Saturday, 2 February 2013

Alternate Best Supporting Actor 1973: Results

5. Max von Sydow in The Exorcist- Sydow has a limited role but properly gives the weight and power to his role.

Best Scene: Father Merrin sees the demonic statue in the desert. 
4. Edward G. Robinson in Soylent Green- His film is not much but Robinson gives a heartfelt performance that brings dramatic weight to a film sorely lacking in it otherwise.

Best Scene: Sol's euthanasia scene.
3. Robert De Niro in Mean Streets- De Niro gives an effectively manic performance that infuses a childlike enthusiasm that works perfectly for the part.

Best Scene: Johnny Boy threatens the man he owes money to. 
2. Robert Ryan in The Iceman Cometh- Ryan gives a powerful performance piercing through the film by realizing his character's cynicism brilliantly by always managing to show that this comes from his broken dreams.

Best Scene: Larry's final speech. 
1. Robert Shaw in The Sting- Good Prediction Lezlie. This was a difficult choice to make as Ryan and Shaw are both incredible Ryan realizing his complex character brilliantly, but Shaw making so much out of a part that is so little. For the moment the win goes to Shaw showing why he is my favorite supporting actor ever tearing into scenes with such conviction, and giving a striking villianous turn.

Best Scene: "The name's Lonnegan Doyle Lonnegan you're gonna remember that name."
Overall Rank:
  1. Robert Shaw in The Sting
  2. Robert Ryan in The Iceman Cometh
  3. Robert De Niro in Mean Streets
  4. Edward G. Robinson in Soylent Green
  5. Richard Jordan in The Friends of Eddie Coyle
  6. Cyril Cusack in The Homecoming
  7. Christopher Lee in The Wicker Man
  8. Sterling Hayden in The Long Goodbye
  9. Max von Sydow in The Exorcist 
  10. Ian Bannen in The Offence
  11. Mark Rydell in The Long Goodbye
  12. Harold Gould in The Sting
  13. Peter Boyle in The Friends of Eddie Coyle
  14. Hal Holbrook in Magnum Force
  15. Michael Jayston in The Homecoming
  16. Michael Lonsdale in The Day of the Jackal
  17. Jeff Bridges in The Iceman Cometh
  18. Yul Brynner in Westworld 
  19. Bob Bingham in Jesus Christ Superstar
  20. Kurt Yaghjian in Jesus Christ Superstar  
  21. Jean-Pierre Leaud in Day For Night
  22. Robert De Niro in Bang the Drum Slowly
  23. Charles Durning in The Sting 
  24. Barry Dennen in Jesus Christ Superstar 
  25. Lee J. Cobb in The Exorcist 
  26. Henry Gibson in The Long Goodbye
  27. Peter Ustinov in Robin Hood  
  28. Richard Dreyfuss in American Graffiti
  29. Alex Rocco in The Friends of Eddie Coyle 
  30. Trevor Howard in The Offence
  31. Peter Egan in The Hireling
  32. Paul Sorvino in A Touch of Class
  33. Francois Truffaut in Day For Night
  34. James Mason in The Mackintosh Man 
  35. Paul Le Mat in American Graffiti
  36. Steven Keats in The Friends of Eddie Coyle
  37. Eiji Okada in Lady Snowblood
  38. Yaphet Kotto in Live and Let Die  
  39. Fredric March in The Iceman Cometh
  40. Vincent Gardenia in Bang the Drum Slowly 
  41. Lee Marvin in The Iceman Cometh 
  42. Charles Martin Smith in American Graffiti
  43. Ian Bannen in The Mackintosh Man
  44. Ray Walston in The Sting 
  45. Eli Wallach in Cinderella Liberty
  46. Tony Roberts in Serpico 
  47. Otis Young in The Last Detail
  48. Randy Quaid in The Last Detail 
  49. Robert Earl Jones in The Sting
  50. John Houseman in The Paper Chase 
  51. John Hillerman in Paper Moon
  52. Richard Romanus in Mean Streets
  53. Joe Don Baker in Charley Varrick 
  54. Larry Marshall in Jesus Christ Superstar
  55. Jack Gilford in Save the Tiger 
  56. Charles Durning in Sisters 
  57. Phil Harris in Robin Hood
  58. Geoffrey Holder in Live and Let Die
  59. Philip Toubus in Jesus Christ Superstar
  60. William O'Malley in The Exorcist 
  61. Charles Tyner in Emperor of the North Pole
  62. John Vernon in Charley Varrick
  63. Bob Dylan in Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid 
  64. Ernest Borgnine in Emperor of the North Pole
  65. William Finley in Sisters
  66. Andy Robinson in Charley Varrick
  67. James Brolin in Westworld 
  68. Don Gordon in Papillon
  69. Billy Curtis in High Plains Drifter
  70. Juan Margallo in The Spirit of the Beehive
  71. Toshio Kurosawa in Lady Snowblood
  72. Josh Mostel in Jesus Christ Superstar
  73. Jack MacGowran in The Exorcist
  74. Harry Andrews in The Mackintosh Man
  75. Ko Nishimura in Lady Snowblood 
  76. Randy Quaid in Paper Moon
  77. Ron Howard in American Graffiti
  78. Leo McKern in Massacre in Rome
  79. Robert Deman in Papillon
  80. Burt Young in Cinderella Liberty
  81. Shih Kien in Enter the Dragon
  82. Alan Oppenheimer in Westworld
  83. Julius Harris in Live and Let Die 
  84. Tony Lo Bianco in The Seven-Ups 
  85. Kirk Calloway in Cinderella Liberty
  86. John Saxon in Enter the Dragon
  87. Graham Beckel in The Paper Chase
  88. Steve Franken in Westworld 
  89. Bradford Dilman in The Way We Were 
  90. Jim Kelly in Enter the Dragon
  91. Clifton James in Live and Let Die
  92. Renato Salvatori in A Brief Vacation


RatedRStar said...

theres no next year, does that mean that Joaquin and Phillip Seymour Hoffman are next for The Master.

Louis Morgan said...

You can probably guess that.

RatedRStar said...

there should be a drum roll or a countdown lol =D since I imagine there will be a lot of bickering and disagreements on this blog when they are posted lol =D

Mark said...

If you had kept Jason Miller in Supporting, where would he have been ranked?

dinasztie said...

Shaw is indeed excellent in The Sting. That man was cheated out of a couple of well-deserved Oscar nods, like this one, Jaws and From Russia with Love, just to name a few.

I can't wait to see your thoughts on The Master guys! :)

Louis Morgan said...

Mark: He would probably be number one, but he's definitely lead for me.