Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Best Actor 1984

And the Nominees Were

Jeff Bridges in Starman

Albert Finney in Under The Volcano

F. Murray Abraham in Amadeus

Sam Waterston in The Killing Fields

Tom Hulce in Amadeus

Who do you Pick? What do you predict my ranking will be?


Tom said...

I love the movie "Amadeus" so I'm a bit biased. I have to go with the actual winner, F. Murray Abraham.

Sage Slowdive said...

Jeff Bridges' nomination is ridiculous! I hope we're on the same wave length with that one...

Oh, and obviously F. Murray will and should win!

joe burns said...

I've seen F.Murray and Hulce and they were both really good, but I'm sure F. Murray will win.

Fritz said...

I guess you will go with Abraham and yes, he is one of the most deserving winners ever but I would go with Hulce.

Malcolm said...

A shoo-in winner - F. Murray. But I'm hoping it's Hulce.