Sunday, 27 November 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1955: Joe Mantell in Marty

Louis Morgan: Hello and welcome to my interview with none other than Joe Mantell who received his only Oscar nomination for portraying Angie in Marty. Well Mr. Mantell can you please describe your character in Marty.

Joe Mantell: Well Angie is a bit of a dope, the man who is always hanging out with Marty pestering Marty on what their going to do trying to convince to to find women with him.

LM: What else does Angie do over the course of the film.

JM: Well not much really he later on in the film keeps looking for Marty at different places well Marty finally finds a date.

LM: Anything more than that?

JM: Well at the end he keeps telling Marty that he went out with a dog and proceeds to go back to the way he usually does things.

LM: Well that really is not much is it, how do you play the part?

JM: Well Angie is really a big nothing so that is how a play him as a big nothing just always depending a little too much for his friend.

LM: Well I suppose you do play Angie just as he should be played, but is that really anything all that special.

JM: Well I suppose not, but hey I am not bad am I?

LM: Well no your not.

JM: Yeah that's right I'm not, I certainly am better than Baryshnikov in The Turning Point now aren't I?

LM: True, but still its hard to say that this is not anything more than just a bonus nomination for the very well liked Marty.

JM: Well that's your opinion.

LM: Indeed it is. I will say in closing though I love the way you say "Forget it Jake, It's Chinatown" in Chinatown you nailed that line.


joe burns said...

Ha Ha, this is funny!!!! Too bad this is such a rough grade!

Anonymous said...

Great interview! I agree with Mr. Mantell's answers!

dinasztie said...

This was good fun to read. :)

Fritz said...

Wonderfully entertaining review!

RatedRStar said...

=D that was awesome you should do it more often hehe xxx