Sunday, 21 September 2014

Alternate Best Actor 1983: Results

5. Al Pacino in Scarface - The film treats too many sides of his character too thinly, but Pacino manages to give a rather effective flamboyant performance.

Best Scene: "Say Hello To My Little Friend"
4. Ken Ogata in The Ballad of Narayama - Ogata gives a very quiet but powerful portrayal of the emotions of a very stoic man.

Best Scene: It begins to snow.
3. Peter Billingsley in A Christmas Story - Billingsley's gives a very funny performance that compliments the film's narration particularly well.

Best Scene: Seeing Santa.
2. James Woods in Videodrome -Woods, as usual, gives a very energetic performance, and manages to keep a certain humanity in the film no matter how strange it gets.

Best Scene: "Long live the new flesh"
1. Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone - Christopher Walken proves once again whenever he's really challenged in a role he absolutely delivers. The challenge of his role here is technically not the complexity, his character is purposefully average in most ways, but never making his character seem simple. It's a great performance that deserves mention alongside his work in The Deer Hunter.

Best Scene: Johnny meets his old girlfriend's husband.
Overall Rank:
  1. Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone
  2. Robert Duvall in Tender Mercies
  3. Tom Courtenay in The Dresser
  4. James Woods in Videodrome
  5. Peter Billingsley in A Christmas Story
  6. Albert Finney in The Dresser
  7. Ken Ogata in The Ballad of Narayama
  8. Eddie Murphy in Trading Places
  9. Tom Cruise in Risky Business 
  10. Al Pacino in Scarface  
  11. Gene Hackman in Uncommon Valor
  12. Clint Eastwood in Sudden Impact
  13. Mel Brooks in To Be Or Not To Be
  14. Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places 
  15. Michael Caine in Educating Rita
  16. Tom Conti in Reuben, Reuben
  17. Mark Hamill in The Return of the Jedi
  18. Kevin Kline in The Pirates of Penzance
  19. Peter Riegert in Local Hero
  20. Matthew Broderick in WarGames
  21. Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again
  22. Nick Nolte in Under Fire
  23. Woody Allen in Zelig
  24. Eric Roberts in Star 80
  25. Sean Penn in Bad Boys
  26. Matt Dillon in Rumble Fish
  27. Christopher Reeve in Superman III
  28. C. Thomas Howell in The Outsiders
  29. Chevy Chase in National Lampoon's Vacation
  30. Rex Smith in The Pirates of Penzance
  31. John Travolta in Staying Alive
  32. Richard Gere in Honorary Consul
  33. Richard Pryor in Superman III
  34. Dennis Quiad in Jaws 3-D
  35. Roger Moore in Octopussy
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koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Darren McGavin in a Christmas Story
Don Ameche in Trading Places (I personally found him much funnier than Bellamy and the MVP)
Matt Dillon in The Outsiders
Mickey Rourke in Rumble Fish
Joe Pesci in Easy Money

Michael Patison said...

Ratings and thoughts on Murphy and Cruise?

For Supporting:
Brian Dennehy in Gorky Park
Ed Harris in The Right Stuff
Darren McGavin in A Christmas Story
Dennis Quaid in The Right Stuff
Mickey Rourke in Rumble Fish

Michael McCarthy said...

Darren McGavin-A Christmas Story
Ed Harris-The Right Stuff
Matt Dillon-The Outsiders
Michael Caine & Bob Hoskins-Beyond the Limit
Mickey Rourke-Rumble Fish

And finally...

Kevin Kline, Tom Berenger, William Hurt and Jeff Golblum in The Big Chill (Hurt was my personal favorite, but I think they were all great and at least deserve a view.)

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Thoughts on Eric Roberts?

JamDenTel said...

Confession time: I actually like Octopussy.

Psifonian said...

Darren McGavin, A Christmas Story
Harry Dean Stanton, Christine
Edward Fox, The Dresser
William Devane, Testament
Dabney Coleman, WarGames

Maciej said...

1.Ed Harris - The Right Stuff
2.Edward Fox - The Dresser
3.Ian McDiarmid - Return of the Jedi

Anonymous said...

Gene Hackman- Under Fire

Anonymous said...

What are your ratings and thoughts on Melinda Dillon in A Christmas Story? She's always been my winner for this year in the supporting category.

Kevin said...

Ed Harris in The Right Stuff
Darren McGavin in A Christmas Story
Edward Fox in The Dresser
Mickey Rourke in Rumble Fish

mrripley said...

I would love a review of Ian McDiarmid or Steven Bauer in Scarface.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts/ratings on the Best Actress lineup of that year? (Jane Alexander -- Testament, Meryl Streep -- Silkwood, Julie Walters -- Educating Rita), if you've seen Meryl/Jane, that is.

JackiBoyz said...

Burt Lancaster - Local Hero (One of my winning requests)
Gene Hackman - Under Fire
Jeff Daniels - Terms Of Endearment
Ed Harris - The Right Stuff
Darren Mcgavin - A Christmas Story

Anonymous said...

Ratings/thoughts on Sissy Spacek in The Straight Story?

Louis Morgan said...

Michael Patison:

Murphy - 4(This film let's Murphy just basically go at it as his character relatively simplistic. In that way this performance is quite successful as he's consistently funny here, and his improvisational style works particularly well for his con man character)

Cruise - 4(It's no surprise to learn that this was his star making performance as Cruise gives a particularly charismatic and endearing performance here. Cruise strikes up the right type of balance with his performance in showing the youthful naivety of his character throughout the film, while slowly showing a certain maturation as well)

Robert: Well what can one say about Eric Roberts's performance. I'm not quite sure what to make of it exactly. It's kinda strange to describe it but I think it is perhaps best described by Chef in South Park "You have the heart and the soul you just don't have the talent". It's a weird combination because I do think Roberts has the right approach, and there are moments of greatness there, but he just is not a good enough actor to make it all come together.

Anonymous: I believe I've given my thoughts on Dillon before, but she's a five for me and my win.

Anonymous: Haven't seen Silkwood or Testament although I'll try to get around to them.

Walters - 4(I found her performance to be consistently sweet and charming. He she made the material engaging enough even though like the film itself I never found myself loving her performance)

Spacek - 4.5(A difficult role to be sure as the particular nature of her character's speech impediment and simple nature could come off very badly. Spacek never makes it look like acting though carrying herself very naturally and investing fully into the character without ever winking to the audience. Past that though she gives a very poignant and emotionally honest performance that complements Farnsworth's performance well)