Saturday, 2 June 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1951: Results

5. Leo Genn in Quo Vadis- Genn gives a dull performance that just goes through the motions of a part that in better hands could have stolen a few scenes.
4. Kevin McCarthy in Death of a Salesman- Although McCarthy is not helped by his co-stars or his film he still manages to give a convincing portrayal of a troubled young man.
3. Gig Young in Come Fill The Cup- Young gives an effective performance as a rich drunk who tries to sober up.
2. Peter Ustinov in Quo Vadis- Ustinov is wildly broad in his portrayal of the mad Nero and it works. He creates an entertaining portrait of this mad man while being an effective villain as well.
1. Karl Malden in A Streetcar Named Desire- Good Prediction RatedRStar especially since you even guessed Young's placement, and Michael Patison. Where Ustinov is greatness surrounded by dullness Malden is greatness within greatness. Rather than being swallowed whole by the power house performances around him Malden not only perfectly supports these performances, but also makes his character stand on his own as well.
Deserving Performances:
Mervyn Johns in Scrooge
Michael Hordern in Scrooge


dinasztie said...

So the last year is coming... :S I cannot believe it.

Fritz said...

Yah for Karl. I am so excited to see what happens after 1975!

RatedRStar said...

1975 is a pretty great year to end on.

Anonymous said...

Malden is terrific. This is a great blog by the way, I've been a follower since last year but didn't bother to comment until a month ago for some reason. :)

RatedRStar said...

Thanks Louis, I can never see Young giving a bad performance.