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Alternate Best Supporting Actor 1998: Results

5. Bill Murray in Rushmore - Murray hits the right notes, in the first of his second wave of his career style of performances, but his impact always  feels somewhat muted.

Best Scene: "She's My Rushmore Max"
4. Sam Lee in The Longest Summer - Although the film somewhat wastes his potential, Lee gives an a very likable performance that brings a great deal of energy to his film.

Best Scene: Suen after being used for target practice.
3. Dylan Baker in Happiness -Baker gives a particularly disturbing portrait of a pedophile by showing the distinctly human qualities of such a man.

Best: The doctor talks to his son one last time.
2. John Goodman in The Big Lebowski - Goodman gives a hilarious and surprisingly endearing portrait of a bit of a mad man.

Best Scene: Walter disposes of the ashes.
1. Elias Koteas in The Thin Red Line - Good Prediction Psifonian. The underrated Elias Koteas gives the greatest supporting performance not only in a film filled with great ones, but as well as for the year as a whole. Koteas gives such an honest and heartbreaking depiction of a leader whose empathy for his troops supersedes all other authority. 

Best Scene: Captain Staros refuses to send his men to the slaughter. 
Overall Rank:
  1. Elias Koteas in The Thin Red Line
  2. Billy Bob Thornton in A Simple Plan
  3. John Goodman in The Big Lebowski
  4. Jim Caviesel in The Thin Red Line
  5. Sean Penn in The Thin Red Lin
  6. Nick Nolte in The Thin Red Line
  7. Giovanni Ribisi in Saving Private Ryan 
  8. James Coburn in Affliction
  9. Jeremy Davies in Saving Private Ryan
  10. Robert Duvall in A Civil Action
  11. Dylan Baker in Happiness
  12. Woody Harrelson in The Thin Red Line
  13. Geoffrey Rush in Elizabeth
  14. Patrick Tam in Beast Cops
  15. Richard Attenborough in Elizabeth
  16. Philip Seymour Hoffman in Happiness
  17. Ed Harris in The Truman Show
  18. Tom Wilkinson in Shakespeare in Love
  19. Gene Hackman in Enemy of the State
  20. Dash Mihok in The Thin Red Line
  21. Edward Furlong in American History X
  22. Sam Lee in The Longest Summer
  23. Ben Chaplin in The Thin Red Line
  24. Chan Sang in The Longest Summer
  25. Bill Murray in Rushmore
  26. Edward Norton in Rounders
  27. John Cusack in The Thin Red Line
  28. Sam Lee in Beast Cops
  29. Tom Sizemore in Saving Private Ryan
  30. Noah Emmerich in The Truman Show
  31. Ben Gazzara in Happiness
  32. Jon Voight in The General
  33. Jeff Daniels in Pleasantville
  34. Don Cheadle in Out of Sight 
  35. Willem Dafoe in Affliction
  36. Barry Pepper in Saving Private Ryan
  37. William Hurt in Dark City
  38. Bill Murray in Wild Things
  39. Dian Bachar in Baseketball
  40. Robert Downey Jr. in U.S. Marshals 
  41. Ben Affleck in Shakespeare in Love
  42. J.T. Walsh in The Negotiator
  43. Adam Goldberg in Saving Private Ryan
  44. Benicio del Toro in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  45. Jon Lovitz in Happiness
  46. David Kelly in Waking Ned Devine
  47. Steve Zahn in Out of Sight
  48. Seymour Cassel in Rushmore
  49. Jared Harris in Happiness 
  50. Sam Elliot in The Big Lebowski
  51. Jon Voight in Enemy of the State
  52. Stacy Keach in American History X
  53. John Turturro in The Big Lebowski
  54. J.T. Walsh in Pleasantville
  55. Matt Dillon in There's Something About Mary 
  56. Ben Gazzara in The Big Lebowski
  57. Gary Busey in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  58. Steve Buscemi in The Big Lebowski
  59. Brent Briscoe in A Simple Plan
  60. Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Big Lebowski
  61. Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon 4 
  62. Brian Cox in Rushmore
  63. David Huddleston in The Big Lebowski
  64. Roy Cheung in Beast Cops
  65. Chelchie Ross in A Simple Plan
  66. Vin Diesel in Saving Private Ryan
  67. Daniel Craig in Elizabeth
  68. Jared Leto in The Thin Red Line
  69. Paul Giamatti in The Negotiator
  70. Rupert Everett in Shakespeare in Love
  71. John C. Reilly in The Thin Red Line
  72. Matt Damon in Saving Private Ryan
  73. Gary Cole in A Simple Plan
  74. Elias Koteas in Apt Pupil 
  75. Ethan Suplee in American History X
  76. Tom Wilkinson in Rush Hour 
  77. Gene Hackman in Antz
  78. Albert Brooks in Out of Sight
  79. Kevin Bacon in Wild Things
  80. Jon Lovitz in The Wedding Singer
  81. Kevin Spacey in A Bug's Life 
  82. Steve Buscemi in The Wedding Singer
  83. Robert Duvall in Deep Impact
  84. Geoffrey Rush in Shakespeare in Love
  85. Larry Hagman in Primary Colors
