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Alternate Best Supporting Actor 2006: Results

5. Sergi López in Pan's Labyrinth - López gives an appropriately imposing portrayal of his sadistic character, but there just always felt like there was something missing.

Best Scene: Vidal's first torture session.
4. Mads Mikkelsen in Casino Royale - Mikkelsen gives an appropriately slick villainous turn, but also manages to bring more depth than one might expect from such a character.

Best Scene:  A most painful torture session. 
3. Steve Carell in Little Miss Sunshine - Carell gives a rather assured portrayal of his suicidal character who gradually finds some will to live.

Best Scene: Frank tells Dwayne to suffer.
2. Michael Caine in Children of Men - Caine gives a great supporting work where he gives a enjoyable off-beat yet still poignant turn. It's the sort of work that seems like he has more screen time than he does because of the impact he makes with the little he has.

Best Scene: Jasper says goodbye to his wife. 
1. Ben Affleck in Hollywoodland - He'd be my supporting win but I can't quite agree with that placement. In either category though Affleck gives a great performance. He brings to life the charisma yet weakness of Reeves brilliantly to life, and gives a heartbreaking portrayal of a man who never felt he soared high enough.

Best Scene: Reeves's wrestling footage. 
Overall Rank:
  1. Michael Caine in Children of Men
  2. Jackie Earle Haley in Little Children
  3. Steve Carell in Little Miss Sunshine 
  4. Mads Mikkelsen in Casino Royale
  5. Alan Arkin in Little Miss Sunshine
  6. David Bowie in The Prestige 
  7. Robert Downey Jr. in A Scanner Darkly
  8. Rob Lowe in Thank You For Smoking
  9. Michael Caine in The Prestige 
  10. Toby Jones in The Painted Veil
  11. Alec Baldwin in The Departed 
  12. John Hurt in V For Vendetta
  13. Sergi López in Pan's Labyrinth
  14. Martin Sheen in The Departed
  15. Morgan Freeman in Lucky Number Slevin
  16. Bob Hoskins in Hollywoodland
  17. Joe Pesci in The Good Shepherd
  18. Ben Kingsley in Lucky Number Slevin
  19. Giancarlo Giannini in Casino Royale
  20. Mark Wahlberg in The Departed
  21. Noah Emmerich in Little Children
  22. Richard Sammel in OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies
  23. Ray Winstone in The Departed
  24. Liam Cunningham in The Wind That Shakes the Barley
  25. Ulrich Tukur in The Lives of Others 
  26. Paul Dano in Little Miss Sunshine
  27. Jeremy Piven in Smokin' Aces
  28. Padraic Delaney in The Wind That Shakes the Barley
  29. Jeffrey DeMunn in Hollywoodland 
  30. Stephen Rea in V For Vendetta
  31. Woody Harrelson in A Scanner Darkly
  32. Alex Angulo in Pan's Labyrinth
  33. Michael Clarke Duncan in Talladega Nights in The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby
  34. Tsuyoshi Ihara in Letters from Iwo Jima
  35. Chris Pine in Smokin' Aces
  36. Boubker Ait El Caid in Babel
  37. Gary Cole in Talladega Nights in The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby
  38. Philip Seymour Hoffman in Mission Impossible III
  39. Rufus Sewell in The Illusionist  
  40. John C. Reilly in Talladega Nights in The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby
  41. Brad Pitt in Babel
  42. J.K. Simmons in Thank You For Smoking
  43. Paul Newman in Cars
  44. Andy Serkis in The Prestige
  45. Ray Liotta in Smokin' Aces
  46. Chiwetel Ejiofor in Children of Men 
  47. Leslie Phillips in Venus
  48. Sam Elliot in Thank You For Smoking
  49. Michael Gambon in The Good Shepherd 
  50. Stephen Fry in V For Vendetta
  51. Bill Nighy in Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
