Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Best Supporting Actor 2002

And the Nominees Were:

John C. Reilly in Chicago

Christopher Walken in Catch Me If You Can

Chris Cooper in Adaptation

Paul Newman in Road to Perdition

Ed Harris in The Hours


RatedRStar said...

Cooper should win, Harris wasn't great his section was the worst in the film, C.Reilly did really not much, havnt seen Newman or Walken

1.Chris Cooper
2.Christopher Walken
3.Paul Newman
4.John C.Reilly
5.Ed Harris

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I never got the praise for Cooper, I could always see him 'acting'!. Walken and Newman gave far more natural and heartfelt performances

Anonymous said...

1. Chris Cooper
2. Paul Newman
3. Ed Harris
4. John C. Reilly
5. Christopher Walken

mrripley said...

my 5

1 - walken
2 - newman
3 - quaid - far from heaven
4 - harris
5 - dillane - the hours

dinasztie said...

Well, I would actually vote for Walken. Cooper didn't do it for me somehow.


Derek Bowman said...

An underwhelming year. Seen all but Newman, and Cooper's the clear winner here. Everyone seems to enjoy Walken and I just didn't get it I guess =/

1. Chris Cooper
2. Paul Newman
3. John C. Reilly
4. Ed Harris
5. Christopher Walken

Sage Slowdive said...

Eh, I really only like Cooper here.

Malcolm said...

My ranking:
1. Newman - compelling in every way
2. Harris - effective, tragic, sad
3. Cooper - overrated, but good
4. Reilly - subtle to a fault
5. Walken - didn't feel anything

1. Newman
2. Cooper
3. Walken
4. Reilly
5. Harris

Anonymous said...

Of the nominees, I vote for Chris Cooper,although I would be happy if Christopher Walken wins, too, but the list is missing Dennis Quaid in Far From Heaven.


Dazzling Aura said...

I've seen all this years nominees. Fortunately i enjoyed Cooper, Newman and Walken. Their performances were getting great by repetitive views. Harris is good but forgettable. Reilly just got lucky he's in 3 Best Pic nominated films but nothing do special in Chicago he's good but i'm underwhelmed. And yes, Quaid was a good inclusion too, in my opinion. But we shall wait what the ole Louis has something to our beloved respected actors. Yes, we can't deny they were wholly respected actors.

moviefilm said...

I´ve already done this year. For me Walken and Newman are absolutely uninteresting, Cooper is good, but nothing special and Reilly and Harris are excellent. My prediction:

1) Chris Cooper
2) Paul Newman
3) Ed Harris
4) Christopher Walken
5) John C. Reilly (though he maybe seems to be unintersting, but he is just as boring, as he should be. Mr. Cellophane must be a little bit uninteresting character)

dshultz said...

1) Paul Newman
2) Christopher Walken
3) Chris Cooper (should have been nominated and won for American Beauty)

Don't know about the other two.

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