Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1958

And the Nominees Were:

Theodore Bikel in The Defiant Ones

Lee J. Cobb in The Brothers Karamazov

Burl Ives in The Big Country

Gig Young in Teacher's Pet

Arthur Kennedy in Some Came Running


dinasztie said...

I've only see Bikel but he's not the one I remember from his film. Oh, I've actually Kennedy as well. Ooops. But didn't like that one. What I know is Ives shoulda been nominated for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.


Fritz said...


1. Burt
2. Cobb
3. Young
4. Bikel
5. Kennedy

RatedRStar said...

Kennedy was terrible, Cobb was good in a terrible movie, havnt seen the others.

1.Lee J.Cobb
2.Gig Young
3.Burl Ives
4.Theodore Bikel
5.Arthur Kennedy

Anonymous said...

Burl Ives is the standout this year.
I love Arthur Kennedy, but I don't think he was very good in Peyton Place

1. Burl Ives
2. Lee J. Cobb
3. Gig Young
4. Theodore Bikel
5. Arthur Kennedy


moviefilm said...

1) Lee J. Cobb
2) Burt Ives
3) Gig Young
4) Arthur Kennedy
5) Theodore Bikel (I only have seen him, but he was nothing special - Baryschnikov style... :)