I liked it a lot.

JackiBoyz said...

My winning request is an odd one, because, this performance received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor and I am hoping this could be a hidden gem type like when I suggested Armand Assante even if I got that wrong, the only problem is that I haven't seen the film and I am not sure which category he belongs to. I haven't seen it but the film looks very weird indeed

Does anybody know which category he is in????

Scott Wilson - The Ninth Configuration

Michael McCarthy said...

If we still get requests for these, mine is Isao Numasaki for One Wonderful Sunday (1946 Lead)

Luke Higham said...

Calvin: I think Alternate Lead is gonna be this:
The Last Spot will either go to Tremblay, Russell, Depp or Hanks.

Luke Higham said...

Calvin: And I completely agree that Fassbender gave his best performance to date in Macbeth. :)

Louis Morgan said...


1. Charlize Theron - Mad Max: Fury Road
2. Saoirse Ronan - Brooklyn
3. Rooney Mara - Carol
4. Carey Mulligan - Far From the Madding Crowd
5. Emily Blunt - Sicario
6. Brie Larson - Room
7. Charlotte Rampling - 45 Years
8. Daisy Ridley - Star Wars: The Force Awakens
9. Carey Mulligan - Suffragette
10. Alicia Vikander - Testament of Youth


Cate Blanchett - Carol
Rebecca Ferguson - Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation
Mia Wasikowska - Crimson Peak
Rebecca Hall - The Gift
Jennifer Lawrence - Joy (Upgraded to a 4)



Phyllis Smith - Inside Out