Friday, 28 June 2013

Alternate Best Actor 1952: Results

5. James Mason in 5 Fingers- Mason creates an effective villain by emphasizing the cynicism of his character bluntly.

Best Scene: Diello finds out he's been had.
4. Laurence Olivier in Carrie- Olivier gives a strong performance playing a doomed romantic.

Best Scene: Hurstwood confesses his love to Carrie.
3. Michael Denison in The Importance of Being Earnest- Denison gives a hilarious turn that always has brilliant timing and brings the humor out of his material.

Best Scene: His reactions to the final revelations.
2. John Wayne in The Quiet Man- Wayne gives a winning performance that capitalizes on the best of his on screen persona.

Best Scene: Remembering the fatal fight.
1. Takashi Shimura in Ikiru- I should quickly say that I added what I thought was the best scene from each performance simply for fun. This year came down to Wayne and Shimura, although Denison was right behind them as I loved his performance as well. I have to say I hate and love these years as I hate to have to choose to between two performances I like equally but I hate to have to choose. Either way my choice goes to Shimura's powerful performance that is a heartbreaking and inspiring depiction of a dying man.

Best Scenes: "Gondola no Uta" the first and the last time.
Overall Rank:
  1. Takashi Shimura in Ikiru
  2. John Wayne in The Quiet Man
  3. Michael Denison in The Importance of Being Earnest
  4. Laurence Olivier in Carrie
  5. James Mason in 5 Fingers
  6. Dirk Bogarde in Hunted
  7. Charlie Chaplin in Limelight 
  8. Marlon Brando in Viva Zapata!
  9. Orson Welles in Othello
  10. James Stewart in Bend of the River 
  11. Gary Cooper in High Noon
  12. Carlo Battisti in Umberto D.  
  13. Robert Mitchum in The Lusty Men
  14. Kirk Douglas in The Bad and the Beautiful
  15. Ray Milland in Thief
  16. Burt Lancaster in Come Back Little Sheba
  17. Alec Guinness in The Card 
  18. Jack Palance in Sudden Fear
  19. Michael Redgrave in The Importance of Being Earnest 
  20. Shin Saburi in The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice
  21. Richard Burton in My Cousin Rachel 
  22. Micheal MacLiammoir in Othello
  23. John Payne in Kansas City Confidential 
  24. Kirk Douglas in The Big Sky 
  25. Charles McGraw in The Narrow Margin 
  26. Gene Evans in Park Row
  27. Spencer Tracy in Pat and Mike
  28. Arthur Kennedy in The Lusty Men
  29. Georges Poujouly in Forbidden Games 
  30. Humphrey Bogart in Deadline USA
  31. Serge Reggiani in Casque D'or
  32. Danny Kaye in Hans Christian Anderson
  33. Stewart Granger in The Prisoner of Zenda
  34. Jose Ferrer in Moulin Rouge  
  35. Gene Kelly in Singin in The Rain
  36. Charlton Heston in The Greatest Show on Earth
  37. Spencer Tracy in Plymouth Adventure 
  38. Nigel Patrick in The Sound Barrier 
  39. Robert Taylor in Ivanhoe
  40. John Beal in My Six Convicts
  41. Cornel Wilde in The Greatest Show on Earth
  42. Gregory Peck in The Snows of Kilimanjaro  
  43. Robert Mitchum in Angel Face
  44. Bob Hope in The Road to Bali
  45. Bing Crosby in The Road to Bali
  46. Dewey Martin in The Big Sky
  47. John Whiteley in Hunted
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Anonymous said...

I like this "best scene" thing. You should keep doing that.

RatedRStar said...

Barry Fitzgerald - The Quiet Man
Herbert Marshall - Angel Face
Adolphe Menjou - The Sniper
Toshiro Mifune - The Life Of Oharu
Robert Ryan - Beware My Lovely

Anonymous said...

Barry Fitzgerald in The Quiet Man
Herbert Marshall in Angel Face
Millard Mitchell in My Six Convicts
Kurt Kasznar in The Happy Time
Gilbert Roland in The Bad and The Beautiful

Michael Patison said...

Barry Fitzgerald in The Quiet Man
Herbert Marshall in Angel Face
Toshiro Mifune in The Life of Oharu
Millard Mitchell in My Six Convicts
Donald O'Conor in Singin' in the Rain
Robert Ryan in Clash by Night

Michael Patison said...

Did you mean Jon Whiteley for Hunted?

Paoloduncan said...

Donald O'Conor in Singin' in the Rain

Maciej said...

I also like "the best scene" concept very much.

RatedRStar said...

I like it 2 =D makes it cool for when if we see the film we can see that best scene and go "ye Louis was right it was the best scene im glad I saw that"

Michael Patison said...

I'll support the best scene thing as well. An "Oscar scene" is something people look for when analyzing Oscar nominations so this seems like a great equivalent.

Louis Morgan said...

I'm glad everyone seems to like the Best Scene addition, I think I'll try to slowly add them to the previous years.

Michael Patison said...

You've accidentally given James Mason a 5