  52. David Oyelowo in The Last King of Scotland
  53. Thomas Thieme in The Lives of Others
  54. Ryo Kase in Letters From Iwo Jima
  55. Ben Affleck in Smokin' Aces
  56. Peter Mullan in Children of Men
  57. Arnold Vosloo in Blood Diamond
  58. Koji Yakusho in Babel
  59. Liev Schreiber in The Painted Veil
  60. Robert De Niro in The Good Shepherd
  61. Stellan Skarsgaard in Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
  62. Alfred Molina in The Hoax
  63. Dustin Hoffman in Stranger Than Fiction 
  64. Gael Garcia Bernal in Babel
  65. Paul Giamatti in The Illusionist 
  66. Ben Foster in X-Men The Last Stand
  67. John Turturro in The Good Shepherd 
  68. Nestor Carbonell in Smokin' Aces
  69. Michael Sheen in The Queen
  70. Chiwetel Ejiofor in Inside Man
  71. William H. Macy in Thank You For Smoking
  72. Bill Nighy in Notes on a Scandal
  73. Eddie Murphy in Dreamgirls
  74. Terry Crews in Idiocracy
  75. Burt Young in Rocky Balboa
  76. Charlie Hunnam in Children of Men
  77. Simon McBurney in The Last King of Scotland
  78. Stanley Tucci in Lucky Number Slevin
  79. Anthony Mackie in Half Nelson
  80. Willem Dafoe in Inside Man
  81. Tom Hollander in Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
  82. Stanley Tucci in The Devil Wears Prada
  83. David Koechner in Thank You For Smoking
  84. Kevin Spacey in Superman Returns
  85. James Badge Dale in The Departed
  86. Alec Baldwin in The Good Shepherd 
  87. Greg Kinnear in Invincible
  88. Billy Crudup in The Good Shepherd
  89. James Cromwell in The Queen
  90. William Hurt in The Good Shepherd 
  91. Richard Griffiths in Venus
  92. Ian McKellen in X-Men: The Last Stand
  93. Jack Davenport in Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
  94. Mike Starr in The Black Dahlia
  95. Stanley Tucci in The Hoax
  96. Bruce Willis in Lucky Number Slevin
  97. Jack Nicholson in The Departed
  98. Tony Burton in Rocky Balboa
  99. Larry The Cable Guy in Cars 
  100. Dax Shepard in Idiocracy
  101. Danny Glover in Dreamgirls  
  102. Kelsey Grammer in X-Men The Last Stand
  103. Frank Langella in Superman Returns 
  104. Jaden Smith in The Pursuit of Happyness
  105. Dick Van Dyke in Night at the Museum  
  106. Patrick Stewart in X-Men The Last Stand
  107. Kevin McNally in Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
  108. James Marsden in Superman Returns
  109. Milo Ventimiglia in Rocky Balboa
  110. Jeff Daniels in RV
  111. Jamie Foxx in Dreamgirls 
  112. Alan Arkin in The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause 
  113. Robin Williams in Night at the Museum
  114. Aaron Eckhart in The Black Dahlia 
  115. Martin Short in The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause 
  116. Mickey Rooney in Night at the Museum
  117. Dan Castellaneta in The Pursuit of Happyness
  118. Andrew Simpson in Notes on a Scandal
  119. Andy Garcia in Smokin' Aces
  120. Rory Cochrane in A Scanner Darkly
  121. Spencer Breslin in The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
  122. Vinnie Jones in X-Men: The Last Stand
  123. Tristan Lake Leabu in Superman Returns
  124. Eddie Redmayne in The Good Shepherd
Next Year: 1965 Supporting


luke higham said...

Rod Steiger in Doctor Zhivago
Richard Attenborough in Flight of the Phoenix
Oskar Werner in The Spy Who Came in From the Cold
Bannen, Andrews & Hendry in The Hill

luke higham said...

And Toshiro Mifune in Red Beard

luke higham said...

Louis: Ratings & Thoughts on
Rob Lowe in Thank You for Smoking
Rufus Sewell in The Illusionist
Paul Newman in Cars
Paul Giamatti in The Illusionist
Ben Foster in X-Men The Last Stand

luke higham said...

