Sunday, 20 May 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1983

And the Nominees Were:

Sam Shepard in The Right Stuff

John Lithgow in Terms of Endearment

Jack Nicholson in Terms of Endearment

Charles Durning in To Be or Not To Be

Rip Torn in Cross Creek


Michael Patison said...

Shepard for the win! I felt that his quiet acting style was perfect for Yeager. I've also seen Lithgow and Nicholson. Lithgow didn't have enough time onscreen for me and he didn't do a whole lot with it. Nicholson was just doing his usual boisterous arrogant guy, a role that he's great at but that he succeeded at far better in several other movies. The other two don't look/sound like they'd impress me that much. My guess:
1. Sam Shepard
2. Jack Nicholson
3. Charles Durning
4. John Lithgow
5. Rip Torn
Deserving: Ed Harris in The Right Stuff; perhaps also Dennis Quaid in TRS

Anonymous said...

So, I guess you're leaving the best winner of all time (Karl Malden in 1951) for last!! :)

RatedRStar said...

1)Sam Shepard
2)Jack Nicholson
3)Charles Durning
4)Rip Torn
5)John Lithgow

dinasztie said...

No idea who will get it. :)


Anonymous said...


RatedRStar said...

This doesnt seem like a bad year to be fair =) Lithgow was fine but not given enough 2 do.

Anonymous said...

Neither of the Terms boys or Rip Torn really impressed me (or appalled me), so I'm expecting a Durning/Shepherd win. You do love Jack though.

Anonymous said...

1. jack
2. john
3. sam
4. rip
5. charles


moviefilm said...

1) Sam Shepard
2) Jack Nicholson
3) Charles Durning
4) John Lithgow
5) Rip Torn

dshultz said...

I've only seen Shepard and Nicholson, but as others have already said, Nicholson is doing his usually, albeit entertaining, shtick. Shepard was very compelling for me. Great movie too.

RatedRStar said...

Sam Shepards performance is the definition of badass =)