Saturday, 19 May 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1963: Results

5. Nick Adams in Twilight of Honor- Adams is effective enough at being pathetic and confused in the trial scenes, but they don't come together all that well with his scenes of being a potentially violent loner.
4. John Huston in The Cardinal- Even though his part is barely anything Huston does everything he can with and more given some weight to a picture, as well as stealing all of the scenes he is in.
3. Hugh Griffith in Tom Jones- Griffith in fact might have been drunk during much of his performance but nevertheless he gives a entertaining and very enjoyable performance that only adds to his film.
2. Bobby Darin in Captain Newman, M.D.- Darin's performance is indeed pure Oscar bait, and his big Oscar scene is far too long. This does not take away the fact that he does give an moving portrayal of a traumatized soldier nevertheless.
1. Melvyn Douglas in Hud- In a year that turned out to be stronger than I actually expected it to be, Douglas still stands tall above his fellow nominees. Douglas gives a poignant and powerful performance that absolutely creates a heartbreaking portrait of a dying breed of man.
Deserving Performances:
Brandon deWilde in Hud
Robert Shaw in From Russia With Love


Anonymous said...

Glad you mentioned deWilde, he was really great and should have been nominated in 1963 instead of 1953 :)

RatedRStar said...

I think its pretty pathetic that people like Nick Adams and chill wills campaign to win an oscar that they sure should have thought they didnt deserve over Douglas and the others since they were both the worst in the 60/63 categories.

rcocean said...

Great write up but a rather mediocre year.

Anonymous said...

'83 next?

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for an Alternate Nominee this year...Brock Peters for the L-Shaped Room