Friday, 15 November 2013

Alternate Best Supporting Actor 2000: Results

5. Billy Crudup in Almost Famous- Crudup gives a good performance by showing both the good and the bad qualities which make a rock star.

Best Scene: Russell takes William to a party.
4. Joe Pantoliano in Memento- Pantoliano unfortunately overacts a bit, but he makes up for much of it by giving a complex portrayal of a man who knows much more than what he says he knows.

Best Scene: Teddy tells Leonard the truth.
3. Oliver Reed in Gladiator- Reed gives a compelling performance as a former gladiator champion although his performance is weakened by the fact that it remains an unfinished work.

Best Scene: Proximo tells Maximus how he achieved his freedom.
2. Takeshi Kitano in Battle Royale- Takeshi Kitano gives an effective turn by being the evil teacher he should be, but as well by showing why this man has come to be this way.

Best Scene: Kitano reveals his dream.
1. Jason Isaacs in The Patriot- This part asks one thing of Isaacs which is to be evil, and boy is he. Isaacs gives a striking performance by being unrelenting in his portrayal of the sadism of his character, while never once using the nature of his character as an excuse to overact.

Best Scene: Gabriel's attack on the dragoons.
Overall Rank:
  1. Malcolm McDowell in Gangster No. 1
  2. Jason Isaacs in The Patriot
  3. Takeshi Kitano in Battle Royale
  4. Oliver Reed in Gladiator
  5. Stephen Tobolowsky in Memento 
  6. Benicio Del Toro in Traffic
  7. Tim Blake Nelson in O Brother Where Art Thou?
  8. Philip Seymour Hoffman in Almost Famous
  9. Michael Douglas in Traffic 
  10. Joe Pantoliano in Memento
  11. Billy Crudup in Almost Famous
  12. Taro Yamamoto in Battle Royale
  13. Eddie Marsan in Gangster No. 1
  14. Don Cheadle in Traffic
  15. David Thewlis in Gangster No. 1
  16. Sousuke Takaoka in Battle Royale 
  17. Larry Holden in Memento
  18. John Turturro in O Brother Where Art Thou?
  19. Jeffrey Wright in Shaft
  20. Heath Ledger in The Patriot
  21. Gary Oldman in The Contender 
  22. John Goodman in O Brother Where Art Thou?
  23. Chris Cooper in The Patriot
  24. Takashi Tsukamoto in Battle Royale
  25. Richard Harris in Gladiator
  26. Michael Badalucco in O Brother Where Art Thou?
  27. Christian Bale in Shaft
  28. Charles Durning in O Brother Where Art Thou?
  29. Michael Caine in Quills
  30. Robert Downey Jr. in Wonder Boys
  31. Steven Culp in Thirteen Days
  32. Daniel Van Bargen in O Brother Where Art Thou?
  33. Masnobu Ando in Battle Royale 
  34. Tom Wilkinson in The Patriot 
  35. Gary Lewis in Billy Elliot
  36. Kevin Conway in Thirteen Days
  37. Miguel Ferrer in Traffic
  38. Frank Wood in Thirteen Days
  39. Gene Hackman in The Replacements
  40. Robert Duvall in The 6th Day
  41. René Auberjonois in The Patriot
  42. Dylan Baker in Thirteen Days 
  43. Don Cheadle in Mission to Mars 
  44. Bruce Davison in X-Men
  45. Willem Dafoe in American Psycho
  46. David Hemmings in Gladiator
  47. Ian McKellen in X-Men
  48. Tchéky Karyo in The Patriot
  49. Ray Park in X-Men 
  50. Dennis Quaid in Traffic 
  51. Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator
  52. Udo Kier in Shadow of the Vampire
  53. Patrick Stewart in X-Men
  54. Terence Stamp in Red Planet
  55. Will Patton in Remember the Titans
  56. Albert Finney in Erin Brockovich
  57. Luis Guzman in Traffic
  58. Djimon Honsou in Gladiator 
  59. Leon Rippy in The Patriot
  60. Jeff Bridges in The Contender
  61. Noah Taylor in Almost Famous 
  62. Giovanni Ribsi in Gone in 60 Seconds
  63. Derek Jacobi in Gladiator 
  64. James Brolin in Traffic
  65. Jack Lemmon in The Legend of Beggar Vance 
  66. David Paymer in Bait
  67. Mark Boone Junior in Memento
  68. Paul Giamatti in Big Momma's House
  69. Peter Woodward in The Patriot
  70. Xander Berkeley in Shanghai Noon
  71. Albert Finney in Traffic
  72. David Morse in Bait 
  73. Owen Wilson in Meet the Parents
  74. Eddie Izzard in Shadow of the Vampire
  75. Donnie Yen in Highlander Endgame 
  76. James Mardsen in X-Men
  77. Sam Elliot in The Contender
  78. Michael Clarke Duncan in The Whole Nine Yards
  79. Roger Yuan in Shanghai Noon
  80. Change Chen in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  81. James Rebhorn in Meet the Parents 
  82. Adam Baldwin in The Patriot 
  83. Kevin Pollak in The Whole Nine Yards
  84. Carey Elwes in Shadow of the Vampire
  85. Topher Grace in Traffic
  86. Joey D. Vieira in The Patriot 
  87. Christian Slater in The Contender
  88. Jay Arlen Jones in The Patriot
  89. Tom Sizemore in Red Planet 
  90. Tobey Maguire in Wonder Boys
  91. Johnny Depp in Before Night Falls 
  92. Donal Logue in The Patriot 
  93. Johnny Depp in Chocolat
  94. Aaron Eckhart in Erin Brockovich
  95. Jason Lee in Almost Famous
  96. Doug Hutchison in Bait
  97. Gregory Smith in The Patriot
  98. Orland Jones in Bedazzled
  99. Christopher Eccleston in Gone in 60 Seconds
  100. Jerry O'Connell in Mission to Mars
  101. Rainn Wilson in Almost Famous
  102. Toby Huss in Bedazzled
  103. Will Smith in The Legend of Beggar Vance
  104. Shawn Ashmore in X-Men
  105. The Cast of The Grinch
  106. Larry Miller in The Nutty Professor II
  107. John Ales in The Nutty Professor II
  108. Cast of Little Nicky
  109. Cast of Road Trip
  110. Tyler Mane in X-Men 
  111. Forest Whitaker in Battlefield Earth
  112. Bruce Payne in Highlander Endgame
Next Year: 1981 Lead


