Friday, 17 December 2010

Best Actor 1945: Cornel Wilde in A Song To Remember

Cornel Wilde received his only Oscar nomination for portraying composer and pianist Frederic Chopin in A Song To Remember.

A Song to Remember is a incredibly dull and boring movie, that fails to capture anything about Chopin's life in any interesting fashion, also it fails to really shows his genius as a composer in any way.

Cornel Wilde's performance is much like the film very dull and boring. Part of the film he just stands around being told what to do by his mentor played by Paul Muni. His performance suggests nothing of an actual genius, and he makes Chopin a very boring and uninteresting man. Well I suppose perhaps I should not blame him entirely since the film writes Chopin in such as simple way, but Wilde adds nothing that the script failed to add. He plays the piano mostly and listens a lot to what other people say, anything. His reactions though are not even interesting when listening.

He does act out when hearing about the Russians or seeing Russians, and has to show his hatred for them. He still does nothing special when he lashes out at them either. I was really surprise by how overly dull Wilde performance is in this movie. Every aspect of his performance is dull and boring, just as the character is dull and boring. There is not really much to say about this performance because the character is so underwritten, and utterly dull. Also Wilde is a  incorrectly nominated too, because he is infinitely better in Leave Her to Heaven from the same year. 


Sage Slowdive said...

Oh boy... hahaha

He was great in Leave Her To Heaven though.

joe burns said...

I love this review! I guess he'll be fifth..

Louis Morgan said...

Sage: Too bad he wasn't nominated for that, than Milland could have had a little more competition.

Joe: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

dinasztie said...

My predictions are ruined. I also enjoyed your review.