Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Alternate Best Actor 1996: Results

5. Leonard DiCaprio in Romeo and Juliet - DiCaprio does not have the language down but he does bring the right passion and enthusiasm although it is hard see through that direction.

Best Scene: Romeo's death monologue.
4. Chris Cooper in Lone Star- Cooper seems right as the quiet convicted Sheriff, but he's suppose to be uncomfortable with his job which isn't expressed very well.

Best Scene: Sam talks to his old flame.
3. Liam Neeson in Michael Collins- Collins is made to be an absolute hero here, and the film outright rejects any scenes to give a greater complexity to see him, but Neeson does bring the right power and passion to the part.

Best Scene: Collins attempts to defend the treaty.
2. Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting - McGregor gives a nicely charismatic portrayal, and meets any challenge in store for him.

Best Scene: Renton goes Cold Turkey
1. Kenneth Branagh in Hamlet - Although I was skeptical about Branagh approach to the prince of Denmark, he successfully won me over with his flamboyant portrayal of Hamlet. He creates an understanding in the insanity, but as well brings his performance down when needed and to great effect. For the overall win it came down to the men whose plan goes horribly wrong, I decided to go with the car salesman.

Best Scene: The duel.
Overall Rank:
  1. William H. Macy in Fargo
  2. Kenneth Branagh in Hamlet
  3. Timothy Spall in Secrets & Lies
  4. James Woods in Killer: A Journal of Murder 
  5. Daniel Day-Lewis in The Crucible 
  6. Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting
  7. Liam Neeson in Michael Collins
  8. Matthew McConaughey in A Time to Kill
  9. Mel Gibson in Ransom
  10. Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire
  11. Ralph Fiennes in The English Patient
  12. Noah Taylor in Shine 
  13. Luke Wilson in Bottle Rocket 
  14. Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor
  15. Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: First Contact
  16. Tom Hulce in The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  17. Richard Gere in Primal Fear
  18. Owen Wilson in Bottle Rocket
  19. Stanley Tucci in Big Night
  20. Nathan Lane in The Birdcage 
  21. Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible
  22. Tom Everett Scott in That Thing You Do 
  23. Jon Favreau in Swingers
  24. Tony Shalhoub in Big Night
  25. Geoffrey Rush in Shine
  26. Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade
  27. Michael J. Fox in The Frighteners
  28. John Travolta in Phenomenon
  29. Antonio Banderas in Evita
  30. Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy
  31. Sean Connery in The Rock
  32. Woody Harrelson in Kingpin
  33. Sean Connery in Dragonheart
  34. Michael Keaton in Multiplicity
  35. Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore
  36. Dennis Quiad in Dragonheart
  37. Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Eraser  
  38. Chris Cooper in Lone Star
  39. Bill Murray in Larger Than Life 
  40. Joseph Perrino in Sleepers
  41. Robin Williams in The Birdcage
  42. Nicolas Cage in The Rock
  43. Leonardo DiCaprio in Romeo + Juliet 
  44. Bill Pullman in Independence Day
  45. Jason Patric in Sleepers
  46. Val Kilmer in The Ghost and the Darkness 
  47. Steve Martin in Sgt. Bilko
  48. Randy Quaid in Kingpin
  49. Blake Heron in Shiloh
  50. Sylvester Stallone in Daylight
  51. Will Smith in Independence Day
  52. Woody Harrelson in The People vs. Larry Flynt
  53. Bill Paxton in Twister
  54. Chris Farley in Black Sheep
  55. Leslie Nielsen in Spy Hard 
  56. Kelsey Grammer in Down Periscope
  57. Jack Nicholson in Mars Attacks!
  58. Keanu Reeves in Chain Reaction
  59. Vincent Kartheiser in Alaska
  60. Alec Baldwin in Ghosts of Mississippi
  61. Jon Lovitz in High School High
  62. David Spade in Black Sheep
  63. Matthew Broderick in The Cable Guy
  64. Robin Williams in Jack
  65. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All The Way
  66. Tom Arnold in The Stupids
  67. Sinbad in First Kid
  68. Jeffrey Nording in D3
  69. Billy Zane in The Phantom
  70. Robert Sean Leonard in Killer: A Journal of Murder
  71. Joshua Jackson in D3
  72. Jason Alexander in Dunston Checks In 
  73. Brock Pierce in First Kid
  74. Francis Capra in Kazaam 
  75. Michael Jordan in Space Jam
  76. Shaquille O'Neal in Kazaam
  77. Eric Lloyd in Dunston Checks In
  78. Stephen Baldwin in Bio-Dome
  79. Pauly Shore in Bio-Dome
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Matt Mustin said...

Supporting 96:
Steve Buscemi in Fargo
Robert Carlyle in Trainspotting
Derek Jacobi Hamlet
Samuel L. Jackson in A Time to Kill
Matthew McConaughey in Lone Star

Anonymous said...

