Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Alternate Best Supporting Actor 1963

And the Nominees Were Not:

Tsutomu Yamazaki in High and Low

Brandon De Wilde in Hud

Robert Shaw in From Russia With Love

Donald Pleasence in The Great Escape

Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther


RatedRStar said...

im very happy that Tatsuya Nakadai was chosen =D, I think his best performance was in Yojimbo as the creepy gun wielding samurai =D but he was another of Kurosawas legendary actor partnerships, Robert Shaw will win I think.

1)Robert Shaw
2)Tatsuya Nakadai
3)Brandon DeWilde
4)Donald Pleasance
5)Peter Sellers

RatedRStar said...

What does everybody else think was Tatsuyas best performance?.

Robert MacFarlane said...

That's Tsutomu Yamazaki in High and Low, not Nakadi.

RatedRStar said...

ive never seen High and Low but, im confused now lol who has been chosen.

Robert MacFarlane said...

Nakadai has the bigger role, but Yamazaki is the villain and has an AWESOME scene at the end, so my guess is that it's Yamazaki. I'll hold off on my predictions until it's clarified, though.

RatedRStar said...

ill probably still put whoever is in second behind Shaw who I think is locked almost to win because well, its Robert Shaw lol.

Psifonian said...

1. Pleasance (my win)
2. Sellers
3. Nakadai
4. Shaw
5. De Wilde

Anonymous said...

Brandon De Wilde is wonderful in that role, and far more deserving that his Oscar winning co-star!

Mark said...

1. Nakadai
2. Shaw
3. deWilde
4. Pleasence
5. Sellers

Robert MacFarlane said...

My guess:

1. Yamakazi/Nakadai
2. Pleasence
3. Sellers
4. deWilde
5. Shaw

Louis Morgan said...

I don't know how I made that mistake between Yamakazi/Nakadai when I was writing out the nominees as I wrote down Yamazaki in the labels. I meant Yamakazi though.

RatedRStar said...

In which case I think

1)Robert Shaw
2)Tsutomu Yamazaki
3)Brandon DeWilde
4)Donald Pleasance
5)Peter Sellers

moviefilm said...

1) Robert Shaw
2) Peter Sellers
3) Tsutomu Yamazaki
4) Brandon deWilde
5) Donald Pleasence (The only one I've seen, but wasn't that special. But very decent.)

Maciej said...


RatedRStar said...

I might need to watch High and Low since Louis and Koook160 think its amazing, it kind of looks like a Hitchcock thriller in the trailer.

Since Tatsuya Nakadai is technically my favourite Japanese actor I have to ask both Louis and Koook160 actually lol was he any good in the film.

Michael Patison said...

1. Robert Shaw
2. Brandon de Wilde
3. Tsutomu Yamazaki
4. Donald Pleasence
5. Peter Sellers

Louis Morgan said...

RatedRStar: Well I highly recommend the film.

As for Nakadai he is very good as the head inspector trying to help King Gondo. He as well as Kenjiro Ishiyama and Isao Kimura are all very good in bringing something to their fairly straight forward roles as the police who are just trying to solve the case.

Takashi Shimura is there as well but his role is almost a cameo.

Robert MacFarlane said...

Nakadai was pretty good, though his role is fairly simple. The MVP's are Mifune and Yamazaki.

Mark said...

My ranking remains unchanged, just put Yamazaki in for Nakadai.

Michael Patison said...

My top three for the year are Douglas, De Wilde, and Shaw in that order.