Oh I just forgot
Louis, Congratulations on your 2000th post.

GetDonaldSutherlandAnOscar said...

1965...God bless you Louis. Also glad to see Bowie's a 4.5 now. And glad to see Eddie Murphy bumped down to a 3, he did nothing for me personally and Dreamgirls was shite, he wasn't shite, just forgettable.

Thoughts/ratings on:
Rob Lowe in Thank You For Smoking
Noah Emmerich in Little Children
Jeremy Piven and Chris Pine in Smokin' Aces
Rufus Sewell in The Illusionist
Ben Foster in X-Men The Last Stand
Chiwetel Ejiofor, Christopher Plummer and William Dafoe in Inside Man
David Oyelowo in The Last King of Scotland
Homer Simpson in The Pursuit of Happyness
The sub-par Santa Clause 3 Supporting Cast
Vinnie Jones in X-Men: The Last Stand

As for 1965, Steiger, Steiger, Steiger. Werner, Werner, Werner.

For consideration:
Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye in Cat Ballou
Trevor Howard in Von Ryan's Express
Claude Rains in The Greatest Story Ever Told (this is a half-hearted attempt for more Rains, but it's merely a decent performance in a bad film so don't take this too seriously)
Paul Scofield in The Train

Matt Mustin said...

By the way, I just saw Unbroken. I liked it.

As for 65 supporting:
The guys from The Hill
Oskar Werner in The Spy Who Came In From The Cold
Rod Steiger in Doctor Zhivago
Jack Lemmon in The Great Race
Toshiro Mifune in Red Beard

Michael Patison said...

Just making sure I have these right:
Bowie and Downey are both 4.5s and Caine in the Prestige and Jones are 4s?

1965 Supporting:
Harry Andrews in The Hill
Ian Bannen in The Hill
Ian Hendry in The Hill
Toshiro Mifune in Red Beard
Rod Steiger in Doctor Zhivago
Oskar Werner in The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

Michael McCarthy said...

1965 Supporting? Guys, we got him to cave! Haha and even though I hate to see fiveless years in any category it's nice to see Caine get a win (maybe he'll be upgraded later).

Anonymous said...

@kook160: what are your ratings and thoughts on the cast of Into the Woods?

Anonymous said...

Louis, I saw that you put Mark Stevens for The Snake Pit below José Ferrer in Joan of Arc in your 1948 Supporting ranking, which means that you'd give him either a 1 or a 1.5. What exactly did you think was so bad about his work? I thought he wasn't great and that DeHavilland overshadowed him, but I thought he was quite good with what he had.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts/ratings on:

Christian Bale and Jeffrey Wright in Shaft
John Malkovich in Red

GetDonaldSutherlandAnOscar said...

Louis I see that you have seen Cromwell, what did you think of Guiness in that?

houndtang said...

You could actually pick all five from the Hill and have a decent lineup!

RatedRStar said...

Harry Andrews in The Hill
Ian Bannen in The Hill
Ian Hendry in The Hill
Toshiro Mifune in Red Beard
Rod Steiger in Doctor Zhivago
Duran Duran member Nick Rhodes in The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

Louis I think you should do six because there are only six =D since 5 you put as your deserving performances (plus Mifune) years ago lol, I am more curious as to why 65 supporting has taken so long because everybody knew who the obvious nominees were lol haha.

Maciej said...

Oskar Werner - The Spy Who Came in From the Cold
Robert Redford/Christopher Plummer - Inside Daisy Colver
Anyone from The Hill (though Bannen is a must!)

RatedRStar said...

Its easy to see why Werner was not recognised for Spy, the fact that his performance in Ship Of Fools was pure Oscar bait and that I imagine the academy didn't want the first male double category acting nominee to be someone that nobody had heard of, wouldn't have made much of a headline in the papers lol, its like Akim Tamiroff winning the first golden globe, its like nobody cared cause who is he??? lol.