Fargo guys for sure.

Anonymous said...

Fargo guys
Gene Hackman- The Birdcage
Paul Scofield- The Crucible
Pete Postlethwaite- Brassed Off

Michael McCarthy said...

Steve Buscemi-Fargo
Derek Jacobi-Hamlet
Paul Scofield-The Crucible
Gene Hackman-The Birdcage
Leonardo DiCaprio-Marvin's Room
Also maybe someone from My Fellow Americans?

Michael McCarthy said...

Also, what were your rating and thoughts for James Woods?

Matt Mustin said...

Actually, I'm gonna swap out McConaughey for either Hackman in The Birdcage or Scofield in The Crucible.

Kevin said...

Steve Buscemi - Fargo
Robert Carlyle - Trainspotting
Derek Jacobi - Hamlet
Skeet Ulrich - Scream
Matthew McConaughey - Lone Star
Samuel L Jackson - A Time to Kill

Kevin said...

Oh yeah and Peter Stormare in Fargo

And what are your ratings and thoughts on Matthew McConaughey in A Time to Kill?

RatedRStar said...

Robert Carlyle - Trainspotting
Francis Ng - Young and Dangerous
Skeet Ulrich - Scream
Steve Buscemi - Fargo
Matthew McConaughey - Lone Star

luke higham said...

Louis: your ratings & thoughts on:

James Woods in Killer: A Journal of Murder
Mel Gibson in Ransom
Noah Taylor in Shine
Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor
Connery, Quaid, Postlethwaite & Thewlis in Dragonheart.
Tom Hulce in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Anonymous said...

Ranom , but add Dave Chappel for The Nutty Professor LOL.

luke higham said...

Robert Carlyle - Trainspotting
Derek Jacobi - Hamlet
Steve Buscemi - Fargo
Paul Scofield - The Crucible
Gene Hackman - The Birdcage

Anyone from Scream

Maciej said...

Timothy Spall - Secrets and Lies
Paul Scofield - The Crucible
Edward Norton - The People vs. Larry Flynt
Steve Buscemi - Fargo
Robert Carlyle - Trainspotting

luke higham said...

Louis: I would like to ask on whether you've seen Rescue Dawn and will Christian Bale be in Consideration for 2007 Lead.

Louis Morgan said...

Luke: Yes I've seen Rescue Dawn and Bale certainly will be considered that year.

Michael Patison said...

I really don't have anybody to add for Supporting that hasn't already been mwntioned

Michael Patison said...

Ratings and thoughts on Day-Lewis.

luke higham said...

Here is Louis's Comment on the lineup page

Day-Lewis - 4.5(Although the adaptation is probably too by the books Day-Lewis really brings a great conviction to the part as always, and I found his performance properly moving and powerful)

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Harry Belafonte in Kansas City (You HAVE to review him. The idea of him playing a cold, malicious kingpin is too good to pass up)
Steve Buscemi in Fargo
Robert Carlyle in Trainspotting
Tony Jay in Hunchback of Notre Damme
Skeet Ulrich in Scream

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Wait, you didn't think McConaughey's final speech wasn't undercut by, I don't know, the completely myopic an veiled racist implications of it?

Louis Morgan said...

It's funny that you mention that, as I was originally going to write:

"Although I did not care for the film, McConaughey does gives an appropriately passionate performance, and delivery of the summation at end of the film is particularly effective, although the writing behind the summation is more than a little questionable"

I didn't because that's hardly McConaughey's fault.

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Fair enough.

joe burns said...

Want to see Branagh because I'm beginning to really like Shakespeare!!

Louis Morgan said...

Michael McCarthy:

Woods - 4.5(He's in a truly awful film, but he gives a disturbing and searing portrayal of a vicious killer who wants to die. I only wish a better film had been made around his performance.)


McConaughey - 4(Although I did not care for the film, McConaughey does gives an appropriately passionate performance, and delivery of the summation at end of the film is particularly effective)


Gibson - 4(Really knows how to say "Gimme Back My Son". Anyway very solid if simple leading turn by him)

Taylor - 4(He very much got the shaft when it came to acclaim for the film as Rush's performance probably would not have worked if it was not for Taylor. Rush gets to Helfgott when he becomes basically one note, Taylor is the one who earns by effectively showing how Helfgott got to that point)

Murphy - 4(One of his best performances. He's actually brings a lot of honest warmth when he's the fat Sherman, then he really quite entertaining when he is the sleazy Buddy Love or one of the other Klump family members)

Connery - 3(It's all about being "The Last One", but his voice definitely fits being a dragon)

Quaid - 3(In conception he seems very miscast as a knight, but he actually does a pretty decent job of being the hero)

Thewlis - 2(Over the top but not in a good a way)

Postlethwaite - 3(Over the top, but in an endearing sort of way)