Friday, 3 August 2012

Alternate Best Actor 1954: Results

5. Charles Laughton in Hobson's Choice- Charles Laughton has a fairly simple role but he is consistently amusing in his performance.

Best Scene: Hobson falls down the hole.
4. James Stewart in Rear Window- Stewart manages to provide a realistic portrait who we can easily go along through the sometimes quite seedy world of being a voyeur.

Best Scene: Jeff watches as Lisa breaks into the killer's home. 
3. Ray Milland in Dial M For Murder- Milland gives a strong performance by both bringing to life the fierce some hidden motivation of his murderer, but as well as easily adding an appropriate degree of humor in the role as well.

Best Scene: Tony convinces a man to kill his wife. 
2. Toshiro Mifune in Seven Samurai- Mifune gives a very big but also a very striking performance of a swordsman driven mad by his past.

Best Scene: Kikuchiyo makes his last stand.
1.James Mason 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea- Mason gives a great performance of an iconic character by always bringing to life both the wondrous qualities to his portrayal in equal measure with his more violent aspects.

Best Scene: Captain Nemo destroys a ship. 
Overall Rank:
  1. Marlon Brando in On The Waterfront
  2. James Mason in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  3. Toshiro Mifune in Seven Samurai
  4. Ray Milland in Dial M For Murder
  5. James Stewart in Rear Window
  6. James Mason in A Star is Born
  7. Toshiro Mifune in Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto
  8. Bing Crosby in The Country Girl
  9. Takashi Shimura in Seven Samurai
  10. Kirk Douglas in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 
  11. Dan O'Herlihy in Robinson Crusoe
  12. Charles Laughton in Hobson's Choice
  13. Humphrey Bogart in The Caine Mutiny
  14. John Mills in Hobson's Choice
  15. Paul Lukas in 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
  16. Gary Merrill in The Black Dakotas
  17. Gene Kelly in Brigadoon
  18. Bing Crosby in White Christmas
  19. Danny Kaye in White Christmas
  20. Robert Francis in The Caine Mutiny
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dinasztie said...

Marlon Brando is unbeatable, of course. I'm kind of suprised that Stewart is only #2 but never seen Milland and Mason so who knows? :) Great work!

For 1983, can I recommend Ferenc Zenthe for Job's Revolt? :) It's a terrific performance in a Foreign Language Film nominee. :)

RatedRStar said...

My choices for 37.

Cary Grant - The Awful Truth
Stan Laurel - Way Out West
Oliver Hardy - Way Out West
Claude Rains - They Wont Forget
Ronald Colman - Lost Horizon or The Prisoner Of Zenda

RatedRStar said...

Another suggestion
Peter Lorre - Thank You, Mr. Moto
Tyrone Power - In Old Chicago

Michael Patison said...

Very interesting result. Here are my recommendations for 1937:

Victor Moore in Make Way for Tomorrow (this film is absolutely heartbreaking, and that's mostly because the performances of Moore and Beulah Bondi are so good)
Cary Grant in The Awful Truth
Oliver Hardy in Way Out West
Stan Laurel in Way Out West
Claude Rains in They Won't Forget

Anonymous said...

Great for Milland!!!! He's my win overall because I honestly don't see any brilliance in Brando's performance (even though I consider it his best, I've never felt he was brilliant in anything!).

Michael Patison said...

I have a few more recommendations, though these are more for final rankings than for reviews:

Groucho Marx in A Day at the Races
Fred Astaire in Shall We Dance
Jean Gabin in Grand Illusion
Ronald Colman in Lost Horizon
Paul Muni in The Good Earth
Jean Gabin in Pepe Le Moko

Louis Morgan said...

Dinasztie: I will certainly keep him in mind.

Nues20 said...

It's so interesting to me how all alternate performances can get high grades like 5 jacks all around but the actual nominated performances aren't usually all met to the same acclaim.
Just shows how much the Academy can screw up from time to time.