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Alternate Best Actor 1976: Results

5. Gregory Peck in The Omen - Gregory Peck gives an effective and honest performance which manages to ground the rather extreme nature of his film.

Best Scene: Learning of his wife's fate.
4. Robert Redford in All The President's Men - Redford never is lost in the procedural as his performance amplifies the story while still managing to find his character.

Best Scene: Handling two calls at once. 
3. David Carradine in Bound For Glory - Carradine gives a rather unique and memorable depiction of a one of a kind sort.

Best Scene: Reading the fortune.
2. John Wayne in The Shootist - Wayne gives a wonderful and moving performance worthy as a sendoff for his legendary career.

Best Scene: Books tells the truth about gunfighters.
1. Clint Eastwood in The Outlaw Josey Wales - Good Prediction Anonymous. In the end this year came down to three performances I have about equal affection for, and even now I'll admit my overall could easily switch back to Finch when I re-watch Network, but for the moment my favorite is Eastwood. There are certainly plenty of classic Eastwood moments to be found, but his portrayal goes beyond that. This performance takes the step more though as Eastwood realizes both the viciousness and the tragedy that comes from Wales's violent past with his surprisingly poignant work..

Best Scene: Wales returns to the wounded boy.
Overall Rank:
  1. Peter Finch in Network
  2. Clint Eastwood in The Outlaw Josey Wales
  3. John Wayne in The Shootist
  4. David Carradine in Bound For Glory
  5. Jack Nicholson in Missouri Breaks 
  6. Robert Redford in All the President's Men
  7. Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man 
  8. Sean Connery in Robin and Marian
  9. Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver 
  10. Bruce Dern in Family Plot
  11. William Holden in Network 
  12. Gene Wilder in Silver Streak 
  13. Walter Matthau in The Bad News Bears
  14. Dustin Hoffman in All The President's Men
  15. Gregory Peck in The Omen 
  16. Clint Eastwood in The Enforcer
  17. Sylvester Stallone in Rocky
  18. Woody Allen in The Front 
  19. Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther Strikes Again 
  20. Lenny Baker in Next Stop, Greenwich Village
  21. William Devane in Family Plot
  22. Mel Brooks in Silent Movie
  23. Cliff Robertson in Obsession
  24. Michael Caine in The Eagle Has Landed 
  25. Roman Polanski in The Tenant
  26. Marlon Brando in Missouri Breaks
  27. Jeff Bridges in King Kong
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GM said...

Robert Duvall - The Eagle Has Landed
Thimothy Carey - The Killing of a Chinese Bookie
Seymor Cassel - The Killing of a Chinese Bookie
Richard Pryor - Silver Streak

Anonymous said...

Wow, Eastwood won. Wasn't expecting for him to win. And Hoffman's a 4,5 for Marathon Man! Awesome!
Alternate 1976 Supporting
Robert Duvall- Network
Hal Holbrook- All the President's Men
Carl Weathers- Rocky
James Stewart- The Shootist
Can't think of another one.

Calvin Law said...

Carl Weathers in Rocky
Hal Hobrook in All the President's Men
Donald Sutherland and Robert Duvall in The Eagle Has Landed

Calvin Law said...

Also thoughts and ratings on:
Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man
Bruce Dern in Family Plot

Michael Patison said...

Definitely a surprise for me that Eastwood beat out both Wayne and Finch. Only a disappointment because I love Finch so much. Really only 2 suggestions, though more may come later:
Robert Duvall in Network
Hal Holbrook in All the President's Men

Michael McCarthy said...

So glad Nicholson's in the top 5 and Hoffman's a 4.5 for Marathon Man. Although I really do think I'd put Nicholson, Hoffman and De Niro over Carradine.

Michael Patison said...

Ratings and thoughts on Nicholson, Hoffman, and Dern.

Calvin Law said...


Nicholson - 4.5(Interesting that no way really talks about this film considering it's the only team up between Brando and Nicholson, I suppose Brando's performance does not help, but this is actually a very strong performance from Nicholson. As with his more legendary work from the 70's Nicholson knows exactly how to temper himself as a performer. This actually is a fairly subdued work for the most part though and he's actually rather quietly charming here. There are a few Nicholson touches, but in this case only in an effective fashion. Most importantly though he never let's it overwhelm the rest of his performance, managing as well to actually give a rather honest and moving depiction of his character's struggle particularly when his friends are murdered one by one)

Michael McCarthy said...

Also the only two performances I'll suggest that no one else will mention are:

Martin Sheen in The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane
Harry Dean Stanton in The Missouri Breaks

Kevin said...

Hey Louis, what are your ratings and thoughts for the cast of Midnight In Paris as well as your thoughts on the film?

Anonymous said...

Harvey Keitel/Taxi Driver
The Kid/Anti-Christ
Roy Schneider/Marathon Man
Rip Torn/The Man Who Fell From Earth
Murder By Death/Alec Guiness

Robert MacFarlane said...

Chief Dan George in The Outlaw Josey Wales
Hal Holbrook in All the President's Men
Rip Torn in The Man Who Fell to Earth
Robert Duvall in Network
Carl Weathers in Rocky

Calvin Law said...

If you do end up reviewing Rip Torn in The Man Who Fell to Earth, Louis, could you leave off Bowie for the time-being for a potential review, if you think he's worthy, because it's such an interesting performance. My #1 of 1976.

Maciej said...

Hal Holbrook - All the President's Men
Robert Duvall - Network
Randy Quaid - Bound for Glory
Harvey Keitel - Taxi Driver

moviefilm said...

Pleaae ratings and thoughts on Brooks in Silent Movie.
One suggestion no one mentioned is Marty Feldman for the film.

luke higham said...

