Sunday, 13 February 2011

Best Supporting Actor 1972: Eddie Albert in The Heartbreak Kid

Eddie Albert received his second Oscar nomination for portraying Mr. Corcoran in The Heartbreak Kid.

The Heartbreak Kid is a rather strange dark comedy, with a rather strange just feel to it. It tells the story of a newlywed young man Charles Grodin who becomes bored with his new wife very quickly, and instantly goes after another woman Cybil Shepard he chances upon.

Albert portrays Mr. Corocoran the father of Cybil Shepard's character who instantly dislikes Charles Grodin. I will say I enjoyed Albert's mostly deadpan performance as he gives Grodin a constant look like he is going to murder him. Albert performance mostly are just his reactions to Grodin which I did thoroughly enjoy, due to his quiet intensity.

He later has one big scene at the end where he tries to buy off Grodin to leave his daughter alone. Again Albert played the scene with the right amount of anger, but still managed to keep his anger in enjoyable sort of fashion. Albert's performance is not particularly complex, but his just right reactions to his performance work out quite well. I always like his presence in the film, and his is a very good supporting performance.

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I thought he was pretty good.