  86. John Turturro in Rounders
  87. Dennis Farina in Out of Sight
  88. William H. Macy in Psycho 
  89. Billy Bob Thornton in Primary Colors
  90. Ving Rhames in Out of Sight
  91. Ben Stiller in Zero Effect
  92. Christopher Walken in Antz
  93. Jeremy Irons in The Man in The Iron Mask
  94. Michael Byrne in Apt Pupil
  95. Paul Giamatti in The Truman Show
  96. Viggo Mortensen in Psycho 
  97. Jet Li in Lethal Weapon 4
  98. Tzi Ma in Rush Hour 
  99. Don Cheadle in Bulworth
  100. Billy Bob Thornton in Armageddon
  101. Tony Shalhoub in The Siege
  102. William H. Macy in Pleasantville
  103. Sylvester Stallone in Antz
  104. Philip Baker Hall in Rush Hour
  105. Peter Vaughn in Les Miserables
  106. Tobey Maguire in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  107. Tony Shalhoub in A Civil Action 
  108. Oliver Platt in Bulworth
  109. Martin Landau in Rounders
  110. Ryan O'Neal in Zero Effect
  111. Lee Evans in There's Something About Mary
  112. Matthew Glave in The Wedding Singer
  113. Brent Spiner in Star Trek: Insurrection
  114. David Hyde Pearce in A Bug's Life
  115. Morgan Freeman in Deep Impact
  116. Chris Penn in Rush Hour
  117. John Malkovich in The Man in The Iron Mask 
  118. Jared Harris in Lost in Space
  119. John Lithgow in A Civil Action
  120. Maximilian Schell in Deep Impact
  121. Will Patton in Armageddon 
  122. Adrien Brody in The Thin Red Line
  123. David Schwimmer in Apt Pupil
  124. Robert Englund in Urban Legend
  125. Gabriel Byrne in The Man in The Iron Mask
  126. Bob Gunton in Patch Adams 
  127. David Strathairn in Simon Birch
  128. Jim Broadbent in The Avengers
  129. Stuart Wilson in The Mask of Zorro
  130. Ernest Borgnine in Baseketball
  131. John Travolta in The Thin Red Line
  132. Robert Patrick in The Faculty
  133. Andre Braugher in City of Angels
  134. William H. May in A Civil Action
  135. Michael Lerner in Godzilla
  136. Richard Crenna in Wrongfully Accused
  137. Bruce Norris in A Civil Action
  138. Nick Stahl in Disturbing Behavior
  139. Lloyd Bridges in Jane Austen's Mafia
  140. Richard Kind in A Bug's Life 
  141. Philip Seymour Hoffman in Patch Adams
  142. Robert Vaughn in Baseketball
  143. Peter Stormare in Armageddon
  144. Tony Shalhoub in Paulie 
  145. Oliver Platt in Simon Birch
  146. Simon Callow in Shakespeare in Love 
  147. Mark Addy in Jack Frost 
  148. Dennis Franz in City of Angels
  149. William Sadler in Disturbing Behavior
  150. Bruce Willis in The Siege
  151. Phil Hartman in Small Soldiers
  152. Steve Buscemi in Armageddon
  153. Jeff Goldblum in Holy Man
  154. James Nesbitt in Waking Ned Devine
  155. Robert Forster in Psycho
  156. Joe Pantoliano in U.S. Marshals
  157. Christopher Eccleston in Elizabeth
  158. Colin Firth in Shakespeare in Love 
  159. Jack Warden in Bulworth
  160. Gary Oldman in Lost in Space 
  161. Sean Connery in The Avengers
  162. Avery Brooks in American History X
  163. George Clooney in The Thin Red Line
  164. Edward Burns in Saving Private Ryan
  165. F. Murray Abraham in Star Trek: Insurrection 
  166. John Malkovich in Rounders
  167. Michael York in Wrongfully Accused
  168. Chris Elliot in There's Something About Mary
  169. Bruce Greenwood in Disturbing Behavior
  170. Jean Reno in Godzilla 
  171. Peter Boyle in Dr. Dolittle
  172. Harrison Young in Saving Private Ryan
  173. Josh Harnett in The Faculty
  174. Matt Letsher in The Mask of Zorro
  175. Henry Winkler in The Waterboy 
  176. Jack Warden in Dirty Work 
  177. Oliver Platt in Dr. Dolittle 
  178. Corbin Bernsen in Major League: Back to the Minors
  179. Rance Howard in Psycho  
  180. Robert Loggia in Holy Man
  181. Hans Matheson in Les Miserables
  182. Thom Barry in Major League: Back to the Minors
  183. Harry Shearer in Godzilla
  184. Christopher McDonald in Dirty Work
  185. Jeffrey Tambor in Meet Joe Black
  186. Chris Farley in Dirty Work
  187. Gerard Depardieu in The Man in the Iron Mask
  188. Joseph Cross in Jack Frost
  189. Peter Firth in Mighty Joe Young
  190. Kevin Dunn in Small Soldiers
  191. Michael Clarke Duncan in Armageddon
  192. Jay Mohr in Small Soldiers
  193. Chris Rock Lethal Weapon 4
  194. Jake Weber in Meet Joe Black
  195. Michael Rosenbaum in Urban Legend
  196. Rade Serbedzija in Mighty Joe Young
  197. Matt Leblanc in Lost in Space
  198. Hank Azaria in Godzilla
  199. David Schwimmer in Six Days Seven Nights
  200. Jack Plotnick in Gods and Monsters
  201. Jerry Reed in The Waterboy
  202. Jack Johnson in Lost in Space
  203. Rob Schneider in The Waterboy
Next Year: 1930 Lead and Supporting


