Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Best Supporting Actor 1978: Results

5. Jack Warden in Heaven Can Wait- Warden has a rather small role but he gives a nice humorous as well as warm performance that supports leading man Warren Beatty rather well
4. Bruce Dern in Coming Home- Dern is fine for most of the film and does have a few effective scenes, but he can never fully make up for the weaknesses in the writing for his character.
3. John Hurt in Midnight Express- Hurt gives an interesting portrait of a man wasted away by prison unfortunately the film is uses his character for atmosphere more than anything limiting Hurt's potential.
2. Richard Farnsworth in Comes A Horseman- Just like Hurt and Dern his film seems oddly unconcerned with his character. Farnsworth though still is a delight every time he is on screen, and is absolutely heartbreaking when he is finally given the chance to do more.
1. Christopher Walken in The Deer Hunter- Good prediction Eddie. Walken easily wins this year giving an outstanding performance that is unforgettable. He creates a remarkable portrait of a solider who loses his mind over the trauma faced during the war.
Deserving Performances:
Gene Hackman in Superman
John Savage in The Deer Hunter
John Cazale in The Deer Hunter


RatedRStar said...

=D easy win, maybe its back to the 40s or 30s since those were least recent years that you've done.

Anonymous said...

How about 1944? It would be interesting, as it contains the performance you have already revieved :)

Anonymous said...

Another deserving performance is Robert Morley in Who's Killing the Great Chefs of Europe? (terrible title, tough).


Nues20 said...

Walken is an easy winner for me