Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1963

And The Nominees Were:

Bobby Darin Captain Newman, M.D.

John Huston in The Cardinal

Melvyn Douglas in Hud

Hugh Griffith in Tom Jones

Nick Adams in Twilight of Honor


RatedRStar said...

Melvyn Douglas was the best, followed by Griffith who was also quite good, Huston did nothing at all, havnt seen the others.

1.Melvyn Douglas
2.Hugh Griffith
3.John Huston
4.Bobby Darin
5.Nick Adams

Anonymous said...

I've seen Douglas (great) and Griffith (okay)

moviefilm said...

1) Melvyn Douglas
2) Hugh Griffith
3) Nick Adams
4) John Huston
5) Bobby Darin

Anonymous said...

Douglas is the easy win, he was terrific! (and the only one I've seen). Here's my guess:

1. Douglas
2. Griffith
3. Darin
4. Adams
5. Huston

Cole said...

Hi! I don't know anything about this line-up but i'm wondering what do you plan to do after you finish the best supporting actor category??
I would love to see you do the best actress one.

Louis Morgan said...

I am going to keep what's next a secret for the moment.

Michael Patison said...

I've seen Douglas and Griffith. Douglas was brilliant and Griffith did his job but wasn't anything special.
1. Douglas
2. Darin
3. Huston
4. Griffith
5. Adams

Michael Patison said...

One more thing: in my opinion it's a disgrace that Brandon de Wilde wasn't nominated alongside Melvyn Douglas for his work in Hud too. I think that de Wilde is an easy 2nd place in this race.

RatedRStar said...

is there anybody at all lol that has seen Darin or Adams haha.

Fritz said...

Douglas was outstanding and I expect him to be an easy winner.

dinasztie said...

Douglas should easily win. Have you seen Beyond the Sea with Kevin Spacey? There's a scene with Bobby Darin being pissed about his Oscar loss.


RatedRStar said...

Ive just seen Captain Newman MD now on youtube and Darin aint bad actually, although he has a very oscar baity scene which seems a bit forced.

Louis Morgan said...

dinasztie: No I have not seen Beyond the Sea.