luke higham said...

Lew Ayres in All Quiet on The Western Front

GM said...

Herbert Marshall - Murder!
Walter Huston - Abraham Lincoln
Emil Jannings - The Blue Angel
Lew Ayres - All Quiet on the Western Front
Lew Ayres - The Doorway to Hell
William Powell - Street of Chance
Lon Chaney - The Unholy Three
John Wayne - The Big Trail
Richard Barthelmess - The Dawn Patrol

Wallace Berry - The Big House
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. - The Dawn Patrol
Louis Wolheim - All Quiet on the Western Front
David Torrence - City Girl

Michael McCarthy said...

Awesome lineup, although I do think Baker should be much higher in the overall ranking. He might actually be my personal choice.

luke higham said...

Louis: Ratings & Thoughts on Wilkinson and Affleck in Shakespeare in Love.

Mark said...

Louis: ratings and thoughts on the supporting cast of American History X. And, just because I know your thoughts on his performance will probably make me laugh, rating and thoughts on Rob Schneider in The Waterboy

Anonymous said...

Louis, what is your current Top 5 for Best Actress for 2014?

Michael Patison said...

Lew Ayres in All Quiet on the Western Front
Herbert Marshall in Murder!
Richard Barthelmess in The Dawn Patrol
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. in The Dawn Patrol

Supporting Actor:
Louis Wolheim in All Quiet on the Western Front
Tyrone Power, Sr. in The Big Trail

RatedRStar said...

I have nothing more to add to these performances,

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Ratings and thoughts on Tea Leoni in Deep Impact and Anne Heche in Psycho?

Psifonian said...

Koteas wins it all! <3

I have nothing to add for 1930: Ayres and Wolheim deserve to win here.

RatedRStar said...

Can anyone help in telling me what time the Screen Acting Guilds noms and the Golden Globe noms are on at, US or UK time, because I am excited and dont want to miss them.

Michael Patison said...

The Globes are at 11am ET (on the 11th obviously) and the SAGs are at 6am PT (on the 10th).

RatedRStar said...

Thank you CR7 =D

luke higham said...

Tom Hardy Wins LAFCA, really surprised, but extremly pleased for him.

RatedRStar said...

am I the only person who thinks that Tom Hardy is Marlon Brando, except that Hardy never gives bad performances and is pretty much the 51,52,53,and 54 Brando roled into 1 =D.

John Smith said...

Rating and toughts on Dane Cook In Mr Brooks, would you consider reviewing him for alternative suporting performances of 2007?

