Thursday, 29 July 2010

Best Actor 1984: Jeff Bridges in Starman

Jeff Bridges received his third Oscar nomination for portraying Starman in the body Scott Hayden in Starman.

Starman is a profoundly boring film, one in which I could barely stand watching the first time I was it and had an even harder time this time. It is not interesting and it never entertaining.

Here is an oddity of an nomination, because this is such an oddity of a performance. People are not really ever nominated for non-human roles, Bridges may be the only one in the lead actor category. Bridges in this performance plays the alien Starman in a way that seems alien enough, I really am sure it is the way the director wanted it but it creates nothing in terms of cinematic magic. Bridges plays an outstandingly one dimensional character as the alien. There is nothing to him really, he is an alien but an alien who I guess only wishes to observe mankind.

Bridges does one thing and only one thing in this performance and that is speak it this almost monotone voice throughout. It is suppose to be an alien voice and it sound like it is, but it is also an incredibly dull voice. This is basically his whole performance, oh wait, he also makes the same emotionless face over and over again too, I almost forget. He does both consistently throughout the film never changing, even though his character is suppose to gain more humanity throughout, but this is not really shown is more of just said. He does not have chemistry with Karen Allen because he always stays with that dull unemotional behavior.

Now Bridges should merely have not been nominated for this role. It is too simple and uninteresting. He technically does plays the part as you would aspect some would should play the part but that is not a challenge. Bridges never shows a hint of his actual talent in this performance, and this simply is one of his dullest and most uninteresting performances. Maybe John Carpenter the director would have forced anyone to play the part this way, I do not know, but either way the performance just comes off as dull and completely uninspired.


Sage Slowdive said...

Completely agree!

joe burns said...

He'll come in fifth, I think.

pj said...

There's a starman sequel facebook page, you should all hjhoin it, might happen some day. tron 2 is happening, why not starman 2???

Louis Morgan said...

Sage Slowdive: I think with this one we almost had to agree.

Joe: Probably.

Pj: Welcome, although I think if you read my review I would not exactly be the first in line to see Starman 2. Although I would not mind if they made a sequel, people can enjoy what they want to enjoy, even if I do not like it.

jamieteller1610 said...

I watched this last night; I actually liked the film fairly well, though I think it seems to have been subjected to meddling in the writing and/or editing stages.

I don't think Bridges deserved a nomination for his work, though I think he played the role decently well given the limitations of the character. I'd give him a 3, probably. Maybe a 2.5, but I do think some of scenes towards the end are effective.

What annoys me is that Karen Allen wasn't nominated along with him, even in what was one of the weakest years for Best Actress ever. I thought she was quite good, balancing her character's grief, confusion, and developing feelings for Starman extremely well. I'd give her a 4 or 4.5.