Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1981

And the Nominees Were:

Ian Holm in Chariots of Fire

James Coco in Only When I Laugh

John Gielgud in Arthur

Howard Rollins in Ragtime

Jack Nicholson in Reds


moviefilm said...

I am extremely interested in this year, though I haven´t seen any of the films, but James Coco was nominated also for Golden Rapsberry.

1) John Gielgud
2) Ian Holm
3) Jack Nicholson
4) James Coco
5) Howard Rollins

Anonymous said...

John Gielgud, easily.

1. John Gielgud
2. Howard Rollins
3. Ian Holm
4. Jack Nicholson
5. James Coco


RatedRStar said...

John Gielgud should win, he was great, Nicholson was fine too, Holm was solid but nothing special, have a feeling Cocos razzie nomination may put him in last, havnt seen Rollins.

1.John Gielgud
2.Ian Holm
3.Jack Nicholson
4.Howard Rollins
5.James Coco

Anonymous said...

Nicholson for the win

Sage Slowdive said...

Nicholson, but the hate for Coco is a little exaggerated.

dinasztie said...

Yay for this year! I really like all of these performances! It's absurd that Coco was nominated for a Razzie. Rollins played a wonderful version to the old character Michael Kohlhaas. Ian Holm is really elevates his already wonderfzul movie, Nicholson adds some life to the awful Reds. Gielgud is my pick easily, however, simply because he was mindblowingly amazing in his comedy role. He's my favorite winner in this category alongside Timothy Hutton. I hope he wins.


Anonymous said...

I don't get the love for Gielgud's performance, maybe it's because I really didn't think Arthur was great at all! I hope Nicholson or Holm take this!

Derek Bowman said...

I also don't really have much an opinion on Gielgud, he wasn't bad but nothing particularly special. I've only seen Holm among the other nominees, and so I have no clue who this'll be.

As usual my predictions have no basis and are a little random :)

1. Nicholson
2. Rollins
3. Gielgud
4. Holm
5. Coco

Fritz said...

Nicholson and Gielgud were both wonderful. Haven't seen Rollins or Coco and was underwhelmed by Holm.