Louis Morgan said...

Wilkinson - 3.5(Wilkinson should have been the one nominated, if someone needed to be, especially since he steals every scene from Rush. He does the imposing money well having a comedic bent but still enough of a menace. He does a great job though of turning that on his head in a funny yet honest feeling manner when his character seems quite nervous at the prospect of being in the play itself)

Affleck - 3(Perfect casting really in that Affleck, in his prime hammy phase, his playing a hammy actor. His quite enjoyable though at being such an overly indulgent performer by giving an overly indulgent performance. Honestly the more I think about Shakespeare in Love the more I wish they had just forgotten the love part of it, oh and go get Ralph instead)


Furlong - 3.5(He gives a pretty good performance and his own minor transformation that goes along with Norton's. His first scenes are good as he brings out that overly confident punk personalty, but does not put on too thickly that way it fairly naturally wears away when his brother who is his idol changes)

Keach - 3(Keach is always great at doing some good old fashioned sleaze)

Brooks - 2(Brooks certainly is intense in the role, but it feels awfully over the top and out of place compared to all the other performances in the film)

Schneider - 1(Sorry to disappoint you but it's much more fun to talk about a terrible performance in a dramatic film especially daring ones. There's nothing daring about Schneider's performance, it's just obnoxious lowest common denominator stupid face making, and over the top line readings. He's not funny, he's just annoying)


1. Marion Cotillard - Two Days One Night
2. Jessica Chastain - The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby
3. Julianne Moore - Still Alice
4. Rosamund Pike - Gone Girl
5. Felicity Jones - The Theory of Everything


Leoni - 2.5(Yet another that I haven't seen in a long time. I recall her being a bit bland most of the time, but I do remember her perhaps being fairly moving with her scenes with Schell particularly their last scene together)

Heche - 2(She does a great job of showing why Leigh was so great in the role. It's interesting to compare the performances as Heche suggests just so much less in her silent reactions. It is intriguing that she does play the character very differently, but that with a lot less allure and potential moral duplicity. There's just something very plain and bland about her character. Leigh's Crane we might have followed throughout a different film, here she is not much more than dead meat. Also, like Vaughn, she suffers from recreations of scenes that seems opposed to her performance and shows why the shot for shot idea is so stupid. To compose the same scene it appears Van Sant required them to do the same physical actions no matter what. For example in the parlor scene when Leigh held up the napkin it just seemed to be a natural part of her performance, and just a choice she made while doing the scene. Heche on the other hand holds the napkin like she's posing for an uncomfortable portrait, I mean you know it's a bad film when it makes napkin holding seem unnatural)

John Smith:

Haven't seen him, that year is packed though.


Question I have to ask. Do you know the name of the guy who played the Triad boss in The Longest Summer? As he'd be at least in the top 50 of this ranking.

luke higham said...

Louis: What Films have you seen in the past week, also when will Ayres's review and the results be posted for '30 Lead & Supporting.

Louis Morgan said...


Still Alice
The Skeleton Twins

30 will probably be up tomorrow.

luke higham said...

Louis: Ratings & Thoughts for Performances you would give a 3 or more from each film.

Louis Morgan said...

Still Alice:

Moore - 4.5(Moore is actually very good here in her portrayal of a woman who gets Alzheimer's Disease at a particularly young age. What I liked about her performance was actually how it really was not very melodramatic. Of course she does have her breakdowns which are earned and well performed. They don't make up the majority of her performance though and I like the way Moore shows the day to day normalcy of the effects of Alzheimer's Disease. She is most moving in showing how a little more seems to be lost from her after every scene, and is terrific here by not really playing broad for the big emotional payoffs but rather quietly earning them)

The Skeleton Twins:

Hader - 3.5(Hader proves that he does have some dramatic chops here. He does the mannerisms usually associated with playing a gay character but he does them really well. It always feels natural and true to his character. Oddly enough I think the comedic portions were the weakest parts of his work as some of the one liners seemed a bit off. Not his fault mind you as he delivers them best he can. The highlight really is his chemistry with Wiig)

Wiig - 3.5(She also proves fairly capable although I don't feel she's quite as assured as Hader, and again I do feel the comedy side is the weakest side. The chemistry though is key though as they do develop the strange relationship between the two rather beautifully. As they suggest the mutual love yet bitterness between the two incredibly. I wish the film had made a better use of that relationship)

Wilson - 3.5(I actually thought he was best of the cast as I thought he did the best to combine the drama and the comedy elements of the film. Wilson is quite funny in portraying the all around super guy who might just be too super for his own good. Wilson goes just far enough without becoming too much. Most importantly he plays the part with so much sincerity that when Wiig's makes her confession, his reaction is quite sad actually)


I don't know I might have to save Labeouf for the moment.

