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Alternate Supporting Actor 1947: Ranking

 The simple truth about this year is that there are not a great deal of performances that really stick out that need to be nominated. The lead performances just stand out with far more strength than the supporting ones. Even in a film like Odd Man Out, which has a solid supporting cast none of the supporting players hold attention nearly as well as James Mason's lead performance. That is the case for almost every film this year. I will instead just do five short reviews of some fairly random performances, since this year in film there just are not a great deal of supporting performances that stick out as something that really must be reviewed.

Kirk Douglas in Out of Past- Douglas gives an an appropriately devious performance as the film villain. He has a great deal of fun when his character is in control of the situation, but he dials it back properly when he is not. This is not on the level of Richard Widmark's work from this year, since Douglas is not in the film all that much. It is an effectively handled slimy characterization though, and Douglas adds a great deal to his film with his presence. 4/5

F.J. McCormick in Odd Man Out- Odd Man Out has a great deal of fine performances from Robert Newton as a lunatic painter to Robert Beatty's loyal man who tries to help the injured IRA operative Johnny McQueen (James Mason). My favorite though is with McCormick as a slightly daffy bird keeper who tries to profit from finding the operative, but is quite in over his head in the whole affair. McCormick gives a enjoyable performance, that lights up the latter half right when the film needs it. He is quite a bit of fun, and is an effortless comic relief. He also quite effectively brings about a conscious in his character even if it is hasty, McCormick believably handles it. In fact he eventually almost becomes a moral compass of all his own as he sees where the story goes. McCormick's final reactions to end are particularly moving, and powerfully handled. He frankly makes far far more out of his part than really ever seemed required of him. 4/5
Gene Lockhart in Miracle on 34th Street- Gene Lockhart is quite enjoyable in this film as the judge who presides over the trial to prove whether Kris Kringle (Edmund Gwenn) is Santa Clause or not. His motivation almost entirely comes form his election prospects which he is reminded of constantly by his political manager (William Frawley, doing his usual thing but doing it well). Lockhart's reactions throughout the trail scenes are quite enjoyable, and I particularly enjoy his direct conversations both verbal and non verbal with Frawley's character. This is a nice enjoyable part of the film that is appropriately entertaining. 3.5/5
David Farrar in Black Narcissus- Farrar's character in this film acts as a temptation for the Nuns who have recently come to the Himalayas. Farrar's performance is appropriately virile in his own way, and he makes the problems that develop because of him believable. The main reason for this is that a coldness perpetuates within his performance, though as he both seems to encourage as well as discourage Nuns to have interest in him at the same time. He is not incredible but he serves his function well within the film. 3/5

Charles Coburn and Charles Laughton in The Paradine Case- The Paradine Case is not a very remembered Alfred Hitchcock thriller for a reason. It is rather poorly handled, the leading performance by Gregory Peck does not carry enough of an internal conflict necessary for the film. There is some of Hitchcock's trademark directorial flair but not enough to make up for the lackluster story. The film does have two great character actors in it, Charles Coburn and Laughton who besides sharing a first name also share similar ability to steal scenes through their witty styles. I would say though that Coburn always comes off as a much warmer personality, and Laughton as a colder one. In this film Coburn is the legal adviser for Peck's character. Coburn is his usually charming self, and does his best to add some life to the proceedings. Although he does not save the film he successfully steals all the scenes from Peck that he is given the chance to effectively bringing to life the great legal mind his character is suppose to be. Laughton is given an odd role in that he has a subplot that is bizarre and really does not go anywhere about his character seeming disinterested with everything. Laughton tries to do something with his part, and with his natural charisma does his best, but unfortuantely nothing really comes from the part due to the bizarre requirements of it. Coburn 3.5/5, Laughton 2.5/5

