Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Alternate Best Supporting Actor 1953: Results

5. Lee Marvin in The Wild One - Marvin steals the film in just a couple of scenes with his entertaining portrayal of a boisterous biker.

Best Scene: The Beetles arrive into town.
4. Otto Preminger in Stalag 17 - Preminger gives an enjoyable, with just enough menace, performance as the smug camp commandant.

Best Scene: The man trying to "escape" is killed.
3. Jay Robinson in The Robe - Robinson makes himself the highlight of the film by giving a lively energetic performance in an otherwise rather bland film.

Best Scene: Gallio's trail.
2. John Gielgud in Julius Caesar - Gielgud gives a great performance through his devious portrayal of Cassius that acts a particularly effective counterpoint to James Mason's honest portrayal of Brutus.

Best Scene: Cassius before the battle.
1. Ernest Borgnine in From Here to Eternity - This year came down for me between Gielgud who gives a great performance with a great material against Borgnine who gives a gives a great performance with very limited material. Although Borgnine only has a few minutes of screen time he makes a substantial impact with his intimidating portrayal of a vicious soldier.

Best Scene: Fatso warns Maggio
Overall Rank:
  1. Robert Ryan in The Naked Spur
  2. Ernest Borgnine in From Here to Eternity
  3. John Gielgud in Julius Caesar
  4. Marlon Brando in Julius Caesar
  5. Jay Robinson in The Robe
  6. Otto Preminger in Stalag 17
  7. Lee Marvin in The Wild One
  8. Boris Karloff in A & C meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  9. Jack Palance in Shane
  10. Hans Conried in Peter Pan
  11. Richard Erdman in Stalag 17
  12. James Mason in The Desert Rats 
  13. Charles Laughton in Salome
  14. Peter Graves in Stalag 17 
  15. Millard Mitchell in The Naked Spur
  16. Lee Marvin in The Big Heat
  17. Neville Brand in Stalag 17 
  18. Ralph Meeker in The Naked Spur
  19. Gill Stratton in Stalag 17 
  20. Robinson Stone in Stalag 17
  21. William Tubbs in The Wages of Fear
  22. Sig Ruman in Stalag 17 
  23. Robert Strauss in Stalag 17
  24. Edmond O'Brien in Julius Caesar
  25. Scott Forbes in Charade
  26. Robert Newton in The Desert Rats 
  27. Bill Thompson in Peter Pan
  28. Folco Lulli in The Wages of Fear
  29. Brian Aherne in Titanic
  30. Edmund Trizcinski in Stalag 17
  31. Karl Malden in I Confess
  32. Alexander Scourby in The Big Heat
  33. Peter van Eyck in The Wages of Fear
  34. Louis Calhern in Julis Caesar
  35. Harvey Lembeck in Stalag 17
  36. Jack Warden in From Here to Eternity
  37. Adam Williams in The Big Heat
  38. Don Talor in Stalag 17
  39. Reginald Denny in A & C meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  40. Anthony Perkins in The Actress 
  41. Michael Rennie in The Robe 
  42. Tom Tully in The Moon is Blue
  43. Ward Bond in Hondo
  44. Richard Kiley in Pickup on South Street
  45. George Reeves in From Here to Eternity
  46. Elisha Cook Jr. in Shane
  47. Bela Lugosi in Glen or Glenda
  48. Brian Aherne in I Confess 
  49. Emile Meyer in Shane
  50. Ray Teal in The Wild One
  51. Richard Baseheart in Titanic
  52. Rhys Williams in Man in the Attic
  53. Ryosuke Kagawa in Ugetsu
  54. Robert Keith in The Wild One 
  55. Philip Ober in From Here to Eternity
  56. Eddie Albert in Roman Holiday
  57. Cedric Hardwicke in Salome 
  58. Donald Sinden in Magambo
  59. Harley Power in Roman Holiday
  60. Robert Wagner in Titanic
  61. Jean-Pierre Aumont in Lili
  62. Michael Pate in Hondo
  63. Alan Badel in Salome
  64. Brandon De Wilde in Shane
  65. Dean Jagger in The Robe
  66. Harcourt Williams in Roman Holiday
  67. Craig Stevens in A & C meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  68. Byron Palmer in Man in the Attic
  69. Frank Sinatra in From Here to Eternity
  70. Victor Mature in The Robe
  71. Gregory Moffett in Robot Monster
Next Year: 1967 Lead


koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Robert Blake in In Cold Blood
Sidney Poitier in In the Heat of the Night
Sidney Poitier in To Sir with Love
James Garner in Hour of the Gun
Alain Delon in Le Samoura√Į

luke higham said...

Louis: Rating & thoughts on Hans Conried in Peter Pan, Robert Ryan in The Naked Spur and James Mason in The Desert Rats

1967 Lead
Lee Marvin - The Dirty Dozen
Sidney Poitier - In The Heat Of The Night
Richard Harris - Camelot
Robert Blake/Scott Wilson -In Cold Blood
Toshiro Mifune - Samurai Rebellion

GetDonaldSutherlandAnOscar said...