Louis: Your Female Lead/Supporting Top 5s with ratings and any other 4+ Performances.

Robert Shaw - Robin And Marian (Please Review Him)
Marty Feldman - Silent Movie
Hal Holbrook - All The President's Men
Chief Dan George - The Outlaw Josey Wales
Robert Duvall - Network

James Stewart & Ron Howard in The Shootist

luke higham said...

Louis: Rating for Eastwood in The Enforcer.

RatedRStar said...

You must see Robin and Marian at some point Louis I honestly believe that is the greatest Robin Hood film ever.

Oskar Werner - Voyage of the Damned, that is the only one I can add that hasnt been mentioned, it was his final role and he does look quite unwell in it so it could be very Montgomery Clift like.

Anonymous said...

Louis what are your top ten films of 1976?

Calvin Law said...

RatedRStar just reminded me, Robert Shaw in Robin and Marian.

Calvin Law said...

My top 10:

1. All the President's Men
2. The Omen
3. Network
4. Robin and Marian
5. Rocky
6. Bound for Glory
7. The Man Who Fell to Earth
8. The Outlaw Josey Wales
9. Taxi Driver
10. The Eagle Has Landed

RatedRStar said...

Ill give my top ten actually as well =D, since we are all as smart as each other =D.

1. All the Presidents Men
2. Robin and Marian
3. Network
4. The Outlaw Josey Wales
5. The Omen
6. Taxi Driver
7. Bound for Glory
8. Carrie
9. The Shootist
10. Marathon Man

I haven't seen The Man Who Fell to Earth, The Eagle has Landed, The Killing of a Chinese Bookie, Silent Movie, The Missouri Breaks, Stay Hungry or Silver Streak.

Scott Gingold said...

Louis please give thoughts & ratings on Brando in Missouri Breaks. I thought his ever changing performance was brilliant.

luke higham said...

Brando - 2(Michael will probably find this to be generous, but I did not quite find him grating, although I can see why someone would. I guess this is Brando doing Richard Harris after Harris did Brando in This Sporting Life. The problem is Brando's not even consistent with that approach. I think there could have been a great performance out of this character, but Brando never quite makes him feel as a whole. It feels like different mannerisms, and eccentricities that never quite add up to one man, instead it just feels like a self-indulgent acting showcase from Brando)

Anonymous said...

Please, ANYONE from Il Deserto dei Tartari - to name one, Max Von Sydow. Nobody here saw this film? =(

luke higham said...

Anonymous: BONUS ROUNDS!

Louis Morgan said...


Hoffman - 4.5(Although Olivier's performance is the best part of that film, Hoffman is also very good in the film alone. Just take the dentist scenes alone Hoffman is just as important to them. Hoffman plays off Olivier incredibly well, and then makes the pain keenly felt. Past though scenes though Hoffman is quite effective in depicting such extreme emotional and physical exhaustion in his character as he's simply a man who wants nothing to do with the espionage he accidentally becomes involved with)

Dern - 4(Family Plot is certainly a random film to be Hitchcock's last, and it's certainly far from Hitchcock'best, though it is an enjoyable comedy actually. In this way Dern is easily the best part of it, as he knows just exactly how to play into the tone, and Dern is very funny by playing his character as someone who treats the plot he's involved with as just a mere pleasantry to appease his girlfriend)


I believe I've given my thoughts before, look for a Woody Allen ranking. I've convered Cotillard somewhere I know, and probably the men in their respective overall rankings.


Eastwood - 4(This is probably his reprise as Harry since they bothered to actually write him a partner this time, it gives him something to do past just being tough Harry. This is good example of the tough Harry, but Eastwood is allowed some nice variation in this one in his entertaining dynamic he strikes up with Tyne Daly)


1. All The President's Men
2. The Outlaw Josey Wales
3. Network
4. Rocky
5. The Omen
6. Carrie
7. Marathon Man
8. The Front
9. Missouri Breaks
10. The Shootist

Louis Morgan said...



Sissy Spacek - Carrie
Liv Ullmann - Face to Face
Genevieve Bujold - Obsession
Faye Dunaway - Network
Barbara Harris - Family Plot - 3.5

Supporting Actress:

Billie Whitelaw - The Omen
Piper Laurie - Carrie - 4.5
Beatrice Straight - Network
Lauren Bacall - The Shootist
Jodie Foster - Taxi Driver

Louis Morgan said...


Chinatown (1930's directed By William Wellman):

Jake Gittes: James Cagney
Evelyn Mulwray: Barbara Stanwyck
Noah Cross: Louis Wolheim
Man with Knife: William Wellman

Chinatown (1940's directed By John Huston):

Jake Gittes: Humphrey Bogart
Evelyn Mulwray: Joan Crawford
Noah Cross: Walter Huston
Man with Knife: John Huston

Chinatown (1950's directed By Carol Reed):

Jake Gittes: Trevor Howard
Evelyn Mulwray: Celia Johnson
Noah Cross: Claude Rains
Man with Knife: Carol Reed

Chinatown (1960's directed By Kihachi Okamoto):

Jake Gittes: Tatsuya Nakadai
Evelyn Mulwray: Machiko Kyo
Noah Cross: Toshiro Mifune
Man with Knife: Kihachi Okamoto

The Silence of the Lambs (1920's directed by Fritz Lang):

Clarice: Greta Garbo
Hannibal: Bela Lugosi
Chilton: Fritz Rasp
Crawford: Gustaf Grundgens
Buffalo Bill: Peter Lorre

The Silence of the Lambs (1930's directed by James Whale):

Clarice: Miriam Hopkins
Hannibal: Claude Rains
Chilton: Colin Clive
Crawford: Robert Montgomery
Buffalo Bill: Boris Karloff