Saturday, 22 October 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1962: Victor Buono in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Victor Buono received his only Oscar nomination for portraying Edwin Flagg in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? tells the story of two aged sisters the demented and has been Baby Jane (Bette Davis) who terrorizes the crippled buy still fondly remembered Blanche (Joan Crawford).

Victor Buono plays a fairly small role of a pianist and composer who takes on the add put in by Baby Jane to help her with the songs in the act she believes she can make. Edwin is fairly oblivious to the insanity of Baby Jane, and believes her to be a serious opportunity for work as a composer. Buono actually a nice addition to the film, and his jovial performance helps keep the film from becoming a depressing affair.

Edwin is a fairly simple role he lives with his mother, and than spends time with Jane. In his scenes with Edwin's mother Buono is rather humorous even though it is rather funny looking just the size difference between Edwin and his mother to begin with. Buono though appropriately shows the frustrations he has with his mother clearly showing the Edwin does want to get out of her house, and even shows some anger over his past with his mother and father. The relationship is small and simple but Buono tries to get the most out of it.

Buono is as well humorous in his scenes with Jane. Buono shows that Edwin attempts to come off far more proper and pompous composer than he really is. He also appropriately is believable in his relationship with Jane. They have an interesting dynamic with Edwin not noticing she is off her rocker always very much interested in the prospects of money. It is a simple dynamic but one that is properly amusing as portrayed by David and Buono.

Buono really though only amounts to just a small humorous role with a few dramatic moments such as his later scenes where he finally realizes that Jane is insane after all. Buono is just fine in his dramatic moments as his humorous always doing his best. The simple truth though is Edwin Flagg never is that much of character to begin with. What there is though Buono does manage to bring anything he can out of it. It is not much but it is an amusing and likable performance.


Anonymous said...

Exactly what I expected, I feel the same way and I'm glad you gave him at least a 3!

dinasztie said...

He was really good, IMO.

Fritz said...

I als liked him. He wasn't amazing but very entertaining.