Thursday, 6 September 2012

Alternate Best Actor 1984: Results

5. Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop- Murphy is funny in his funny scene but quite lacking in his dramatic scenes.

Best Scene: Any one of his purely comic scenes. 
4. Steve Martin in All of Me- Martin gives an enjoyable performance as at first a straight man, than later very entertainingly as a man with another person sharing his body.

Best Scene: Edwina tries to act like a man when Roger falls asleep in court. 
3. Robert De Niro in Once Upon a Time in America- De Niro carries this epic by powerfully portraying both the violent youth, and the haunted age of a career criminal.

Best Scene: Noodles meets Secretary Bailey.

2. Philip Baker Hall in Secret Honor- Hall shows how one should portray Nixon in his effective performance that makes for an outstanding one man show.

Best Scene: The whole film since it is one long scene.
1. Harry Dean Stanton in Paris, Texas- Harry Dean Stanton gives a great subtle performance as a man trying to rebuild himself. It is a quiet but deeply moving performance that shows his abilities as an actor goes far beyond the usual small parts he is given.

Best Scene: Travis tells his story to his wife.
Overall Rank:
  1. F. Murray Abraham in Amadeus
  2. Harry Dean Stanton in Paris, Texas
  3. Haing S. Ngor in The Killing Fields
  4. Tom Hulce in Amadeus
  5. John Hurt in The Hit
  6. Philip Baker Hall in Secret Honor
  7. John Hurt in 1984
  8. Terence Stamp in The Hit
  9. Mickey Rourke in The Pope of Greenwich Village
  10. John Hurt in Champions
  11. Robert De Niro in Once Upon a Time in America
  12. John Lone in The Iceman
  13. Bill Murray in Ghostbusters
  14. Mel Gibson in Mrs. Soffel
  15. Steve Martin in All of Me 
  16. Tsutomu Yamazaki in The Funeral
  17. Albert Finney in Under the Volcano 
  18. Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom  
  19. Sam Waterston in The Killing Fields
  20. Clint Eastwood in Tightrope 
  21. Keith Carradine in Choose Me
  22. John Lynch in Cal
  23. Michael Douglas in Romancing the Stone
  24. Christopher Guest in This is Spinal Tap 
  25. Victor Banerjee in A Passage to India
  26. Anthony Hopkins in The Bounty 
  27. Jack Lemmon in Mass Appeal
  28. Michael McKean in This is Spinal Tap 
  29. Michael Palin in A Private Function
  30. Sam Shepard in Country
  31. Mel Gibson in The Bounty 
  32. Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid 
  33. Francisco Rabal in Los Santos Innocentes
  34. Michael Biehn in The Terminator
  35. Woody Allen in Broadway Danny Rose 
  36. Dudley Moore in Micki & Maude
  37. Matt Dillon in The Flamingo Kid 
  38. Craig Wasson in Body Double
  39. Ryan O'Neal in Irreconcilable Differences
  40. Michel Piccoli in Dangerous Moves
  41. John Lurie in Stranger Than Paradise 
  42. John Cassavetes in Love Streams
  43. Alexandre Arbatt in Dangerous Moves
  44. Alfredo Landa in Los Santos Innocentes
  45. Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator  
  46. Emilio Estevez in Repo Man 
  47. Patrick Swayze in Red Dawn 
  48. Robert Redford in The Natural
  49. Gregory Hines in The Cotton Club
  50. Kevin Bacon in Footloose
  51. Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop
  52. Howard E. Rollins in A Soldier's Story
  53. Timothy Hutton in The Iceman 
  54. Lance Guest in The Last Starfigher 
  55. William Shatner in Star Trek III  
  56. Mel Gibson in The River
  57. Christopher Lambert in Greystoke 
  58. Zach Galligan in Gremlins  
  59. Kyle MacLachlan in Dune
  60. Noah Hathaway in The Neverending Story 
  61. Zeljko Ivanek in Mass Appeal
  62. Jeff Bridges in Star Man 
  63. Eric Roberts in The Pope of Greenwich Village
  64. Christopher Reeve in The Bostonians
  65. Tom Hanks in Splash
  66. Richard Gere in The Cotton Club
  67. Barret Oliver in The Neverending Story
  68. Steven Guttenberg in Police Academy 
  69. Anthony Perkins in Crimes of Passion
  70. John Laughlin in Crimes of Passion
Next Year: 1960


Anonymous said...

Great list, and you got me to put Secret Honor on my Netflix queue, so yay! My personal favorite this year is Finney, who I think delivers the performance of his career in Under the Volcano. My runner-up is Hulce, but I see why so many prefer Abraham (who was also excelent). I recently discovered your blog, and I must say that I LOVE it!

Michael Patison said...

So glad to see that Abraham retained your #1 for the year and that Ngor finally got the lead recognition he deserved for his astonishing performance in The Killing Fields.

Anyway, my recommendations for 1960 are:
Ralph Bellamy in Sunrise at Campobello
Kirk Douglas in Spartacus
Marcello Mastroianni in La Dolce Vita
Robert Mitchum in The Sundowners
Anthony Perkins in Psycho

Michael Patison said...

You could also do Steve McQueen in The Magnificent Seven. His performance wasn't amazing, but he was tremendously good at making the quite sub-par script sound fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Perkins review. One of the greatest performances of all time.

Anonymous said...

If 1960 is next, may I suggest:

Jean-Paul Belmondo/Breathless
Albert Finney/Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Marcello Mastroianni/La Dolce Vita
Anthony Perkins/Psycho
Max von Sydow/The Virgin Spring

In fact, all but Belmondo make my actual ballot (he's replaced by Oscar nominee Jack Lemmon).

RatedRStar said...

my suggestions =)

Albert Finney - Saturday Night And Sunday Morning
Anthony Perkins - Psycho
Marcello Mastroianni - La Dolce Vita
Robert Mitchum - The Sundowners
Ralph Bellamy - Sunrise At Campobello

Maciej said...

Great to see Ngor in his proper category! Too bad Hulce fell out of the nominees, but it seems that Hall and Stanton were also amazing - gotta see for myself!

Anthony Perkins - Psycho
Albert Finney - Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Jean-Pierre LĂ©aud - The 400 Blows
Ralph Bellamy - Sunrise At Campobello
Marcello Mastroianni in La Dolce Vita

RatedRStar said...

another suggestion if you cant think of a fifth nominee.

Karlheinz Bohm - Peeping Tom

JamDenTel said...

One year the Academy got it really right.

mrripley said...

I don't understand why victor banerjee is not here for a passage to india in 84,he's my winner.

Louis Morgan said...

Fisti: I'm glad you enjoy it.

Michael: I think I would put McQueen in supporting.

mrripley: Because I have not gotten around to seeing Passage of India yet, I probably should.