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Alternate Best Supporting Actor 1987: Results

6. Robert De Niro in Angel Heart- De Niro being the weakest of this bunch doesn't really say much of anything as he gives a very eerie turn as the ultimate evil.

Best Scene: Cyphre prepares an egg for consumption.
5. Vincent D'Onofrio in Full Metal Jacket- D'Onofrio gives a great performance first being rather moving as man not capable enough in the rough boot camp, then downright terrifying once he gets into the swing of things.

Best Scene: Late at night in the latrine.
4. Dennis Hopper in River's Edge- Hopper gives a cohesive portrait of a complex man and despite playing a drug dealer murderer somehow becomes the moral center of the film.

Best Scene: Feck's confession. 
3. R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket- Ermey gives a relentlessly brutal as well as slyly satirical performance as the drill sergeant that would make an average drill sergeant squirm.

Best Scene: Hartman's introduction.
2. Richard Dawson in The Running Man- Richard Dawson turns his work on Family Feud askew brilliantly in making a menacing and entertaining 80's action movie villain who steals his film without question.

Best Scene: "Only in a Rerun"
1. Mandy Patinkin in The Princess Bride- This year is one of the all time greats for supporting performances that goes even beyond the six I reviewed here and the fairly solid line up offered by the academy. My favorite performance from the year though has to go to Mandy Patinkin's extremely endearing, very funny, and even quite moving portrayal of Ingio Montoya.

Best Scene: "Hello my name is Inigo Montoya you killed my father prepare to die."
Overall Rank:
  1. Mandy Patinkin in The Princess Bride
  2. Richard Dawson in The Running Man
  3. Morgan Freeman in Street Smart
  4. R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket
  5. Alec Guinness in Little Dorrit
  6. Dennis Hopper in River's Edge
  7. Vincent D'Onofrio in Full Metal Jacket
  8. Robert De Niro in Angel Heart
  9. Peter Falk in Wings of Desire
  10. Peter O'Toole in The Last Emperor
  11. Daniel Roebuck in River's Edge
  12. George Wyner in Spaceballs
  13. Kurtwood Smith in Robocop
  14. Will Patton in No Way Out
  15. David Strathairn in Matewan
  16. Christopher Guest in The Princess Bride 
  17. Andre The Giant in The Princess Bride 
  18. Ying Ruocheng in The Last Emperor
  19. Chris Sarandon in The Princess Bride
  20. James Earl Jones in Matewan
  21. Wallace Shawn in The Princess Bride
  22. Ian Bannen in Hope and Glory
  23. Vincent Gardenia in Moonstruck
  24. Bob Gunton in Matewan
  25. Billy Crystal in The Princess Bride
  26. Denzel Washington in Cry Freedom
  27. Gene Hackman in No Way Out
  28. John Goodman in Raising Arizona 
  29. Mel Smith in The Princess Bride
  30. Erik King in Street Smart
  31. Danny Aiello in Moonstruck
  32. John Malkovich in Empire of the Sun
  33. Robert Prosky in Broadcast News
  34. Mel Brooks in Spaceballs
  35. Tom Waits in Ironweed
  36. John Candy in Spaceballs 
  37. Peter Falk in The Princess Bride 
  38. Kiefer Sutherland in The Lost Boys
  39. William Forsythe in Raising Arizona
  40. Gary Busey in Lethal Weapon
  41. Forest Whitaker in Good Morning, Vietnam
  42. Dick Van Patten in Spaceballs
  43. Ronny Cox in RoboCop
  44. Jack Nicholson in Broadcast News
  45. Hal Holbrook in Wall Street
  46. Miguel Ferrer in Robocop 
  47. Bill Duke in Predator 
  48. Bruno Kirby in Good Morning, Vietnam
  49. John Mahoney in Moonstruck
  50. Barnard Hughes in The Lost Boys
  51. Robert Englund in Nightmare on Elm Street 3
  52. Gene Hackman in Superman IV  
  53. Corey Feldman in The Lost Boys
  54. Sean Connery in The Untouchables
  55. Otto Sander in Wings of Desire
  56. J.C. Quinn in Barfly 
  57. Yaphet Kotto in The Running Man 
  58. Fred Gwynne in Ironweed
  59. Andy Garcia in The Untouchables
  60. Nigel Havers in Empire of the Sun
  61. J.T. Walsh in Good Morning Vietnam
  62. Dean Stockwell in Beverly Hills Cop 2
  63. Joshua John Miller in River's Edge
  64. Robert De Niro in The Untouchables
  65. John Rhys-Davies in The Living Daylights 
  66. Victor Wong in The Last Emperor
  67. Judge Reinhold in Beverly Hills Cop 2
  68. Mick Fleetwood in The Running Man
  69. Terence Stamp in Wall Street
  70. Carl Weathers Predator 
  71. John Ashton in Beverly Hills Cop 2
  72. Noble Willingham in Good Morning, Vietnam
  73. Trey Wilson in Raising Arizona
  74. Brownie McGhee in Angel Heart
  75. Michael O'Keefe in Ironweed 
  76. Arliss Howard in Full Metal Jacket
  77. Martin Sheen in Wall Street
  78. Dann Florek in Angel Heart
  79. Billy Drago in The Untouchables
  80. Joe Don Baker in The Living Daylights 
  81. John C. McGinley in Wall Street
  82. Kurt Fuller in The Running Man
  83. Randall Cobb in Raising Arizona
  84. Charles Martin Smith in The Untouchables
  85. Fred Savage in The Princess Bride
  86. Will Oldham in Matewan
  87. Christopher Connelly in Strike Commando
  88. Andreas Wisniewski in The Living Daylights
  89. Wallace Shawn in Prick Up Your Ears  
  90. Jeroen Krabbe in The Living Daylights
  91. Jesse Ventura in The Running Man
  92. Frank Stallone in Barfly
  93. Jay Patterson in Street Smart
  94. Marvin J. McIntyre in The Running Man
  95. Sam McMurray in Raising Arizona
  96. Jim Metzler in River's Edge
  97. Andre Gregory in Street Smart
  98. David Hayman in Hope and Glory
  99. Jesse Ventura in Predator
  100. Alex Vitale in Strike Commando
  101. Jon Cryer in Superman IV
Next Year: 1978 Lead


koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

1978 Lead? I'm drawing a blank. Supporting I can list quite a few.

Michael McCarthy said...

Great list! I wasn't too far off, my only problem was overestimating De Niro. I'm also glad Morgan Freeman stayed in top 5 and that Falk, O'Toole and Patton ranked as high as they did.

As far as 1978 lead, all I can think of is maybe Richard Gere in Days of Heaven.

Michael Patison said...

I honestly don't have very many even halfway-decent recommendations. Here's a few:
John Belushi in Animal House
Richard Gere in Days of Heaven
Anthony Hopkins in Magic
John Travolta in Grease

Mark said...

I guess just for fun Christopher Reeve in Superman.
And Louis, I'm going to assume you're not a big fan of The Untouchables?

Louis Morgan said...

Mark: Actually I quite enjoy the action scenes and I love the score. A much better film could have been made around those actions scenes though.

Elliot Ness could have been far more like he was in real life and Mel Gibson or Harrison Ford would have been much better casting choices.

De Niro could have been actually used rather then having his one baseball bat scene then otherwise leaving me to question why they even cast De Niro.

Also Connery should have played a Scottish cop, or if he had to be Irish I think Richard Harris could have killed it in that part.

Mark said...

I do agree the Irish accent was pretty bad. And Harrison Ford as Eliot Ness does make me smile at what could've been. I do still really like the movie.

Psifonian said...

Excellent! My top two matched!

My 1978 leading boys:

Peter Ustinov – Death on the Nile
Donald Pleasance – Halloween
Richard Gere – Days of Heaven
Gregory Peck – The Boys from Brazil
Donald Sutherland – Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Anonymous said...

Anthony Hopkins in Magic
Gregory Peck in The Boys from Brazil
Harvey Keitel in Fingers
Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

Shit, COMPLETELY forgot Hopkins in Magic and Pleasance in Halloween. I don't know why all of you are requesting Gere, though. That's one of the few times I actually agree with the Malick naysayers that his actors are little more than meat-puppets. The only one of the cast who can even be considered is Sam Sheppard for Supporting.

Michael Patison said...

I didn't even think about Pleasence either. I also agree about Gere. I only put him because I wasn't putting Reeve in and had nobody else. I agree about Shepard as well.

Anonymous said...

Dustin Hoffman- Straight Time
Christopher Reeve- Superman
Anthony Hopkins- Magic

Anonymous said...

Cant believe people have forgotten one of Dustin Hoffman's best performances in Straight Time.

Maciej said...

Richard Gere - Days of Heaven
Gregory Peck - The Boys from Brazil
Anthony Hopkins - Magic

And I completely can't think of anyone else. Well, with the exception of Brad Davis in Midnight Express, but he was (in my opinion at least) really bad... Still, it would be nice to see Louis review a bad performance every once in a while.

Kevin said...

Christopher Reeve in Superman
Donald Sutherland in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (one of the best horror films ever)
John Travolta in Grease
Anthony Hopkins in Magic

mrripley said...

Hoffman has to be included.

RatedRStar said...

Richard Gere - Days Of Heaven
Peter Ustinov - Death On The Nile
Gregory Peck - The Boys From Brazil
Anthony Hopkins - Magic
Dustin Hoffman - Straight Time

Brad Davis was terrible, Midnight Express I think is one of the most dull and lifeless films ever, Richard Burton was really bad as well in The Medusa Touch lol.