RatedRStar said...

@Psifonian: I saw the answer to the Foxcatcher question, and...I am speechless lol, spitting distance of being a perfect film, maybe 1500 miles away, in a different universe maybe, If Foxcatcher is spitting distance from being a perfect film than that must mean that in this different universe lol.......

Louis Morgans favourite film is Hustle and Flow

Koook160 loves Les Miserables and finds Russell Crowes voice sexual

Luke's Chelsea don't have any money and are managed by David Moyes

Patisons Real Madrid don't play in white

Michael McCarthy has yellow teeth.

Richard Roeper doesn't do bad reviews.

and Sam Lee is ugly, my god this different universe where Foxcatcher is inches from being perfect, is really bizarre, its almost, not correct in a way =D =D.

John Smith said...

RatedRStar your tearing me apart!

Guys and gals, I just want tio say that Bradley Cooper has found redemption for his performnce in Hustle by giving a great one in American Sniper, he must be reviewed.

luke higham said...

John Smith: I have confidence that he'll get at least a 4.5, and as I've said before ten reviews wouldn't cut this year, Fifteen is more justifiable for the year.

RatedRStar: God help us all in that universe, although Foxcatcher may improve for me on second viewing, I still wouldn't term it a great film.

luke higham said...

GDSAO: This was Louis's response to me nearly a year ago. Guinness I would give a 4.5 as I felt he became the heart of the film despite playing the insensitive monarch. He very nicely brought to life the complexities of such a character.

RatedRStar said...

=D ah well I guess everyone always likes something that someone else doesnt, I will give Louis something though, Foxcatcher isnt The Descendents thankfully.

Scott Gingold said...

Harry Andrews, The Hill
Ossie Davis, The Hill
Ian Hendry, The Hill
Richard Attenborough, Flight of the Phoenix
Peter Finch, Flight of the Phoenix
Hardy Kruger, Flight of the Phoenix
Richard Haydn, The Sound of Music

Louis Morgan said...


Lowe - 4(Lowe brings the best kind of sleazy exuberance in his role and the scene where he and Eckhart come with the idea to bring smoking into movies is perhaps my favorite in that film. Lowe is usually good at his whole fast talking executive type, but this perhaps his best example of it. I have to say though that line about Matthew McConaughey doesn't quite work as well these days)

Sewell - 3.5(For being in the role of the cliched jealous rich guy Sewell brings a surprising amount of depth to his performance. He never goes for the obvious with his performance and shows that this sort of role never has to be Billy Zane in Titanic)

Newman - 3(The best part of that film as Newman brings a great deal of heart in his voice work)

Giamatti - 3(Giamatti is actually almost lead here and arguably he is, but he does not have a particularly thankful role. He mostly has to look inquisitive or confused at the actions of the more emotional characters. He's good at this, but he is overshadowed by Sewell and Norton)

Foster - 3(The best part of that film even though that is not saying much. Even his whole plot feels far too superfluous to the whole since he barely is involved. Foster is good, like always, though and brings an actual bit of emotional honesty to the film with his performance)


Emmerich - 3.5(Emmerich, in his most substantial role I've seen him in, gives some solid work. He does the angry guy who is prejudiced against one man (although technically with good reason) in genuine way. He never seems one note in this way and Emmerich always suggests what is compelling the guy. He also is rather moving in his confession scene where he reveals his own mistake in the past)

Piven - 3.5(Smokin' Aces is all over the place...and I really was not a fan of that whole Andy Garcia exposition twist that I felt wasted the potential in Piven's character. The potential was there because of Piven's performance though. You see just how spent this guy is through Piven, and despite ending up just being a plot point, Piven actually makes you sympathize with the guy who thinks he can just keep tricking people)

