Thursday, 15 July 2010

Best Supporting Actor 1936: Results

5. Mischa Auer in My Man Godfrey- Auer's whole purpose is to be funny, and I never found him to be so.

4. Stuart Erwin in Pigskin Parade- I sort of liked Erwin's performance as the hill billy football star because he did not go over the top, but he was not exactly amazing either.
3. Akim Tamiroff in The General Died at Dawn- Tamiroff at least does not go over the top with his Chinese general but he is so stiff that his performance never holds much interest.
2. Basil Rathbone in Romeo and Juliet- Rathbone is fine as Tybalt, although not great, but than again Tybalt is not much of a character. 
1. Walter Brennan in Come and Get It- Brennan accent is not perfect and his role becomes too reduced for most of the film, but he is incredibly strong in the early scenes when he needs to be.
Deserving Performances:
Frank Morgan in The Great Ziegfeld
Peter Lorre in Secret Agent
Robert Young in Secret Agent


Anonymous said...

Not a very good first year...

joe burns said...

Pretty weak year.

So, what's next?

dinasztie said...

Lol this was fast. But I can't say fast about anyone. XD But great writeups anyway, contrary to the performances of this year as I see now. :) I have only seen Auer unfortunately.

Louis Morgan said...

Sage: Yes not a good start to the category. It is a good thing though that apparently the extras voted for Brennan, since he was the best by far.

Joe: I'll probably do lead 93 as you requested.

Dinastzie: Thanks! This was my fastest year so far but most of the reviews were easy to write since the performances were so simple. If you want to see Brennan check youtube for Come and Get it, the meat of his performance is in part two and the beginning of part 3.

Michael Patison said...

Have you seen The Petrified Forest? What did you think of Humphrey Bogart in it?

Louis Morgan said...

Well I am probably going to review him for the alternate, so now I will just say he is the best part of the film.