Thursday, 20 October 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1943: Results

5. Akim Tamiroff in For Whom the Bell Tolls- Tamiroff gives a far too simple approach as Pablo, and fails to bring the depth to part that could have easily been found.
4. Charles Bickford in The Song of Bernadette- Bickford is satisfactory enough as the priest who eventually comes around to helping Bernadette, particularly when he is doubting. His character never requires much though and frankly his more tender scenes seems a bit rough around the edges.
3. J. Carrol Naish in Sahara- Naish has an extremely limited role but manages to create a sympathetic portrait as well gives a passionate speech. Not much but he does a fine job.
2. Claude Rains in Casablanca- Rains gives an extremely flashy always trying to steal a scene no matter how he does it. Although he certainly is enjoyable to watch I just wish he was a little less obvious about the whole thing. 
1. Charles Coburn in The More the Merrier- Coburn easily wins this year for me who I think does what Rains tries to do without being so obvious. Coburn gives a great comedic performance. He is completely steals every single scene he is in and makes the most of every opportunity he has with his character.
Deserving Performances:
Dana Andrews in The Ox-Bow Incident


RatedRStar said...

Claude Rains really only has one chance left to win I feel cause I think Mr Skeffington was his worst nomination =(

Anonymous said...

Great job Louis. Maybe 67 next :)

Fritz said...

I enjoy Rains very much but I have no poblems with coburn winning.

dshultz said...


Louis Morgan said...

RatedRStar, Dhultz: Hmm you both seem to like Rains a whole lot, I do to I just also really like Charles Coburn and Thomas Mitchell.

Anonymous: Thanks, and 67 won't be next but I will keep it in mind for the future.

dinasztie said...

I'm surprised.

Anonymous said...

Claude Rains and Charles Coburn were two of the finest character actors. And it is great that you remember Dana Andrews in the Ox-Bow Incident.


RatedRStar said...

Claude Rains is probably my favorite actor =D so yes I like him a lot Louis =D xxx I dont mind him losing I just like to play and joke a lot lol =D