Pine - 3.5(Well here's why the film is all over the place as if you compare Piven's work to the madness found in Pine's performance. Although I think Stretch capitalized on what Smokin' Aces attempted (by importantly focusing on one guy) I preferred Pine's gonzo work in this film. Pine is quite a bit of fun in his madness and I particularly enjoyed when he "earned" forgiveness from Affleck character, and when he attempts to apologize to a man he seriously wronged)

Ejiofor - 3(I would not have minded a bit more partner byplay between Washington and him as I liked the little they did have. Unfortunately Ejiofor's role is very limited but I liked what he did within his limits)

Plummer - 2.5(Plummer I think could have perhaps said a little more in his displeasure at the robbery. There could have been more understated villainy here. He's not bad but he doesn't make much of an impact)

Dafoe - 2.5(He has a very functional role but he does handle it well enough. I guess he's not Charles Durning in Dog Day, but then again who is?)

Oyelowo - 3(Small role but Oyelowo is appropriately passionate in it. He does his best to make you believe that his character would help McAvoy and is rather moving in his last scene)

Homer - 1.5(There seems to be a strong string of ham within the heart of every Simpson voice actor since that's often what is seen when they become live action)

Santa Clause 3 Supporting Cast : All are either phoning it in like Arkin, or being way over the top like Short though not in an entertaining fashion.

Jones - 1.5(Who would have ever thought putting an internet meme in a movie would seem stupid?......Well past that his performance is just kinda stupid as well)

Michael McCarthy said...

My non-yellow teeth and I believe it'd be easy to do 5 reviews for this, as long as the Hill men are put in the same review. Then the other 4 reviews can go to Werner, Steiger, Mifune, and Attenborough.

Louis Morgan said...

Michael: Yes you are correct.

Anonymous: To be perfectly honest I may have mistaken Stevens for someone else in the film.


Bale - 3(Interestingly enough this is kinda him doing Patrick Bateman without the satirical edge. It certainly works for the part but I do think he is overshadowed by someone...)

Wright - 3.5(I guess Wright was in a different movie because there definitely is a conflict in the general over the top quality involving Shaft himself and his arch nemesis. Wright plays the role like he's in a much more serious crime drama, and gives an effective portrayal of that sort)

Malkovich - 4(I thought he was a hoot here and the best part of the film. Malkovich is perfect in the role of the guy with a few screws loose since even in dramatic roles that sometimes seems the case. Malkovich goes just mad enough here to entertain while never becoming too much)

koook160 (Robert MacFarlane) said...


Corden - 4.5: I'm completely shocked at how little praise he's getting. He's perfectly cast as the Baker and brings out the comic charm and emotional aspects of the character perfectly. If they didn't cut out "No More", he'd be a 5.

Blunt - 4.5: Yes she and Corden were the easy highlights for me. Like Corden, she handled the comic and emotional aspects wonderfully. They both had great chemistry and lit up the screen whenever they were on.

Streep - 3.5: Not the disaster I thought it was going to be, but still has a few problems. The main is not of her own, but of the film sparing Rapunzel, therefore removing any emotional impact from her arc. That being said, she was fairly amusing. Her histrionics were far more justified here than in other cases.

Depp - 1.5: HOW THE HELL DID THEY MAKE THIS MORE RAPEY THAN THE PLAY?! I've defended Depp's singing in Sweeney Todd in the past. Hell, I've defended his genre movie mugging in the past. But this? As the cut song would say, no more. Thank God he's just a cameo.

Pine - 3.5: I really wish there was more of him. He was hysterical for what he had, especially Agony, but the film's adaptation choices cost him one hell of a number with Agony Reprise.

Kendrick - 3: Her singing is very good, but Cinderella as a character is so... blah.

Huttlestone - 2: Annoying kid actor is annoying.

Crawford - 2.5: Red Riding Hood is supposed to be deadpan, but her comic timing was off.

Ullman - 2.5: Funny enough, but not much to do.

Magnussen - 3: Like Pine, I wish there was more. Both Princes were a riot in the play. I don't really like that they made his character nice in this version, but he does a decent job.

TParker said...

Byun Hee-bong in 'The Host'.