Thoughts/Ratings On:
Robert Ryan in The Naked Spur
Hans Conried in Peter Pan
James Mason in The Desert Rats
Edmund Trizcinski and Harvey Lembeck in Stalag 17 (if you can't tell I'm a massive fan of this film)

As for 1967 recommendations, you gotta do Poitier. Poitier. Poitier. I have a feeling we might have a William Hurt/Raul Julia on our hands...

GetDonaldSutherlandAnOscar said...

Also I see Jack Palance has been bumped up to a 3.5! :) Any particular reason?

Anonymous said...

Robert Morse in How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

Michael McCarthy said...

Borgnine over Gielgud? Hmmmm....

Sidney Poitier-In the Heat of the Night
Robert Blake-In Cold Blood
Scott Wilson-In Cold Blood
James Garner-The Hour of the Gun
Richard Burton-The Taming of the Shrew
Dirk Bogarde-Accident
Dirk Bogarde-Our Mother's House

Also Louis, might your next visit to the 50's be 1957 Supporting? I really wanna see your review of Lancaster.

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Ooh, there are two from The Seventh Seal he could do for 57 Supporting.

Michael McCarthy said...

Ohhhh I forgot about The Seventh Seal. And then there's Lee J. Cobb in 12 Angry Men.

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Gunnar Björnstrand HAS to be reviewed for that movie.

Matt Mustin said...

Sidney Poitier in In The Heat of the Night
Sidney Poitier in To Sir, With Love
Robert Blake in In Cold Blood

GM said...

Alain Delon - The Godson
Marlon Brando - Reflections in a Golden Eye
Robert Blake - In Cold Blood
Scott Wilson - In Cold Blood
Sidney Poitier - In the Head of the Night
Toshiro Mifune - Samurai Rebellion
Tetsuro Tanba - Three Outlaw Samurai

Louis Morgan said...


Conried - 3.5(Although Peter Pan is quite an obnoxious "hero" and really most of the stuff involving the Lost Boys is pretty lame the stuff involving Hook and his true adversary the crocodile are great. Part of this is because of Conried's entertaining voice work as Hook who he manages to make particularly endearing while still menacing enough. Plus an extra bonus for doing the Darling's father like Hook but with just enough of a difference to suggest a different character still)

Ryan - 4.5(Very close to a 5. All of the Stewart/Mann westerns should have had him as the villain instead of Arthur Kennedy because Ryan shows how it is done. Ryan can play a heavy in his sleep but this is one of the best examples of it. He actually cuts back on the menace here instead he gives an incredibly charismatic portrayal of his character's casual manner and Ryan makes it completely believable the way his character manipulates almost everyone)

Mason - 3.5(Somewhat wasted as his scenes almost seemed like they were added just to let Mason do a reprisal of Rommel. He's still good as he was in The Desert Fox with an extra ounce of intimidation since this Rommel is more villainous but there's just not much here for him)


Trizcinski - 3(His performance is not much more than a cameo but the way he reads the letter and his delivery of "I believe it" is absolutely hilarious)

Lembeck - 3(I like his performance but the reason he would be fairly low in my ranking is that his attempts at comedy are always particularly obvious whereas the likes of Stratton and Ruman manage to be funnier without having to try so hard)

To be honest I was being overly critical of Palance in my original review. Although his role isn't that substantial he does a whole lot with those looks of his and he's great in both of his "prove it" scenes.

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Fun fact about Captain Hook: Walt Disney vetoed killing him off because he knew audiences liked him more than Pan.

Michael Patison said...

Robert Blake in In Cold Blood
Alain Delon in Le Samourai
Peter Finch in Far from the Madding Crowd
James Garner in Hour of the Gun
Sidney Poitier in In the Heat of the Night
Scott Wilson in In Cold Blood

Richard Burton in The Taming of the Shrew
Albert Finney in Two for the Road
Richard Harris in Camelot
Marcello Mastroianni in The Stranger
Sidney Poitier in To Sir, with Love

Michael Patison said...

Also, rating and thoughts on Karloff in ACMDJMH

Louis Morgan said...

Karloff - 4(Although it's a comedic version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Karloff does not seem to care. Although as Hyde he's mostly caught in slapstick comedy antics, but as Jekyll (who is quite evil in this version) he's actually rather chilling. He does lusty old man in quite the fiendish way and even though he's acting with a very broad comedian Karloff still brings the gravitas to his role)

Anonymous said...

Louis, what are your thoughts of Peter O'Toole in "The Night Of The Generals?

Louis Morgan said...

That's one where I really need a re-watch as I have not seen it in some time, and even then it was not in the best circumstances. I do recall his performance being a lot like the second half of his performance in The Ruling Class in a good way.