Friday, 7 September 2012

Alternate Best Actor 1960

And the Nominees Were Not:

Robert Mitchum in The Sundowners

Albert Finney in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning 

Anthony Perkins in Psycho

Marcello Mastroianni in La Dolce Vita

Max von Sydow in The Virgin Spring


Michael Patison said...

Okay, I'll go first:
1. Perkins
2. Finney
3. Von Sydow
4. Mastroianni
5. Mitchum

JamDenTel said...

Good call on Mitchum and Perkins.

Lezlie said...


I hope Perkins wins, he gave an absolutely masterful performance.

1. Anthony Perkins
2. Albert Finney
3. Marcello Mastroianni
4. Robert Mitchum
5. Max von Sydow

Maciej said...

4.von Sydow

moviefilm said...

You should include the guy from the original Little Shop of Horrors!

1) Anthony Perkins
2) Marcello Mastroianni
3) Albert Finney
4) Robert Mitchum
5) Max von Sydow

RatedRStar said...

Perkins was amazing, Marcello and Finney were great, havnt seen the other two.

1.Anthony Perkins
2.Marcello Mastroianni
3.Albert Finney
4.Max Von Sydow
5.Robert Mitchum

Anonymous said...

I would rank them:

1) Mastroianni (my winner)
2) Perkins
3) Finney
4) von Sydow

I haven't seen Mitchum

I'll guess that you'll rank them.

1) Perkins
2) von Sydow
3) Mastroianni
4) Mitchum
5) Finney

dinasztie said...

I fell behind. :) I love these performances, save for Mitchum whom I've never seen. I'd give my award to Mastroianni with Finney as the runner-up, but I could just as easily vote for Perkins or even von Sydow, despite the fact that I wasn't crazy about his movie.

4)Von Sydow

dshultz said...

Have seen neither Finney nor Mitchum.

1) Perkins
2) Mastroianni
3) Von Sydow

Michael Patison said...

I'm going to change my prediction slightly:
1. Perkins
2. Finney
3. Mastroianni
4. Von Sydow
5. Mitchum

Tanvir Bashar said...

Wat wud u say r the top 20 best performances that wasn't nominated for an oscar

Tanvir Bashar said...

Wat wud u say r the top 20 best performances that weren't nominated for an oscar