Pitt - 3(Leaning more towards a 2.5, but I wanted to talk about him. Wardaddy I think had the potential for a 5 performance, the problem is Pitt does not realize it. First of all let that Aldo Raine accent go, thankfully it only is slight here, but still it only worked for that character. This seems to be a fight between the often great character actor Pitt against bland leading man Pitt. Bland leading man Pitt seems to win out here though as there were too many moments that he undersold, especially one scene where he was forcing the new recruit to kill a German. That scene should have been a powerhouse moment, but Pitt just does not give it the emotional intensity it needs. He does have a few great reactions that suggest what could have been but I'd much rather have seen someone like Matthew McConaughey in the role as he probably would have made the most of it)

Kevin said...

What were your thoughts on Fury as a film and ratings and thoughts on Lerman?

Louis Morgan said...

Fury - (I actually thought the weakest thing about Fury was the acting although that was heightened by the weak characters given to Jon Bernthal and Michael Pena. Of course I don't think they helped matters all that much especially Pena. I also thought the writing to create the last stand at the end could have built it up a bit more to make it make a little more sense out of why Wardaddy wants to do it so badly. Of course a better performance may have been able to convey a stronger insanity in the man making more sense of it. Also it does feel more like it stops rather than ends, and it is not exactly unpredictable. Having said all that I thought it had some exceptional action sequences that had quite the visceral impact, and I felt there was just enough character, mainly brought by one very unexpected place, to make the scenes feel meaningful as well.)

Lerman - 2.5(A re-watch could potentially help him, as I'm not completely sure how I feel about his performance. He definitely is no Jeremy Davies though. Like Pitt I also felt he failed to really bring out the power of his pivotal scenes. Not that I thought he was terrible, and perhaps he had some good moments here and there, but his transformation never became quite compelling enough or even entirely convincing)

RatedRStar said...

@Louis: The guy who plays Big Brother Wing, Its Chan Sang who I only seemed to find credited on some of the sites, I was quite surprised by The Longest Summers ending, the fact that it shows a really ehh camera shot of a guy with his cheek blown apart was quite shocking lol

GetDonaldSutherlandAnOscar said...

Thoughts/ratings on:
Noah Emmerich in The Truman Show
Don Cheadle in Out of Sight
Willem Dafoe in Affliction
Bill Murray in Wild Things
Gene Hackman in Enemy of the State

Anonymous said...

Toughts and rating on Patton Oswalt In Young Adult

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts and ratings on Kirsten Stewart in Still Alice? I've heard she's good.

Kevin said...

Finally managed to see Nightcrawler, best dark comedy I have seen in ages and Gyllenhaal is truly FAN-freaking-TASTIC. Tops every other performance in the year so far.

Louis Morgan said...

RatedRStar: Thanks. It's strange that he's not even listed on imdb, since he probably had the third largest role in the film.


Emmerich - 3.5(He gives an interesting performance that's stands a good counterpoints to Linney's. Emmerich is good at showing the duplicitous nature of his character as he still advertises beer as well as continues to trick Truman, but perhaps suggesting that he does care about Truman to at least some extent)

Cheadle - 3.5(The more character given to Cheadle usually the better. Here his role is not that substantial as he just plays the nasty rival to Clooney. Cheadle plays it well though bringing some humor while still creating the appropriate threat with the character)

Dafoe - 3.5(Dafoe, despite having a fairly small role, is effective in showing how the younger brother fits into the occasion. Instead of going off the deep end as Nolte does, Dafoe is very good in portraying the subtle way the abuse has caused him to have this certain intensity while being withdrawn)

Murray - 3(An enjoyable bit of classic style Murray)

Hackman - 3.5(The idea that he's Harry Caul I would say is wrong since Hackman plays him as a completely different person. He's not paranoid here, he just completely knows that everyone is watching, and it is not the withdrawn man, at least not by nature, that was Caul. Hackman though is good as per usual. It's not exactly his most daring performance but he still carries the drama incredibly well)


Haven't seen in Oswalt.


I thought she was fine, but I did not feel as though she made that much of an impact.