Overall Rank:
  1. Louis Jouvet in Quai des Orfèvres
  2. Richard Widmark in Kiss of Death
  3. Toshiro Mifune in Snow Trail 
  4. Walter Slezak in Born to Kill
  5. Kirk Douglas in Out of the Past
  6. F.J. McCormick in Odd Man Out
  7. Robert Ryan in Crossfire
  8. William Hartnell in Brighton Rock
  9. Hume Cronyn in in Brute Force 
  10. Everett Sloane in The Lady From Shanghai
  11. Thomas Gomez in Ride the Pink Horse
  12. Gene Lockhart in Miracle on 34th Street
  13. Van Heflin in Possessed
  14. Lee J. Cobb in Johnny O'Clock
  15. William Frawley in Miracle on 34th Street
  16. Ray Collins in The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer
  17. Charles Bickford in Brute Force 
  18. Sam Jaffe in 13 Rue Madeleine 
  19. Ian Keith in Nightmare Alley
  20. George Sanders in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
  21. Arthur Kennedy in Boomerang! 
  22. Richard Conte in 13 Rue Madeleine
  23. Elisha Cooke Jr. in Born To Kill 
  24. Robert Beatty in Odd Man Out
  25. Akitake Kono in Snow Trail
  26. Charles Coburn in The Paradine Case
  27. Jerome Cowan in Miracle on 34th Street 
  28. Clifton Young in Dark Passage
  29. Monty Woolley in The Bishop's Wife 
  30. Robert Newton in Odd Man Out 
  31. Patric Knowles in Ivy
  32. Lee J. Cobb in Boomerang!
  33. Robert Mitchum in Crossfire
  34. Edmond O'Brien in A Double Life
  35. David Farrar in Black Narcissus 
  36. Raymond Massey in Possessed
  37. Philip Tonge in Miracle on 34th Street 
  38. Fred Clark in Ride the Pink Horse 
  39. Ted De Corsia in The Lady From Shanghai
  40. Tom D'Andrea in Dark Passage
  41. W.G. Fay in Odd Man Out 
  42. James Gleason in The Bishop's Wife
  43. Denis O'Dea in Odd Man Out 
  44. Herbert Marshall in Ivy
  45. Harry Davenport in The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer
  46. Percy Kilbride in The Egg and I
  47. Porter Hall in Miracle on 34th Street 
  48. Cedric Hardwicke in Ivy
  49. Boris Karloff in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
  50. Rudy Vallee in The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer
  51. Keenan Wynn in The Song of the Thin Man
  52. Charles Dullin in Quai des Orfèvres
  53. Art Smith in Ride the Pink Horse 
  54. Charles Bickford in The Farmer's Daughter
  55. Charles Laughton in The Paradine Case
  56. Leo G. Carroll in The Paradine Case
  57. Raymond Massey in The Mourning Becomes Electra
  58. Louis Jordan in The Paradine Case
  59. John Garfield in Gentleman's Agreement
  60. Kirk Douglas in The Mourning Becomes Electra 
  61. Bruce Bennett in Dark Passage
  62. Philip Terry in Born to Kill
  63. George Cooper in Crossfire
  64. Brian Donlevy in Kiss of Death 
  65. Rory Calhoun in The Red House
  66. Leo Genn in The Mourning Becomes Electra 
  67. Glenn Anders in The Lady From Shanghai 
  68. Sabu in Black Narcissus
Next Year: 1954 Supporting


RatedRStar said...

ahh I see, good idea actually to do shorter reviews for years like this 1947.

As for 1954
Raymond Burr - Rear Window
Van Johnson - The Caine Mutiny
Fred MacMurray - The Caine Mutiny
Peter Lorre - 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Clifton Webb - Three Coins In The Fountain

Michael Patison said...

Interesting and very good idea with the shorter reviews for years like this.

For 1954:
Raymond Burr in Rear Window
Robert Cummings in Dial M for Murder
Van Johnson in The Caine Mutiny
Peter Lorre in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Fred MacMurray in The Caine Mutiny

Michael Patison said...

Also what'd you think of Odd Man Out, Miracle, and Narcissus?

Louis Morgan said...

I found Miracle On 34th Street to be very entertaining.

Black Narcissus I was a little more mixed on as I found the General's romance to be quite boring, but the parts involving the nuns especially Kathleen Byron's story were quite interesting though.

I thought Odd Man Out was terrific, and it was anchored extremely well by James Mason's great performance who is now my #3 in lead.

Michael Patison said...

Thanks! I've heard great things about Odd Man Out and just need to find it and watch it.

JamDenTel said...

Glad to see some attention given to Black Narcissus, one of my personal favorites.

RatedRStar said...

I must see my second favorite actor James Mason in Odd Man Out =D =D =D it is a must.

RatedRStar said...

The full movie Odd Man Out is on Youtube if you want to watch it =D.

I saw the poster of it, does James Mason have emo hair in it? cause in the poster he has hair crossing over his eyes =D

Louis Morgan said...

No, it just is not as well combed as Mason usually has it.

RatedRStar said...

ive finished watching Odd Man Out =D Mason is awesome as always, in fact nearly every performance in the performance is good or above. James Mason was born in Yorkshire =D where I live, I feel so honored lol

RatedRStar said...

every performance in the film that meant to say =D