Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Best Supporting Actor 2005

 And the Nominees Were:

William Hurt in A History of Violence

Jack Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain

George Clooney in Syriana

Paul Giamatti in Cinderella Man

Matt Dillon in Crash


RatedRStar said...

William Hurt is my pick, great impact, great actor, Clooney was a pile of S&^&^&&*. Gyllenhaal was fine, Giamatti did nothing really, Dillon was a mixed bag for me.

1.William Hurt
2.Jake Gyllenhaal
3.Matt Dillon
4.Paul Giamatti
5.George Clooney

Anonymous said...

Weak year. Gyllenhall and Dillon were very good though, not as hight on Hurt's performance as most are. Mickey Rourke would have been my pick for Sin City

Fritz said...

Gyllenhaal is obviously category fraud but I still hope you pick him.

RatedRStar said...

I wanted to punch Clooney for his smug and arrogant winning acceptance speech lol.

mrripley said...

I preferrd howard in crash,clooney is laughable,jake g for the win,how about cliff collins in capote.

Anonymous said...

A year I actually feel confident commenting on! :D

I'm conflicted with this year. I haven't seen Giamatti, and found Hurt's role to be a glorified cameo. I'm not a Clooney hater, but he's nothing special here.

I really should rewatch Crash, but right now my choice would be Gyllenhaal. Even if he was a little over the top and uncomfortable at times.

Anonymous said...

1.Gyllenhall (an easy win)
3.Dillon (at first I wanted to reverse him and Giamatti, but after I've seen crash once again, I decided to put Paul first)
4. Hurt (quite good, but too limited)
5. Clooney (although I have to admit, I've seen Syriana quite some time ago)

moviefilm said...

I am really glad you are doing this year. My prediction:
1) Jake Gyllenhaal
2) Matt Dillon
3) Paul Giamatti
4) William Hurt
5) George Clooney

Houndtang said...

Hurt was very hammy in his cameo in an otherwise excellent film, 'Brohim!' lol

RatedRStar said...

I'm sticking to my guns everyone =D. Jake G for me was solid but nothing special. Hurt however was a scene stealer, just like Anthony Quinn was in Lust for Life albeit in a different way.

dshultz said...

I thought Hurt was overacting in the extreme. I'd put him last on my list. Yes, I know, even after Clooney, who I thought was decent. That leaves Gyllenhaal, Giamatti, and Dillon. I'm gonna go with:

1) Gyllenhaal
3) Dillon
4) Clooney
5) Hurt

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...

What a weak nomination field.

Anonymous said...

Not a good year. Jake is definitely lead, but I wouldn't vote for him; he doesn't have the range for the role. Paul was fine but not very impressive. Matt found the character, but got defeated by the script. George was nothing special. The only standouts were William Hurt and Ed Harris, both very hammy chewing scenery, props, and everything else, and easily stealing the movie:

1. William
2. Jake
3. Paul
4. Matt
5. George


joe burns said...

An interesting year, I think Dillon is great, I personally really like Crash!