Monday, 12 July 2010

Best Supporting Actor 1985: Klaus Maria Brandauer in Out of Africa

Klaus Maria Brandauer received his first Oscar nomination for playing Baron Bror Von Blixen and briefly Hans Blixen in Out of Africa.

Out of Africa is an okay film, that has some good scenes although it can become rather tiresome at times.

Klaus Maria Brandauer actually plays two roles. He plays the identical Blixen twins, although Hans Blixen is only briefly in the film, and he not really required to create two characters. Brandauer though is always interesting as the other brother Bror Blixen. Brandauer plays the part in a brilliantly understated way that is very effective. I actual found Brandauer with his restraint created the most interesting character in the film, and one that I wish there had been more about.

Brandauer is always incredibly appropriate in the role, because although Blixen is a fragrant adulterer and spends his wife's money however he felt, Brandauer never portrays him as a villain at all. It is interesting because he shows that it is not that he is trying to be bad when he does these things but that is rather just the way Blixen is. He shows perfectly the way that he still wants to be loved by his wife, even though he does these things.

Brandauer always keeps Blixen at a calm realistic tone that is far more effective than if he became louder in his performance. He always leaves a little mystery to what Blixen is thinking making a more interesting character all around because it is not completely who he is or what he believes in precisely. My only problem with his performance is that really wish there had been much more of him. I wish Brandauer was given more time since I felt he was far more interesting that what was going on in the main story. Brandauer is always good in this performance, I only wish he was allowed to do more, which I suppose shows the strength of his performance.


Anonymous said...

A 4 from me too...

dinasztie said...

My pick (too), though I prefer his performance in Mephisto to this one.