RatedRStar said...

William Hurt - Body Heat
Mel Gibson - Galipoli (he was requested by someone)
Jurgen Prochnow - Das Boot (he was requested by someone)
Albert Brooks - Modern Romance
Klaus Maria Brandauer - Mephisto

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Hm, 1981 Lead possibilities...

Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Arc
Mel Gibson in Gallipoli
James Caan in Thief
Jürgen Prochnow in Das Boot
John Travolta in Blow Out
William Hurt in Body Heat
Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory in My Dinner with Andre (do these count as performances?)

Anonymous said...

what did you make of Masnodbu Ando and Taro Yamamoto in Battle Royale?

Michael Patison said...

Actually kind of surprised this wasn't Reed's win given your reviews. As for 1981, will you be doing another 5 even though you've already done Hoskins?

For 1981:
Mel Gibson in Gallipoli
Mark Lee in Gallipoli
Jürgen Prochnow in Das Boot
Ben Cross in Chariots of Fire
Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Fire

RatedRStar said...

Im gonna be rooting for Dudley Moore to keep his win, I thought he was amazing.

Matt Mustin said...

Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark
Mel Gibson in Gallipoli
Ben Cross in Chariots of Fire
Ian Charleson in Chariots of Fire
James Caan in Thief

RatedRStar said...

Mel Gibson - Galipoli
Mark Lee - Galipoli
Harrison Ford - Raiders Of The Lost Ark
William Hurt - Body Heat
Albert Brooks - Modern Romance

RatedRStar said...

I think Ford was actually better than I remember

JackiBoyz said...

Mel Gibson in Galipoli
William Hurt in Body Heat
Ben Cross in Chariots Of Fire
Ian Charleson in Chariots Of Fire
Albert Brooks in Modern Romance

Louis Morgan said...

Anonymous: Masnodbu Ando's performance was fine, but I think what made him a great villain was the direction. The music that played whenever he was around was awesome.

Taro Yamamoto was quite good in being one of the few comforting factors in film.

Michael Patison: He probably would be if his performance was complete.

I'll do another five since this year has so many contenders.

Michael Patison said...

I forgot:
William Hurt in Body Heat
Albert Brooks in Modern Romance

Lezlie said...


Please consider Harrison Ford and Klaus Maria Brandauer!

Maciej said...

1. Harrison Ford - Raiders Of The Lost Ark
2. Mel Gibson - Gallipoli
3. Steve Martin - Pennies from Heaven
4. William Hurt - Body Heat
5. Treat Williams - Prince of the City

mrripley said...

richard dreyfuss whose life is it anyway or james caan in thief.

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Wait, Round 1 and round 2? Sweet. You should do this for 2004 and 2009 Lead too.

Michael McCarthy said...

Mel Gibson-Gallipoli
Ian Charleston-Chariots of Fire
Ben Cross-Chariots of Fire
Jurgen Prochnow-Das Boot
Jeff Bridges-Cutter's Way
John Heard-Cutter's Way

Psifonian said...

Gibson needs to demolish this year. All I'm sayin'.

Anonymous said...

he wont demolish the year though, that's quite disrespectful to the other nominees lol like your saying they aren't in the same league.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Bridges- Cutter's way
John Travolta- Blow Out